How to Attract Birds into Your Garden

If you want to attract birds to your yard, here are some must-have tools to encourage your feathered friends! Birds make for a vibrant and enjoyable yard; it’s wonderful to hear them chirping and chattering away in the morning.

There are loads of benefits to attracting birds to your garden. They are an excellent pest control measure if you find yourself overrun with insects. They encourage flower pollination, and they are ideal for weed control and a great hobby if you are a birdwatcher.

Attract Birds into Your Garden

Some birds eat a huge number of weed seeds, therefore helping you control the spread of weeds and to keep on top of your lawn care.

Feeding the birds is the quickest and easiest method of encouraging the local wildlife into your garden.

Don’t get disheartened if the birds don’t turn up right away. They will need to scope out the area and make sure there is no danger. So, make sure your bird feeder or your bird table is in the right place. Having them at a low level will mean the birds will be nervous about coming down to get food.

bird birdhouseThey are much more vulnerable at ground level than they are at a height. Once they have got used to coming to your garden for lunch, they will be sure to return!

If there are particular birds you want to attract, it’s worth researching the food they like to eat. If you provide their favorite snacks, they will be more likely to choose your garden to visit. (Learn How to Keep Birds Out of Garden)

Some are pickier than others, while many will eat a wider variety of food. Make sure there aren’t too many leftover bits of food hanging around. If you left food out and scattered around, this may attract predators and could also attract other wildlife that may scare your birds away.

Always make sure you are providing water as well as food. We all know birds love a good bath, so that a birdbath will be a great addition to your garden.

bird friendly gardenAttracting birds is made easier by providing natural food sources from them. Planting trees or shrubs that are laden with fruit or berries will attract birds. This will also attract bugs and insects that birds love to snack on.

Planting trees and shrubs will make for a more desirable home for these feathery creatures (providing a bird box). Make sure you consider the best place for bird boxes; this could be facing in a particular direction or at a particular height.

Remember that birds will not want to nest in them if they are too close to the ground as they won’t feel safe. Make sure your bird box is high enough off the ground so it is well out of reach for any curious paws.

However you choose to attract more birds to your garden, you will soon notice the difference they make. I look forward to beautiful displays of preening, flashes of color, and vibrant birdsong.

How to Attract Birds into Your Garden

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