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When it comes to pneumatic tools, many individuals don’t think too hard of getting the best air tool hose to go with their compressor. The hose that comes with the kit, or the cheapest, may not offer you the best solution.

If you’re not using high-quality air compressor hoses, you’re leaving yourself and your tools up for a poor experience.

Luckily, it isn’t an enormous expense for a quality air hose, and you can save yourself headaches when you choose the right one.

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Here we have five of the best air hoses that can help you avoid kinks, snags and splits. By the end of our air compressor hose reviews, you’ll quickly find one that is suitable for your home and tools. (Find the Best Air Compressor For Truck Tires)

Why You Need a Good Air Hose?

You need a good air hose, as these are more than they appear. Unlike your garden hose, these have a high working pressure, and the air hose material needs to hold this pressure. Besides, using long air hoses makes things convenient. You may have a flat tire, and your compressor is tucked away.

It can be easy to hook up a PVC air hose and blow up your tire. Air hoses can wear from the outside in, so you need materials to cope with scuffs and be dragged along the floor. Besides this, certain materials work better in a certain temperature range.

You don’t want to find your hose is stiff from freezing point temperatures, or it is soft from the heat and could rupture around the fittings.

The best air compressor hoses can deal with all this and still present fantastic performance. So, no matter what area of home improvement you have, you can be sure your tools can keep working. (Read our Porter Cable Air Compressor Review)

Top Air Hose Reviews

Flexzilla Air Hose, 38 in. x 50 ft., 14 in. MNPT Fittings, Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Hybrid, ZillaGreen - HFZ3850YW2

1. Flexzilla Air Hose, 3/8 in. x 50 ft., 1/4 in. MNPT Fittings, Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Hybrid, ZillaGreen – HFZ3850YW2

The Flexzilla hose is a fantastic air hose. It’s made of hybrid polymer, which is lighter than a rubber hose by around 50%. The Flexzilla weighs around 5 lbs. for the full 50 feet length.

You’ll discover the 3/8 air hose stays flexible in the coldest temperatures and can be used in tighter spaces than rubber air hoses.

The lime green Flexzilla is rated up to 300 PSI, so it offers enough to cope with the most demanding tasks. The standard bend restrictor end fittings are anodized aircraft aluminum which the company claims are more durable than brass fittings.


  • Hose won’t get twisted
  • Suitable for use in any temperature
  • Extra durability due to alumni ends
  • Lighter to use than other air hoses


  • It doesn’t always lay flat
  • Hose not made in the USA as claimed

While the manufacturer has a guide price of a little over $35, you get a lot of hybrid air hose for your money. It was designed to lay flat, without coil memory; although the hose is so light, it can rise and also take more effort to coil when finished.

However, there are loads of durability, and it could easily be the best air compressor hose to accompany your tools and air compressor.

Good Year 12674 Rubber Air Hose Red, 50-Feet x 38-Inch

2. Good Year 12674 Rubber Air Hose Red, 50-Feet x 3/8-Inch

The Goodyear hose comes from one of the biggest names in rubber. The 50 feet hose is ideal for automotive and home improvement projects. The high-quality air hose is 3/8 inches and made from EPDM rubber that resists oil damage and cold temperatures. For strength, the hose has internal spiral synthetic yarn reinforcements.

On either end, you will find durable quarter-inch NPT solid brass fittings that offer secure connections without the need for seals or sleeves. The high-grade GoodYear construction means the hose offers a maximum operating pressure of 250 psi.


  • Strong solvent-resistant coating
  • 1070 max burst pressure
  • Brass fittings
  • Synthetic yarn reinforcement


  • It twists easily in use
  • Heavy

With a guide price of less than $25, you get a high-performance Goodyear air compressor hose. Air tool hoses of this material are heavier than most. While the GoodYear rubber air hose is strong and durable, it picks up dirt and needs frequent cleaning.

Amflo 12-25E Polyurethane Air Hose - Non-marring, Smooth Finish, Easy to carry, Lightweight, Cold Weather Flexible, Great Indoors or Out, 14 X 100'

3. Amflo 12-25E Polyurethane Air Hose – Non-marring, Smooth Finish, Easy to carry, Lightweight, Cold Weather Flexible, Great Indoors or Out, 1/4″ X 100′

The Amflo is an ideal polyurethane hose to add to your home air compressors. It offers 100 feet of 1/4 inch hose. It has the same appearance as a good garden hose yet offers more durability.

