Best Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers

Listening to music is one of many individuals’ favorite pastimes. However, once you head outside, the ambiance can be lost if you just use headphones, or if you rely on the speaker from your phone.

You may be camping, kayaking, or hiking, and you want to listen to music with family or friends. Even if you are just in the garden, you can change the setting with backyard Bluetooth speakers.

Speaker choice will be crucial to get the best, so our reviews here group together some of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers, then you can liven up any gathering, without the need for wires or carrying larger boomboxes with you.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Why You Need the Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

When looking for outdoor speakers, you can find there are two types. You get the ones that are permanently fixed in place, and are wired, or have connections for your device. The problem with these is, it stands a chance you will need an amplifier to drive sound to them.

Second, they are a permanent fixture, so taking them with you anywhere will be out of the question.

The best outdoor portable speakers are more versatile and can allow you to play music in the garden on the patio, or you can take them camping or any other outdoor trip where you wish to listen to music.

You don’t need an amplifier, wires, or anything. The self-contained units have all you need to deliver music right where you want it.

The main thing is to make sure you have the best sounding Bluetooth speakers to make sure you have clear music, and everyone can hear.

Top Rated Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker Reviews

DOSS SoundBox Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass, 12H Playtime, Built-in Mic, Portable Wireless Speaker Compatible with Phone, Tablet, TV and Gift Ideas (Black

1. DOSS SoundBox Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass, 12H Playtime, Built-in Mic, Portable Wireless Speaker Compatible with Phone

It can be hard trying to find an outdoor speaker that doesn’t cost a fortune. If you are camping, or just want something to deliver great sound. The last thing you want is to lose your outdoor speaker.

Our Doss Soundbox review found the ideal outdoor speaker that can make listening to music a joy. It is compact in size, yet it delivers sound quality comparable to speakers that are far more expensive.

It is easy to use with simple touch controls and is compatible with all Bluetooth devices (V4.0). For rich tones and bass, you have 12W of stereo sound, so there is no lack of power from the small portable speaker.

With a high-capacity 2200 mAh battery, you can get 12 hours of battery life with music playing at 75% volume. Recharging the device to full takes around three to four hours, and can be done from any powered USB source.

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  • Small and portable
  • Great stereo sound
  • Long battery life
  • Built in mic and speakerphone
  • 1-year warranty
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  • Sensitive volume controls
  • Not waterproof

The Doss Soundbox performs better than you would think for something so light and small. With a guide price of less than $30, it is highly affordable and great value for money. The Doss speaker also remembers the previous device that was connected. Even this is made to make wireless connections easier.

With the ability to answer calls directly through the speakers with the built in mic, you can keep your phone safely tucked away safe. The speaker size is 6.6 inches wide by 2.7 inches deep, and only 2.9 inches high, and only weighs in at 1.1 lbs.

The Soundbox is a joy to use and listen to, and the biggest downside being you can hear some static when there is no music playing. Overall, it is a great speaker system and maybe the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoors when you have a small budget.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

2. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Bose is one of the largest and best-known speaker manufacturers you can find. Their Soundlink color Bluetooth speaker comes with all the design qualities they deliver in more substantial speakers. The soft silicone adds a bit of water resistance, although the speaker has dimensions that can make it unstable.

Being 5.3 inches high, and only 2.1 inches in depth, it can easily fall over if there is a bump against where it sits. With a guide price of around $130, the last thing is for your Bose Bluetooth speakers to drop on the floor.

The speaker is slim and can easily slip into a bag without adding bulk. It is one of the lightest outdoor speakers at around 570 grams. If in range, you can even access your Google Assistant, which makes this a very smart speaker.

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  • Decent sound-quality
  • Durable and great design
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Connects up to 33ft away
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  • No built in mic
  • No included carrying case

The Bose speaker can connect up to 2 devices at once, and is able to memorize up to 8 devices for ease of connection if you swap regularly. You can convert your Bose speakers into a wireless multi-room system.

