Are Howard Miller Clocks Valuable

Much of the history began with the saying from Howard C Miller. “Incomparable workmanship, unsurpassed quality and a quest for perfection” was what he quoted when he founded the Howard Miller company in 1926, at 21. Since then, you’ll find Howard Miller clocks offer an abundance of quality, selection, and value.

Back in the early days, Howard Miller Clocks knew to create products worth owning. Only this aim let his name grace every clock made and what helps the Howard Miller grandfather clocks prices remain relatively high.

If you own one or are thinking of purchasing one, you may wonder, are the clocks made by Howard Miller valuable, and is the price justified? Howard developed into a visionary whose keen sense of innovation spawned a tradition from the exquisite movement many clocks offer, made by Old World craftsmen.

Howard Miller clocks Value

The clocks might once have been primarily considered gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and retirements. Still, with exposure, the company offered more that match any decor ranging from portable alarm clocks to desk sets to wall and mantel clocks to collectors cabinets.

In our guide, you can learn more about the Howard Miller grandfather clock value and see if it is an investment you wish to make. If you are already an owner, by the end of this guide, you may be happy to learn price ranges for an alarm clock, floor clock, or collectors’ cabinets can range from less than $20 to $15,000. (Learn How Do I Identify My Howard Miller Clock)

How Do I Know If My Clock Is Valuable?

There is more to a clock value than the select hardwoods they are made from. While in furniture, this could be the case; an antique clock has workings inside that need to keep time reliably. Whether you have an alarm clock that is battery operated, a Grandmother Clock, or a Howard Miller Grandfather you wind up with, they must all maintain the time.

Philip Miller comments Howard Miller is likely to increase in value, although buying one as an investment is like playing the stock market. However, depending on the model, you could see them double in value over 20 years for a grandfather clock like the Beacon Hill.

A high-quality, working antique grandfather clock rarely costs less than $3000, and a rare grandfather clock made in the Golden Age may reach $100,000.

Any limited edition grandfather clocks or floor clocks could reach any price as they are in limited manufacture.

The grandfather clock’s worth could be as high as any person wishes to pay for something that could be adorned with an interior light, distinctive columns, and an arched pediment included in the design.

In addition, you have the dial’s face, the movement, and the pendulum, along with any chimes you can hear that also go toward the value of any clock.

Clock movement, for many, can be the ultimate investment for how accurately they maintain time. The bob needs to have enough potential energy to swing the pendulum for a week at a time. Add in the chimes that ring, and some go into the inner workings.

One thing overlooked by some is the settings for daylight savings time and how the pendulum and chimes react to changes. Some clocks of this nature are out of synch and chime early or late.

Here are ways to identify a Howard Miller Clock and learn how much is Howard Miller clock worth. (Read Are Howard Miller Clocks Valuable)

The model and serial number, and model number can be found in one of the following places on your clock:

  • The model number could be on a label on the back panel of the antique clock.
  • It is printed on a foil label inside the front door.
  • If there is no front opening door, the foil label sits inside the clock on the inside rails.

Here are other ways to determine the value of any clock you may have or see.

  1. The Maker’s Name or Company Name to identify the antique clock.
  2. Engraved or printed details on the center face of the clock dial.
  3. Details are stamped or engraved on the clock movement’s backplate.
  4. A paper label is pasted in or on the back of the clock.
  5. Markings on the clock’s dial or movement.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

The Howard Miller Clock Face

Most Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks are made for mantels, desks, or walls, and the clock’s name and logo and the font used to write them can give away their age.

A “Made in Germany” label can be seen on their fronts. Howard Miller’s emblem is centered on the dial in a horizontal frame. It’s crucial to remember that Howard Miller Clocks has had a manufacturing emblem styled “H over M” in the center for the previous 75 years.

You can also find out the age of your Howard Miller clock by using this method.

