What is the Best Time to Water Plants

Although there are no strict rules of how often should you water plants, there are the best times and the not so good times of when to water. This comes from various reasons from the water drying out, or your plants will be stood in waterlogged soil, which is bad. Many plants are pretty hardy, … Read more

The Rewards of Garden Blogging

You might be considering starting a garden blog. After all, you like to garden, you write well enough, people ask you for your opinion on gardening topics and you enjoy sharing them. Is that all you’ll get out of your blog though? The enjoyment of sharing your opinions on gardening? Don’t people talk about making … Read more

7 Décor Elements to Add to Your Patio

Patios are widely regarded as a transitioning space between the interior and garden areas. You can, therefore, get away with a wide range of decorative features to liven up this space. Let’s take a look at 7 décor elements that you can add to your patio. 1. Upcycle Furniture Many resourceful people are attracted to … Read more