Alternatives To Glass Shower Doors

Shower doors that aren’t made of glass are becoming more popular. We’ve all used a shower curtain, but we all despise having to clean the glass doors. For years, glass doors have been a regular companion to shower enclosures, although it appears to be waning.

Sliding doors are heavy and can shatter because of poor installation, temperature changes, or accidentally slam. Many people seek alternatives, or they are renovating and what to change the look of their bathroom altogether.

In our guide, you can learn more about non-glass shower door ideas that are visually appealing and still do as intended to stop water spray. By the end, you’ll have many ideas for non-glass shower doors, and possibly do without using hinged doors altogether. (Learn How To Cover A Window In A Shower)

Plexiglass For A Shower Door

Can You Use Plexiglass For A Shower Door?

Shower screens have evolved into an attractive, important element that may boost the bathroom’s decor instantly. As a result, a modern bathroom can significantly raise the value of your home.

These days’ hinged doors and glass shower screens are frameless and made of tempered glass.

Shower screens are no exception to the durability and quality of glass as a building material. Glass Shower Screens are an endless option with sturdy fixings.

Plexiglass, polycarbonate, and acrylic panels rival glass. Yes, Acrylic Glass Shower Screens are a great alternative to glass with many advantages, such as bifold doors that are light in comparison.

Finally, plastic Shower Curtains can still contain the wet region. However, shower curtains have become outmoded and difficult to maintain due to their unclean nature and potential for mold and mildew growth.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Shower Screen?

Whether remodeling or building a new bathroom, here are some of our favorite non-glass shower glass options, of course, your choice will depend on your shower’s configuration, but you’ll discover a good option.

Shower Curtains for Shower room

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are still popular glass shower door options.

Shower curtains are the most obvious, familiar, and popular option. A single-layered curtain is made of plastic, whereas a double-layered curtain is more ornamental.

A stylish outer fabric covers the inside plastic sheet, so you don’t have to sacrifice elegance for practicality. With a simple rod and polyester/vinyl rings, you can add more decoration options to your shower curtain.

If you like a unique look, you can hang your curtain from the ceiling, which is less frequent. Shower curtains are also excellent for youngsters and tubs.

Shower screen panels are easier to clean, provide more privacy, are inexpensive, and thus easier to replace.

Open Shower

This is the second most popular option for glass shower door alternatives. Doorless showers are widespread in Asian restrooms, saving users time cleaning and problems entering and departing.

This method may not work well with tubs unless you have a huge walk-in shower with a partial enclosure that contains the water spray.

Also, if you value privacy, an open shower will offer you the same privacy as doorless showers, which is none.

Framed Enclosures

Framed enclosures are a popular shower door alternatives to textured glass shower doors since they are affordable and can provide a decorative touch to your shower.

The shower door can be framed in either classic brass or modern chrome.

However, this only works for shower enclosures with doors and is simply cosmetic. Cleaning the frame requires some effort, but not as much as an aluminum or steel frame.

Partial Shower Doors

Partial enclosures work great as visually striking shower door alternatives for baths and showers. Partial glass walls are a fashionable and affordable glass partition trend that comes in various shapes, sizes, materials, and silhouettes.

Their design allows partial doors for the tub or shower to be partially closed off. Though partial glass walls are frequently available, you can also use aluminum, steel, and wood. (Find the Best Moisture Resistant Paint For Bathrooms)

Glass Alternatives

Suppose you’ve opted against using glass for your shower screen panels because of the monotony of plain glass rather than the material itself. In that case, there are a variety of decorative glass doors that can brighten up your shower area.

Some options are hammered glass, opaque glass, tinted glass, rain glass, and frosted glass.

There are many alternatives to choose from, all of which will improve your privacy and add a touch of refinement to your bathroom decor.

Is A Frameless Shower Door Worth It?