Inside A Howard Miller Clock

When the clock’s door is opened, you see a label affixed inside the clock with the model number and other details, such as when the item was officially manufactured. However, not all Howard Miller products bear this designation.

Authentic Howard Miller designs are purchased within months or days before they are made, so a receipt may not show the clock’s actual age.

Howard Miller clocks with doors usually have an internal model number that you can check on a web page to give you a rough estimate of the age of your Howard Miller Clock.

Howard Miller Clock Appraisers

If you have a clock you want to value, it is best to use the skills of an official Howard Miller-trained appraiser who is an expert in knowing the models of the Howard Miller clocks. Their job is to offer a more accurate current value and possibly more information on your clock as to why it carries such value.

Is Howard Miller a Good Clock?

Since 1921, the firm has been making the Howard Miller Grandfather clock; having learned his skill in Germany’s Black Forest region under the tutelage of his father, Herman, Howard Miller was just 21 years old when he launched his clock factory in Michigan. Mantel clocks, chiming wall clocks, and avant-garde clocks were among the company’s early specialties; now, many of these clocks are sought after by collectors.

The business manufactured anti-aircraft coverings in collaboration with Ford during WWII. Because of their focus on grandfather clocks in the 1960s, they became the world’s largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks. Grandfather clocks are now manufactured by the firm in various styles, including conventional and contemporary designs and more expensive limited-edition models. (Read Where Are Howard Miller Clocks Made)

A two-year warranty covers Parts and workmanship on all of their clocks. Clocks created by Howard Miller are still made much the same way as they were in the past. Mainly, the clocks are still produced by hand, with each stage of the production process being thoroughly reviewed for quality control. For over 80 years, the clocks have been created at the Zeeland, Michigan, factory.

Clocks can’t function properly without a reliable way of telling time.

The firm is still proud to own the clock movements – Kieninger mechanisms – which are still hand-made in Germany and are widely regarded as among the world’s finest clock mechanisms. (Learn How Much Is A Rick Of Wood)

It’s not uncommon for Howard Miller’s grandfather clocks to have many fine details and additional functions. Beveled glass, ornamental molding, and illuminated cases, and locking doors are many standard features.

For example, some models’ pendulums incorporate banded weight shells, a matching-dial center disk, a brushed satin finish, or an illuminated case for nighttime viewing, all of which provide aesthetic interest.

The most expensive Howard Miller grandfather clocks may be found at around $15,000, but many more affordable options are available. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your grandfather clock; you’ll be getting one of the best around.

Howard Miller Clocks Predicted Values in the Future

Do Howard Miller Clocks Increase In Value?

While specific Howard Miller clocks gain in value, like the Beacon Hill, they are predicted to double over the next 15 to 20 years.

This Special 81st Anniversary Edition grandfather clock’s swan neck pediment features a turned urn finial, carved rosettes, and a beautiful shell overlay on the bookmatched olive ash burl panel.

Brushed Nickel Grandfather Clock Dial comprises a Silver Chapter Ring with Applied Satin Black Arabic numerals, Elaborate Corner Spandrels, and Blue Moon Phase.

There’s a decorative disk in the center of the brushed nickel grandfather clock dial, pendulum, and movement. They are also brushed nickel on the weights’ casings. In addition, you’ll receive an heirloom record certificate and a tube to document the history of your clock’s ownership for the benefit of incoming generations.

Select hardwoods and veneers are given a lightly distressed Hampton Cherry finish.

Here are another couple of examples of models you can find

Howard Miller Coco Grandfather Clock in Black Satin: Price: $2,089.50

The Coco Grandfather Clock comes in black satin, whereas the curvaceous grandfather clock features a hinged top door and convex glass to frame the dial.

Howard Miller Timber Creek Grandfather Clock in Indian Summer: Price: $3,020.50

The Timber Creek Grandfather Clock comes with a distressed, hand planed look for an aged appearance; a multi-tiered flat top pediment adds distinction.

Are Howard Miller Clocks Valuable

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