Average Size Of 3 Car Garage

Your property must have the ideal garage space. Car garage ranges come in single or multiple car sizes and can be the ideal storage space for items such as bikes or kayaks.

Much of the required size depends on what you want to do with your garage. However, before this, you need to know the average garage size for a single-car garage, a two-car garage, or the average size, 3 car garage.

How do you know which garage size is right? You could find a standard garage is sufficient, yet, it doesn’t take long to use up every square foot, especially if you keep your car in the garage.

In our guide, you can learn more about deciding on the size of garage space you need. No matter if you have a two-story detached garage, down to a small one-car garage. You’ll find the size right for the average car or for any need you desire. (Learn How To Protect Your Car From Snow Without A Garage)

3 Car Garage

Reasons You Need More Garage Space?

Here are some things to consider about finding the right size garage space.

How Many Cars Do You Have?

Many use all garage sizes for storage. The family cars are usually the most oversized items in the garage.

One, Two, and three-car garages are available. If you have lawn equipment or a riding mower, you’ll need more garage square footage to avoid damage, such as the extra space from a two-car or larger garage such as a 3 car garage.

Will You Use It For Living Space?

Maybe you won’t have a garage. Instead, your garage will need to be an additional bedroom. The way you use your garage will determine its size.

A single-car garage or two-car garage can be a bedroom. Adding a family room or apartment may determine how many square feet of garage space you have.

Do You Want Attached or Detached Garage?

Consider whether you want an attached or detached garage. An attached garage must come with the house. It shares the same heating and cooling system.

For seclusion, detached garages are the way to go. You don’t have to worry about producing too much noise because they aren’t attached to your home or separate buildings. It’s like your own apartment.

In some cases, you don’t have to choose. You can have a detached garage and an attached garage with enough space. You get the best of both worlds and a lot more space. Consider this if you need more storage, have more than three cars or want more living space.

One Car Garages

One car garages are the smallest. They fit one car and can double as a shed or a bedroom. In general, a one-car garage is 12 x 22 feet wide.

But you have other possibilities. For example, 16 x 24 and 14 x 24 are very popular. Those are typical sizes practically everywhere. The largest sizes allow for additional storage while still fitting a car. (Find the Best Horizontal Storage Shed For Lawn Mower)

Two Car Garages

A two-car garage is larger. However, that doesn’t demand you have two cars. It’s ideal for a lot with one car and lots of outdoor equipment like a lawnmower and a snow blower.

Two-car garages are usually 18 by 20 feet. This will fit two automobiles in your garage. Other frequent sizes are 20 x 20, 22 x 22 and 20 x 22. Some of these sizes make opening your car doors significantly more pleasant.

Average Three Car Garages

A three-vehicle standard garage is the largest conventional garage type. Everyone needs a car to get to work and be self-sufficient.

These three-car garages are ideal for large living spaces such as an additional family room.

These are the dimensions of a three-car garage. 32 x 22 feet is similar to 18 x 20 2 vehicle garages. 36 x 25 feet, 38 x 26 feet,, and 40 x 30 feet are larger options.

Do You Want Average Garage Size?

While every garage builder can make the above sizes, another alternative exists. Custom garages can be designed in any size or shape. Unfortunately, these don’t have an average garage size.

With a custom-built garage, you can do a garage with it. For example, you can choose a three-car or four-car garage with only one opening.

Consider also the garage’s average height. A custom garage can be built relatively high, allowing for a loft. This loft allows you to live in your garage while still having parking space.

A Garage Sized for Your Home

Knowing the average garage size of a one, two, and three-car garage is essential in determining how much space you’ll need for your new garage. The amount of space you’ll need is 100% determined by how you’ll use your garage.

Creating a custom garage is an excellent option for you. It allows you to make a garage that fits your needs. It’s perfect if you want to use your garage as something other than vehicle and lawn equipment storage. (Learn Why Are Under Counter Can Openers So Expensive)

Garage Dimensions

1-Car Garage Dimensions

Allow 288 square feet for each automobile when planning the space. In that case, to increase the size, multiply the square footage.

A typical 1-car garage is 20 ft long and 12 ft wide to accommodate the car doors. The average height includes the above garage door mechanism.

Adding a few feet to those dimensions adds storage. Another example is 24 ft 16 ft 8 ft. This allows you to navigate around the car.

The added length, width, and height make it ideal for a crossover SUV. A 7 ft x 8 ft garage door is required for wing mirror clearance.

The dimensions should be 28 feet long, 16 feet wide, and 8 feet high for a truck or SUV. The garage door would need to be 9 ft x 8 ft wide.

2-Car Garage Dimensions

Families frequently use a 2-car garage for two purposes: automobile storage and storage/workshop. 2 vehicle garages are typically 22 ft wide and 20 ft deep.