Doorless Showers Ideas

Doorless Showers

A doorless shower is one of the most unique and contemporary alternatives to glass shower doors on the market, and it’s becoming increasingly popular.

Showers and bathrooms, in general, are currently trending with open designs. However, a doorless shower gives your room an airy sensation, and it might fool your mind into believing it’s much larger than it is.

Spraying water about increases your chances of making a mess. There is a decreased likelihood of a mess if you have a larger shower with a sturdy shower head.

Going doorless and leaving the shower open has the added benefit of showcasing the tilework in the shower.

Screen Panels

These innovative screen panels are a great alternative to glass shower doors.

They come in many sizes and shapes and are usually wood or metal. Many screen panels have one side open, but an opaque panel with this design gives you the privacy you seek.

Wooden screen panels are popular with those looking to add a rustic touch to their pallet projects. This is an excellent option for glass shower doors if your bathroom gets lots of natural light.

You can buy one to three panels depending on your shower’s size. This is a good option for a modern bathroom.

Shower Frame

With the shower frame, you get the best of both worlds. The frame is available in steel or aluminum and has a variety of finishes to match your style or bathroom design.

You don’t need glass in the frame; thus, you can avoid cleaning. Yet, a frame with no glass inserts is also distinctive but allows for more mess than traditional shower doors.

Shower frames can be costly, especially if you want more panels for a larger shower.

Shower Enclosure

A framed shower enclosure is a low-maintenance, comfortable alternative to glass shower doors. The door of this shower type usually swings open instead of sliding. They’re made to seem like closets, so you don’t mistakenly splatter water all over the bathroom while showering.

Many individuals use frosted glass for this enclosure to provide seclusion.

You can even get enclosures with a top panel that you can open to let trapped heat or steam out while you shower. (Read Window Curtain Size Chart)

How Can I Make My Shower Glass Private?

Glass doors on the shower are often clear glass and allow anyone to see right through them.

Here you can find one of the best alternatives besides using frosted shower enclosures to make your shower area private.

Glass Block Wall for Shower Room

Glass Block Wall

This is one of the most luxurious, elaborate, and eye-catching glass shower door alternatives. The thicker design of the glass block enclosures commonly includes tiny squares forming an enclosure around your shower.

The glass blocks are ideal for walk-in or tub showers, but the materials and installation methods are more expensive.

Each glass block can be more expensive than other methods, and you can end up with many by the time you finish your shower wall.

However, if you like walk in showers and don’t like glass doors, then you’ll find no wet mess in your smaller bathroom, and all your bathroom’s design needs in your shower is a stable shower head and a new paint job to match the low maintenance alternative to glass shower doors.


Opt for a hinged shower door over glass shower doors. It’s a good choice if you have a level shower that you can walk into without stepping over anything.

They can work with a bathtub but shine with walk-in showers. A hinged door seems more natural than a sliding frame, and you can customize the design, material, and style to compliment your current decor.

You can also choose from simulated stained or frosted glass finishes. The top of the shower door is usually left open to let heat and steam out.

Doors fold out as you enter, so smaller bathrooms may quickly get cramped.


This is a sliding door similar to a patio door. You get two faux glass panels that go into a track, and the track guides the rolling doors. You can even get glass shower doors with built-in mechanical rollers to make opening and to close them easier. Thus, they are more user-friendly.

They’re versatile and may be used in various bathrooms where there is no room for traditional doors. They are great alternatives to glass shower doors and can be mounted on the bathtub’s edge.

Shower Door Style Considerations

When considering alternatives to glass shower doors, you must also consider the door type and other things.

To improve the look and feel of the area, you want something that will blend in with your current décor and design approach. (Read Tub Shower Valve Rough In Height)

Contemporary Style

Every home has a distinctive bathroom design. Others prefer a traditional and contemporary aesthetic that emphasizes minimalism and functionality over all else. If your bathroom is practical and clean, you should choose a contemporary alternative to glass shower doors. So, instead of going for a larger or bulkier design that takes up more room, aim for something lighter and slimmer.

