7 Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

7 Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

Having a home swimming pool to relax is one of the most fascinating things you can have in your home’s outdoor space. Contrary to beliefs, you don’t need a big house or large pools with a tanning ledge to enjoy time in the water. Instead, you can do as much in a small swimming pool.

When you see affordable backyard pool ideas on a budget, you can instantly see how you can surround a small backyard pool with lounge chairs and transform your garden outdoor spaces.
Small pools are increasingly popular and comprise splash pools, swim spas, or a conventional above-ground pool. Likewise, a family can enjoy a large pool on a hot summer day, such as an inground pool.

Our guide lets you learn more about things to consider before getting your small backyard pool. You’ll learn the pool materials you need and the types of pools you can get, be it from fiberglass pools, concrete pools for small inground pools, or pools using a vinyl liner.

By the end, you’ll be awash with ideas for an above-ground pool or small inground pool ideas on a budget to add water features and give more space around your pool. (Learn How Much Liquid Chlorine To Add To Pool)

Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

Types Of Home Swimming Pools

There are two types of pools available, although these comprise many variations. Most types of easy to tell apart from each other, and the choice of style can be as simple as you want the feel of pool tiles, you want space for pool parties, or you lack square foot space in your small yard and are looking more toward splash pool sort of size to lay back and relax.

Here is the main small backyard pool you can find.

In-ground Swimming Pool

An in-ground swimming pool is the most common type of pool, and it’s used most often by homeowners with large families. A luxury for families who enjoy lounging by the poolside is an in-ground swimming pool, which is a lovely addition to any home. However, these are more expensive and difficult to maintain.

Underground pools are durable, although a pool with a patio costs upward of $30k and a smaller pool up to $20k. Hence the reason for small backyard pool ideas on a budget.

In-Ground Pool Types

1. Concrete pool

This involves excavation, building a steel framework, and sealing it with plaster; thus, it is a challenging pool installation.

Customizable concrete pools are durable and the most laborious and expensive in-ground pools.

2. Shipping Container Pool

The newest and most affordable inground pool option. Swimming pools can be made from recycled shipping containers. Many styles are available. Some have hot tub partitions, others clear viewing panels.

However, this material makes the pool’s construction challenging and may need attention later.

3. Vinyl Pool

For affordable inground pools, vinyl-lined pools are a great option. Due to their distinct size and unique shape, vinyl-lined pools are less expensive than concrete and require less installation.

If it is adequately maintained, it can last for under 20 years, where you can find minor pool failures that need repair in the vinyl liner that gets punctured.

Fiberglass Pool Ideas

4. Fiberglass Pool

This pool is a well-known and cost-affordable alternative for concrete. In addition, it is a reliable option for small pools since, with regular care, it may last up to 15 years.

Above-Ground Pool Types

These are great options to carry out your small backyard pool ideas on a budget. In addition, they are easier to install. Thus, you have easier access and can install them yourself or use a professional pool installer.

It lasts 5-9 years and isn’t as durable as the original. It costs roughly $5,000, depending on style and design. Here are a few things to consider regarding your above-ground pool and the types you can find. Of course, many things also relate to an inground pool regarding maintenance and upkeep. (Read Alternatives To Sand Under Pool)


An inground pool is deeper than an above-ground pool, so many small backyard pool ideas aren’t suited to diving.


An above-ground pool is a better recommendation if you are on a tight budget.

Water Purification

Saltwater and chlorine pools are the most common pool water types. Saltwater may soften and smooth skin, unlike chlorine, which homeowners love.

Saltwater pools cost the same as chlorine pools but are easier to maintain and can be a better choice than chlorine on fiberglass inground pools.

Additional Features

If you want to include unique or extra features like waterfalls or fountains, integrated lights that change colors, or you want a cocktail pool; you’ll need a larger budget.

Above Ground Small Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget to Choose

With the help of the following small backyard pool ideas on a budget, you can quickly have your dream swimming pool.

1. Mini Swim Laps Pool

If you have a small backyard, you no longer have to be concerned if you’re a swimming fanatic who yearns for swimming pools where you can do lengths. With its ingenious design for tight places, this small lap pool will satisfy your needs.

2. Wooden Deck Pool

Have you got a big deck? If so, this is among the top above-ground pool ideas. But, then, you should consider installing a small deck pool.

This kind of pool is straightforward to install and requires little labor. You can install the pool into the current deck setup whenever you have enough room on your deck and a sturdy base.

Wall-Mounted Small Pool Ideas

3. Wall-Mounted Small Pool Ideas On A Budget

If your backyard has a small space, you can also have a small pool built against your perimeter wall to take up even less space. The wall’s placement means that the only drawback is that you won’t have easier access to your small pool from all sides and can only get in and out of your pool from three sides. (Read What To Put Under Inflatable Pool On Grass)

More About Above Ground Pools

A frame pool is one option; these are typically made of metal or PVC. Although frame pools are reliable and straightforward to assemble, they may be more expensive than other above-ground pools.

Inflatable pools are a great choice if you wish to save money. However, while they are easy to install, inflatable pools are not long-lasting and may need repair or replacement more often.

Another option is swimming pools that are partially buried, such as semi-inground pools.

Although semi-inground pools can be tricky to install, you’ll find them more durable.

1. Inflatable Pools

Summer cooling is affordable with inflatable pools. They cost less than above-ground pools and can be set up in minutes. In addition, they’re easier to store than in-ground pools.

You can choose the right size inflatable pool for your yard. They make great kiddie pools and water slides. If you tire of the pool, deflate it and store it till next summer.

One thing overlooked with an inflatable swimming pool is you can take it with you if you move home.

2. Small Above Ground Pools

These pools can be great for small yards and are typically budget-friendly compared to inground pools.

You can find an above-ground pool that exactly fits your backyard because they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

3. Large Above Ground Pools

A spacious backyard makes an above-ground pool a fantastic option. These pools can be just as big and typically cost less than inground pools.

You can find an above-ground pool that exactly fits your backyard because they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

  • 18 ft x 9 ft x 52 in Large Pool
  • 18 ft x 48 in Large Circular Pool

4. Stock Tank Pools

There are a few options to consider if you’re searching for an affordable way to add a swimming pool to your backyard rather than installing a larger pool. A stock tank pool is one option; smaller tanks can act as a small plunge pool. Plunge pools are highly relaxing on hot days.

These swimming pools are made of metal or plastic tanks typically used on farms to store water. Stock tank pools are becoming increasingly popular as they are affordable and don’t require more maintenance.

5. Hot Tubs

If you’re concerned about the cost of maintenance, a hot tub can be a great alternative to swimming pools.

Even though hot tubs need maintenance, it’s usually not as much as a smaller pool. So you may choose to save money.

Complete Your Pool Area With Additional Features

Even if you cannot afford a huge, beautiful pool with a contemporary design, there are many options to improve the pool’s surroundings and make your backyard a tranquil oasis.

1. Pool Deck

Building a wooden deck or concrete patio around your pool is a great option.

Add a seating area or tanning ledge to offer easy access to the pool for family or guests to enjoy.

Ensure adequate space for a deck or patio before installing the pool. Then, make sure you factor these costs into the cost of your pool design ideas or add them to your list of things to do for the summer. (Read Will Pool Salt Melt Ice)

2. Outdoor Furniture

Pool furniture may be easily added to the backyard’s surrounding landscape to create the ideal space for the entire family to congregate.

Adding some simple outdoor furniture can easily upgrade your backyard and give your guests plenty of room to sit and enjoy your new pool.

7 Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

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