About Me

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments

tim graham and wifeThis quote pretty much sums up home I got into gardening – by experimenting. I’m Tim Graham and when I was younger I would often just potter around in the garden and talk to my plants.

I would try out new plants (roses and ferns were my thing back in the day), but later on in my life, I have decided to focus more on growing my own herbs, fruit and vegetables.

My wife, Susan, whom I have been married to for over 33 years, also has a strong passion for gardening and now that we are both retired, we just enjoy making a cuppa and going out in the sunshine and doing some gardening for hours on end.

We are both what you would call, ‘green thumbs’.

Yardandgardenguru.com is a website that we have set up to share all of our top tips and let you know of ways you can improve the appearance of your yard and garden.

We are sure that our passion for gardening, will soon be yours also.

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