They also have 9-10 ft double garage doors, with the occasional 16 ft wide door.

When calculating, allow 7.5 feet for automobile door clearance. Most 2-car garages are 22-26 ft wide to accommodate larger vehicles.

These proportions are adequate for mid-size parking automobiles, but if you wish to accommodate two trucks, lengthen the length to 24 ft to compensate.

2 car garages have average square footage of 400-600 square feet. (Read 100 Amp Wire Size Guide)

3-Car Garage Dimensions

Multi-car garages can make things more challenging. Allow adequate space for each automobile door to open.

A 3-car garage is typically 32 ft x 22 ft. The height does not vary across garage sizes unless you have a specific vehicle in mind.

You may wish to increase the length and breadth if you have a larger vehicle. For example, multiple SUVs require more space than mid-size automobiles.

3-car garages typically have triple doors (7 or 8 ft wide) or a 16 ft wide door with a single door.

Because space is limited, there is only enough breathing space between the vehicles to facilitate passing.

A 3-car garage size ranges in size from 576 to 864 square feet.

4 Car Garage Size

A 4-car garage is normally 34-36 ft wide with twin 16-foot doors.

Unless you need a specific height, the 1 and 2 car options are very standard. 4 car garage dimensions range in length from 20 to 24 feet, depending on vehicle size.

There is only enough room between cars to go in and out in all cases.

A 4-car garage typically measures between 1150 and 1300 square feet. This allows you to open more than a door width to avoid harming the car next to it.

Average Garage Sizes Chart

Average Garage Sizes Chart

Vehicle BaysAverage WidthAverage LengthAverage Width of Door Average Height of Door
One12 to 16 ft20 to 24 ft8 to 10 ft7 to 8 ft
Two22 to 26 ft20 to 24 ft12 to 16 ft7 to 8 ft
Three31 to 34 ft20 to 24 ft8 to 16 ft7 to 8 ft
Four40 to 44 ft20 to 24 ft8 to 16 ft7 to 8 ft
Tandem12 to 34 ft36 to 40 ft8 to 16 ft7 to 8 ft

Garage Size Considerations

There are so many variables when designing and building a garage, but it is essential to focus on some basics first.


A garage may seem like a simple place to get some more breathing room, but it requires clearance for your car, garage door systems, wall storage, and workspace. Size does matter for garages.


Height, vehicle clearance, overhead storage, illumination, and garage door openers are critical. The vehicle’s antenna is also a factor because of its height.


Whether you use a parking sensor, you will still need enough clearance in the garage.

You don’t want to scratch your paintwork by trying to squeeze out the doors.

Plus, adequate car door clearance facilitates car maintenance. Choosing the door width of a garage should also consider storage choices.

Each garage door requires a minimum of 1.4 feet of wall separation. Therefore, you must account for this if you have over one door.


You should be able to stroll around your car. A common garage design blunder is depth. Also, most tools are on the front end wall.

Average Car Size Dimensions Chart

Average LengthAverage WidthAverage Heights Models
Small Cars15 ft6 ft5 ft
Medium Cars16 ft6 ft5 ft
Full-Size Cars17 ft6.5 ft5 ft
Medium Trucks18 ft6.5 ft6 ft
Large Trucks19.5 ft7 ft6.5 ft
Crossover SUVs15.5 ft6 ft6 ft
Medium-Size SUVs16.5 ft6.5 ft6 ft
Large SUVs17.5 ft7 ft6.5 ft


Attached garages are less expensive to construct since just three walls are required instead of four.

Because the services are already on your property, installing mains electricity, lighting, and water is also less expensive.

They are also more convenient because they are closer to your residence. In inclement weather, you can gain access with the utmost ease. Some even have doors that go to the main house. (Learn How To Care For Quartz Countertops)

The attached garages improve the value of a home, with most investments yielding an 80 percent return on investment.

Most often, you’ll find single car garages, or at a squeeze, a double car garage is built onto a home because of the minimum size of area at the side of the home.

Attached garages have some disadvantages. First, they pose a greater risk of fire and security. They don’t fit with every plot, limiting what you may build and potentially resulting in higher building permission costs.


Detached garages have some drawbacks. They are more difficult to access and use, especially in inclement weather. You are less likely to disrupt anyone’s peace if you do any noisy work, such as using a compressor.

A large garage with the width of a 3 car garage can have a second floor that would add a considerable amount of square foot living space.

Detached garages, like attached garages, add to the exterior appeal and overall value of your property. However, you get to determine where it goes rather than working within the confines of an existing home.

It’s critical to know what size garage to build. If you have a large family, ensuring that everyone’s car is safe is a top priority. Having the extra space for other tasks is also a huge plus.

Average Size Of 3 Car Garage

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