This can make your bathroom appear larger as this style has little or no metal elements and is often frameless.


An industrial design style may turn a plain door into a stylish bathroom accent that adds a touch of class to more muted décor choices. To achieve this look in your shower door. This makes your bathroom look more modern and like it was always supposed to be there.

When choosing materials for your new doors, remember to look for patterns or opacity. For example, to make the frame stand out from the rest of the bathroom, choose a transparent material.


You get a modern-looking alternative to glass shower doors with a minimalist spin on industrial design. This design provides minimal frame and lines and is designed not to distract attention away from the rest of the decor. It’s designed to be a background piece.

This design essence will give the bathroom a subtle elegance. It can also assist you in avoiding cluttering your bathroom with decor. They go with practically fit almost any bathroom decor so that you can build your complete bathroom around them.

Bathtub Door

While shower curtains are a more familiar bathroom accessory, installing and using actual doors has significantly increased popularity. These doors go on top of your bathtub’s side and are a great alternative to a simple bathroom curtain for retaining water and improving privacy.

Also, doors are easier to clean than shower curtains and might make the bathtub appear smaller than a shower curtain. But, on the other hand, they last considerably longer. They may make your tub look classy and expensive if appropriately designed and add an elegant touch to almost any bathroom design.

Hinged Shower Door Type

Swinging shower doors are designed with pivot joints to swing out from the tub and open whenever someone wishes to enter or exit the shower.

Despite their traditional build and form, these doors are among the most adaptable. They go with everything from standalone showers to larger family bathrooms.

But they fit better in larger bathrooms than smaller ones.

If you prefer to install these doors around the shower, a glass base adds a touch of refinement to the bathroom’s overall look.

Sliding Shower Door

Many homeowners refer to the sliding shower door as a ‘bypass’ shower door because it functions similarly to a sliding patio door.

Two glass panels are propped on a track so it may simply roll or slide down the course.

Specific shower door models include mechanical rollers that make opening and closing the door easier and more user-friendly.

These shower door models are both beautiful and functional.

They may be utilized in many bathrooms, including standalone showers, and placed on a tub. However, this item is best suited for little bathrooms as it does not have a swing-in/swing-out feature and requires little space to operate.

Fixed Bathroom Doors

For a more modern look, fixed bathroom doors can add a lot to your shower.

However, these frameless shower doors can be used in more than traditional bathrooms. For example, if you have a beautiful and modern bathroom, you can use the fixed shower doors to show it off without opening the door.

These frameless doors feature fixed glass panes that do not move once fastened into place.

Even while they are visually pleasing on their own, many owners today prefer to buy ones with unique designs, frames, or even etching in the glass.

Before installing these frameless doors, check sure your bathroom is big enough. They don’t fit smaller showers even if they follow the same principle on larger shower door alternatives.

Folding Shower Door

The folding shower glass door exudes refinement and elegance, bringing life to even the drabbest of bathrooms.

They are available in two styles, bi-fold and tri-fold, and have a unique folding mechanism that looks and feels relatively modern.

They are constructed of many glass panels, one of which is fixed to the wall, while the others can fold and move because of flexible hinges.

Like folding closet doors, they are incredibly user-friendly and easy to open and maintain, making them a popular door choice for any modern bathroom in standalone showers or even over the tub. (Learn How To Remove Carbon Monoxide Alarm)

Without a swing, they are very versatile and can work well in small and enclosed settings like the shower. Bi-fold shower doors are the most prevalent, although tri-fold shower doors are gaining favor.

Frosted Shower Doors

Besides the necessity for strong bathroom lights, frosted glass does not have the same pristine finish as clear glass.

Make sure the amount of frosting on the door is to your taste before buying a frosted glass door.

Besides this, frosted screen panels leave you free to shower in private.

Alternatives To Glass Shower Doors

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