Best Herbs to Grow in Pots

It is great to grow your own herbs, but trying to grow them in the ground can be troublesome for a number of reasons. For one, they don’t thrive very well, and the second most significant problem is it can be backbreaking work to keep accessing them when you want some fresh herbs for cooking. … Read more

How to Plant Seed Potatoes

There is nothing like having fresh potatoes dug and cooked and on your dinner plate. If you have space, it is a crop that is well worth taking on and growing. There are a few things to know, so read on to find out all you need about growing your next dinner. Can You Plant … Read more

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

When the weather gets warmer, you might spot you have some intimidating things flying around your garden that could be ‘Yellow Jackets.’ Luckily there is more chance of them being carpenter bees. Although they will dart around, they are in fact harmless to humans, but as their name suggests, they can play havoc to structures … Read more