5 Ingenious Ways to Have a Garden in Your Condo

Unfortunately, the majority of the condominiums such as Sedona Parc have limited space to incorporate certain features such as a garden. This doesn’t mean to sacrifice your love of nature, however. You can always put up your own shrubbery inside your condo unit. The floor area of the condo should never be treated as a constraint. Instead, maximize the given space to your advantage with these ingenious gardening ideas.

1) Container gardening

container-gardeningA popular concept among households is placing any plant—big or small—in a pot. Pots are not your only option, though. You may also use tin cans and plastic cups. Paint old shoe boxes with colors you want that make for perfect plant boxes.

Many other DIY projects are available online. Don’t forget to put holes in the container for drainage purposes. You may place the pot anywhere you want such as on thresholds and windows.

If you want the plant on your tabletop or other surfaces, put a tray beneath it so the water won’t drip on the floor. Or, use mulch to absorb the excess water. Potted plants are very versatile. You may place them anywhere you may deem appropriate.

You may even put a trellis or foldable ladder in one corner and place some potted plants on it.

2) Wall gardeningwall-gardening

Although you may also use potted plants and place them above a wooden or metal frame for support, there are other creative choices for a wall garden.

For instance, you may hang an old shoe organizer or wine holder, filling each empty hole with the plants. However, you need to choose abundant shrubs to achieve a cascading effect. This adds visual interest to your space, but you must know how to maintain a wall garden.

Once the wall garden becomes immense, it may overpower your wall and the other décors on it unless the garden itself is the focal point of the wall.

3) Terrariumterrarium

A terrarium is a mini garden inside a transparent container of any size. It’s its own ecosystem wherein the plants are not the only elements—sand, soil, stones or pebbles and moss are also added. The plant is placed at the center to highlight such.

You may place these in a glass bowl or glass jar. For added creativity, a light bulb or anything transparent can be used as well. You can look for terrarium ideas online to see if a terrarium is the one you need and to determine the type and size of the terrarium is the most suitable for your unit.

4) Aquatic gardeningaquatic-gardening

The newest indoor gardening concept is aquatic gardening. It’s like an aquarium only that plants are inside the container and not fish although some aquatic gardens have both plants and fishes to maintain balance.

However, aquatic gardens are somewhat difficult to set up due to distinct technical requirements. There are professional service providers nevertheless who can set up one for your place. There are DIY options too. You’ll just need a tub or bucket to hold enough water where the plants will float.

Used in this way, it will be your own mini pond. Put some lotus and water lily. They add the vibrant green color asindoor-aquatic-gardening well as fragrance to your unit.

Plants serve as natural décors to our condo units. So, if you love gardening, don’t give it up even if you are now living in a condo.

All you need is an idea to help you start with indoor gardening. Above are just some of these ingenious ideas that you may do in your own condo. Choose the one that will enhance your space, making it a visually pleasing place to live in.

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