The battery offers up to 8-hours of playback, which is shorter than a lot of alternatives and to recharge the speaker takes up to three hours.

The sound from the speaker is excellent as you would expect, although it isn’t the loudest on offer. It also only has the one speaker driver, so for stereo, you would need to link two of the Bose Soundlink speakers together.

For overall use, you do get the best from Bose in a compact and rugged package. However, even with the water resistance, you do need to be careful where you use it to avoid falling or continual water exposure.

Dual Electronics LU53PB 3-Way High-Performance Outdoor Indoor Speakers with Powerful Bass

3. Dual Electronics LU53PB 3-Way High-Performance Outdoor Indoor Speakers with Powerful Bass

When you begin looking at the speakers from Dual Electronics, you will quickly see they are not a portable option. However, they are designed for outdoor use where they can be fixed in place where you want outdoor music.

The 3-way speakers deliver rich sounds and are optimized for broad dispersion of the powerful base.
In most cases, these are to be used in the wired format, although you can purchase a separate wireless Bluetooth amplifier system that delivers up to 200W of dual-channel power.

The Dual Electronics speakers can leave other smaller systems behind, yet you do forsake the portability. However, the construction of the speakers is made to withstand the elements, so if you have a boat, or you wish to add them under a covered porch, gazebo, or patio. They are designed to last.

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  • High-quality audio sound
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rain and UV resistant
  • Very affordable
[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”50″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”true”]


  • Not a portable speaker system
  • Needs separate wireless Bluetooth amplifier

With a guide price of close to $55, these speakers offer plenty of value for their intended use. As long as you have a power source, you can purchase the additional wireless Bluetooth amplifier to connect a host of devices.

They are not a portable option, yet you can easily use these with mobile devices. Nevertheless, even with purchasing the amplifier, you can still save money while being able to use these with phones or other Bluetooth devices.

If you want your indoor music outdoors in all weathers, then no other affordable speakers offer you the same performance.

Polk Audio Outdoor Speaker (ATRIUM4BK)

4. Polk Audio Outdoor Speaker (ATRIUM4BK)

If you are serious about sound outdoors, and you have the right area to fit these speakers, either around the home or on a boat. Then you won’t find better to deliver rich bass from the 80 watts of power each speaker delivers.

The Polk Audio speakers are not portable, yet you can use them with the inclusion of a separate wireless Bluetooth amplifier.

The speakers are built to withstand any weather and to stand behind the robust construction; they come with a 5-year warranty.

The construction belies the durability of these speakers, and you can get a faithful reproduction of every note.

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  • Very well built
  • Great outdoor dispersion
  • Easy to mount
  • Great weather-proofing
[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”50″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”true”]


  • Expensive
  • Not a portable solution
  • Needs a separate Bluetooth amplifier

With a guide price of a little under $100, you do get plenty of speaker for your money; however, if you want a portable solution, these are not suitable to meet your needs.

The Atrium 4 from Polk is one of the best outdoor speakers for a host of situations where you want the looks and want sound delivery to match your environment. Speaker size is 16 inches wide, by 8 inches high and 16 inches deep.

You also get 180 degrees of rotation, so you can direct the speakers just where you want them. Because the speakers are designed to withstand all weathers, they come with brass and aluminum hardware.

Binding posts are gold plated, so all components are guaranteed never to rust, even if you use them on a boat or other area that is likely to have water exposure.

HyperGear Beast XL Rugged Portable IPX6 Waterproof Water Resistant Dustproof Outdoor Indoor

5. HyperGear Beast XL Rugged Portable IPX6 Waterproof Water Resistant Dustproof Outdoor Indoor
Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with Built-in Microphone

The last one on the list is a quick HyperGear Beast XL review. You will find this speaker made for adventure and ideal to be used in countless scenarios.

