How to mow your lawns the right way!

Ornamental Lawns

To make a “green carpet” in front of your house that will be your pride and joy, it is necessary to regularly take care of it. That involves watering it the right way, fertilizing it, and mowing it. Mowing of grass, except for aesthetic reasons, is also important because of vegetative reasons that affects the … Read more

A Quick Guide to lawn mower repair

Lawn Mower Repair

How to replace the membrane on the mower When the old mower pulls poor, chokes, doesn’t have enough strength, consumes too much fuel, and the spark is all black, it is a sign that it gets too much fuel and the mixture is too rich with the oil. This is caused by a worn-out membrane … Read more

The Top 5 lawn care tips for a greener garden

Lawn Mower

Whenever you look at your neighbor’s garden, you can’t help but think the grass is always greener. The following are top five lawn care tips for a greener garden. Keep blades raised and sharp The blades should be kept raised and sharp. The grass will turn brown when cut with a dull blade, therefore putting … Read more