The material is strong enough to work in temperatures down to minus 30 Fahrenheit. While there is no outer coating, the material can withstand oil and chemical resistance.

Twisting isn’t an issue with the 1/4-inch NPT swivel fittings, and kinking is prevented thanks to the bend restrictors on both ends.


  • Smooth finish
  • Lightweight for hose size
  • Withstands low temperatures
  • High PSI load


  • The hose can spring micro leaks
  • No durable hose coating


With a guide price of just above $42, you are getting a sizeable hose that offers good performance and durability. However, it doesn’t look any different from regular hoses, and it can spring these tiny leaks without a durable coating for added protection.

DeWalt DXCM012-0201 38” x 50’ Premium Rubber Hose

4. DeWalt DXCM012-0201 3/8” x 50’ Premium Rubber Hose

The bright yellow of the DeWalt air hose stands out, yet it offers more than looks. DeWalt rubber hoses don’t have any problem working in temperatures to minus 40 and up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

It comes with quarter-inch solid brass connectors, so this offers lots of corrosion resistance. You’ll discover the bend restrictors on the hose stop kinking and reduce wear and tear in this area. The hose works to a max PSI of 300 with a 4:1 burst pressure for the safety factor.


  • Great price for high quality
  • Works in nearly all-weather conditions
  • Easy to move around
  • Comes from a renowned company


  • No hose swivels
  • Heavier than some hoses

The DeWalt comes from a major manufacturer, and with a guide price of a little under $35, you get a great hose. It is a little heavier than the best air hose material, and the coating can wear after lots of abuse. The brand alone makes it great value and a wise decision if you need a hose of this type.

YOTOO Hybrid Air Hose 38-Inch by 50-Feet 300 PSI with 14-Inch Industrial Solid Brass Quick Coupler Fittings and Bend Restrictors for Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Flexible at All Weather Use

5. YOTOO Hybrid Air Hose 3/8-Inch by 50-Feet 300 PSI with 1/4-Inch Industrial Solid Brass Quick Coupler Fittings and Bend Restrictors for Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Flexible at All Weather Use

The Yotoo is a hybrid and made from PVC and rubber. It is heavy duty, lightweight, and offers flexibility with abrasion resistance. Besides, you can use these 50 feet lengths of hoses in nearly all-weather conditions.

It is straightforward to use with 1/4” industrial NPT fittings and a quick female coupler for direct connection to air compressors and air tools. Bend restrictors are on both ends and help stop kinks and provide longevity to the air hose’s life.

It works up to 300 PSI for maximum working pressure and offers a high 1200 PSI bursting pressure.


  • Highly Affordable
  • Lots of features
  • Robust brass connectors included
  • Lightweight


  • Performs poorly in adverse weather
  • Not as flexible as some rubber and PVC air hoses

The rubber and PVC hose comes with a guide price of less than $30, making it an affordable option. It does have a few flaws, yet it is backed up with a 2-year limited warranty. Rubber and PVC hoses usually perform in the same manner, so it isn’t too much of a negative about this compressor hose.

Best Air Hose Buying guide

When purchasing compressor hose products, there are only a few things you need to consider.

You have materials that can be rubber, PVC hose, Polyurethane or hybrid, which are a mix of PVC and rubber hoses.

After this, you’ll have the length. For home improvement, 50 feet is ideal, although you can find hoses in 25- and 100-feet lengths.

One of the most standout considerations is the weight and not to carry as you drag your hose because the heavier it is, the more it can be damaged or damage your floor.

Finally, you have the diameter, and it does need to match your tools and air compressors. You have 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch. The smaller size is suited for less powerful tasks, yet the larger 3/8 inch means you can tackle anything.

Final Verdict

Compressor hoses all appear the same, yet they do vary considerably as you look at them closely. In testing, we found the Flexzilla Air Hose, 3/8 in. x 50 ft., 1/4 in. MNPT Fittings, Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Hybrid, ZillaGreen – HFZ3850YW2 the best of the bunch.

It offers a larger 3/8-inch size to deal with any task, and there is plenty of flexibility without restricting the durability. It is made from high-quality materials, and using the hose is a breeze.

With the ability to work in any conditions, there are no tasks or time that you can’t make use of your pneumatic tools and air compressors. The Filezilla has to be the best air compressor hose for the money.

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Best Air Hose

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