Best Bad Boy Mower Reviews

When you want a heavy duty zero return type of mower, you stand a good chance of coming across Bad Boy mowers. You’ll find these available for commercial and professional use as they are rock solid reliable, and make sure they cut the grass exactly how you want it.

Here we take a quick look at the Bad Boy MZ Magnum, one of the range of zero turn mowers from Bad Boy. (Find the Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo)

Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Quick Summary

The Bad Boy MZ Magnum is a feature-rich lawnmower for a reasonable price. Construction quality is among the best commercial machines. It uses 7-gauge steel to laser cutouts in the frame deck.

Bad Boy has a good entry-level commercial brand, and you will find most Bad Boy users are either residential or weekend lawn care guys.

This mower offers extreme maneuverability as any zero-turn mower should. To control, you use the tank-lever controls where it quickly spins on its wheels and lets you spin around any object you may find in your path, or at the end of your lawn.

It offers a hydrostatic transmission, which shifts by itself, so all you have to focus on is the seat’s comfort and to make sure you steer with both hands.

The MZ Magnum lets you adjust the blade height from 1 inch to 4 inches high, thus allowing for precision cuts of your grass.

The blade lift for the ride on mower uses a foot pedal; thus, you can lift the deck quickly if you find a hard obstacle such as a rock or tree root. The deck has support from two sway bars with three linkages, which adds to the mower’s stability and comfort while cutting.

All through the build, you’ll see high-strength 11-gauge steel use from the deck and the frame. Not only that, but this product has them welded together for increased durability as it is through this series of mowers. (Find the Top Rated Riding Lawn Mowers)

You will also discover an all-steel gear construction used in the drive system and also extends with the rugged quality all the way to the mower’s power system. You can feel the mower will offer hundreds of hours of long operational lifespan before you need to consider another.

bad boy mz magnum

Best Bad Boy Mower Review


Engine and power features are the best place to begin. Bad Boy has options of a Kawasaki 725cc Kohler 726cc for reliability.

At 6 mph going forward, it completes with the best. One thing that would be a change is losing the Hydro-Gear EZT transaxles, as we would like to see Hydro-Gear ZT2800 for a zero-turn mower at such a price point. The fuel capacity is 5-gallon of unleaded fuel.

Appearance and Feel

Bad Boy mowers stand out in their striking orange colors. The MZ is no different, and the mower has an impressive stance. It looks chunky, and you can tell its made for the job. The heavy-duty welded steel make it feel like a tank yet easy to control.

Bad Boy shines and has many accessories you can add to your mower. Some may affect performance, yet you won’t look as good on any other mower. The competition may have slightly better specs, yet they lose on appearance.


It is easy to get a tone of accessories direct from Bad Boy and order these at the same time as your mower, and they can fit them before it gets shipped. You can choose from a chute blocker, led light bars, electric switches, bucket and tongs, rear storage basket and a weed whacker holder.

Build Quality

Bad Boy is renowned for its quality, and the company stands behind it. You see this as their commercial products have the same levels of quality as they put into their residential models. If there is something not functional, it’s not included.

You will discover the deck and frame is welded rather than being stamped. Both are rugged and built for years of punishment without a sign of wear. With the design of the baffles and deck, you’ll find the mower throwing out the grass in the toughest conditions. (Read Bad Boy Mower Relay Diagram)


Mower maintenance and service will need to be carried out, particularly as your mower gets older and falls outside the product warranty. The warranty for the MZ Magnum is 2 year or 200 hours.

Machine maintenance is straightforward, with easy access to oil filters, greasing areas, and it also offers the digital display for things that require checking. The Bad Boy offers some of the easiest maintenance of any zero-turn mowers.


  • Built to last design with an all-steel frame and fabricated deck
  • Packs in lots of convenient features
  • Comfortable seating and also has a cup holder
  • Very easy to operate


  • Costs a bit more than some other brands’ product
  • Make sure front tires are inflated, or they can flatten

Best Bad Boy Mower Specifications

  • Kohler: 725cc Air-Cooled 7000
  • Cutting Width: 54″
  • Weight: 696 lbs.
  • Overall Height/Length: 42″ high and 76″ long
  • Chute Up/Chute Down mowing width: 58″/67″
  • Transmission EZT Integrated Unit
  • Deck: Thickness3/16″ Thick Solid Steel
  • Cutting Height: 1.5″-4.5″ With Deck Height Control System
  • Lift and Height Adjustment: Foot-Assist Manual Lift with Dial-Style Height Adjustment. Optional Electric Lift
  • Rear Tires/Front Tires:18×9.5-8 Turf /11×6-5 Smooth
  • Fuel: 5 Gallons; Unleaded Gasoline
  • Ground Speed (Forward): Mow at up to 6 mph

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Is Bad Boy a good mower?

The Bad Boy zero turn mower is solid, durable, and they are made to last a long time while being fast and highly maneuverable. You have several product options depending on the use or type of mower you want.

Who makes the Bad Boy mower?

Robert Foster, Bad Boy co-founder, is now the owner of that line, and Phil Pulley is the sole owner of Bad Boy, Inc.

What is the best zero turn mower for the money?

Bad Boy MZ Magnum 54 with a large available cutting width

What engine does Bad Boy mowers use?

Bad Boy Mowers use a variety of engines available in their different mower models. Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, Yamaha and Kawasaki can be found across the range.

What is the best zero turn mower under $5000?

The Bad Boy MZ Magnum has a 54″ available cutting width and powerful engine options.

What is the most reliable commercial zero turn mower?

The MZ Magnum 54 is very reliable with a 725cc Kohler engine

What is the toughest zero turn mower?

The Bad Boy Outlaw Rogue lawn mower is built to last and comes with 5 engine options for top power.

Who makes the fastest zero turn mower?

Bad Boy mowers can cut grass up to 7 mph on some models. The MZ Magnum cuts up to 6mph.

What is the best month to buy a lawn mower?

The best months to purchase lawn mowers are April, May, August, September and October. It’s best to buy a mower after mowing season ends. (Learn When is the Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower)

Is 600 hours a lot for a mower?

No, typical mowers last for 1500 hours upward. A ride on mower can easily pass this number of hours when cared for.

What mowers do professionals use?

In the business, you can find a mix depending on the use. Bad Boy mowers, SCAG, Huskvarna and John Deere.

How long will a zero turn mower last?

Two thousand hours and upward. You can equate this to years; if maintained, it is around 20 years or more. Bad Boy mowers are known for longevity, so you can assume your model will be with you for a decade or two.

And Finally…

You can find countless reviews of the Bad Boy line of zero-turn mowers or the company’s full range of mowers.

In terms of value for money, there can be some mowers that have additional features, yet they may not offer the precision cutting or the longevity of service you get from this mowers.

Bad Boy can give you the better cut, no matter which engine choice you go for. Performance is top of the heap, and engine quality is never an issue from the likes of Kohler.

If you want comfortable mowing for large grass areas on your residential area or small commercial areas, you can keep returning to your Bad Boy mower year after year.

It will be built to last, giving you the best ride on mower experience of any model you compare it against. It is a bad boy by name, and once it gets to work, it is a bad boy by nature.

Best Bad Boy Mower Reviews

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  1. I am a 74 year old guy with a bad heard (AFIB and CAD). Just bought a badboy MZ 42 for my 1/2 acre subdivision lot. This thing is so easy to handle and maneuver in around objects. I can do my lot with very little trimming and I am not even tired when I finish. Thanks badboy I am back to mowing again.

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