It delivers a durable build quality and rugged design for any outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Added to this is the IPX water resistance rating, so it is suitable for taking out on the water; however, it shouldn’t be submerged.

The speaker dimensions are 8 x 3 x 2.5 inches, yet they still manage to cram in stereo speakers. You can get up to 30 watts of power from 5 dynamic drivers, two passive bass, and two tweeters. All this comes with anti-distortion capabilities built in.

Unlike some other makes, you have a noise-canceling microphone and easy controls to receive and make calls directly using the speaker.

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  • Water-resistant
  • Large battery
  • Connects up to 30ft away
  • Good sound delivery
[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”50″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”true”]


  • Sound-quality not the best
  • Not the loudest speaker
  • Some units have Bluetooth connection problems

The HyperGear Beast is not the most expensive Bluetooth speaker by far, yet it isn’t in the most affordable bracket for this kind of speaker.

With a guide price of a little under $55, it does deliver, but for the times you want to throw it in your backpack or take it out kayak fishing, you may have a second thought of how safe it will be.

For a speaker, you can use in any area that delivers up to 16 hours of playback from the 6600 mAh battery from a single charge.

If you have the budget and can justify the use, then this is one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers you can consider, though you can easily find other options with similar features for less.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide

When you are searching for indoor-outdoor Bluetooth speakers, there are quite a few things you need to consider. Besides this, there are so many manufacturers cramming features into their speakers in an attempt to stand out.

Here are all the things to check when you look for the best portable speakers for every occasion.


When you want speakers for outdoor use, you will be searching for something that is convenient to use. Because they are Bluetooth, there are no extra wires in compact speaker units. However, there are differences in how portable some speaker systems can be.

Larger speakers will be heavy and won’t slip into your bag or backpack. On the other hand, small speakers often lack the power of their larger cousins.

The good thing with smaller speakers is their lack of weight; these can be carried when hiking or camping without adding too much to your carrying weight.

Weather Resistance

You can find a few brands that aim to offer waterproof outdoor speaker systems. If these are fixed units, then these are built to withstand all weathers. However, you do find many with waterproofing are merely splash-proof.

Speakers that can withstand a certain amount of bumps and bangs is a more crucial facet as it can be nearly impossible for them to receive a few whacks while in transit.

Sound Quality

Smaller speaker systems, in some cases, lack the punch that outdoor speakers deliver. However, smaller systems are now capable of providing levels of music that you are used to listening to at home, although maybe not as loud.

Crisp, clear sound is vital because if there is any distortion, it can ruin any outdoor experience. Some speaker systems do offer graphic equalizers, yet this can make them more complicated, and you may not notice the difference in an outdoor setting.

Speakerphone Capability

One feature many users look for is the speakerphone. When the speaker connects to your phone, you have the chance to make or take calls without reducing the volume of the speaker.

All this is done automatically, and you can receive a call without touching your phone at all. With the built in mic, you can use the speaker as a hands-free device.

Battery Life

Once you get to a specific size of the speaker, these can eat up the battery as fast as your smartphone can. Because of this, it is one of the reasons outdoor speakers mainly remain in a certain size.

While the battery life is vital, battery size isn’t a factor of how long your speaker can last. With efficient power usage, you may find smaller batteries delivering longer battery life than their larger battery-powered counterparts.

If you take your speaker kayaking, biking or camping, you will want a 12-hour playback time as a minimum. Also, the charge-up time needs to be as quick as possible.


There are countless outdoor speakers that are roughly the same size, and come with the same look. They appear to be like a black brick or a colored variant with the same dimensions. There is a fact for this, and that is this shape and size are very sturdy.

Make speakers taller, and they can easily fall over. Shapes like this also make them easy to slip in your bag, fasten to your kayak or bike, and it helps to keep them robust. The addition of color makes little difference apart from appearing dirty after several uses.

You can’t go wrong with black. It hides signs of bangs and knocks, as well as hiding dirt marks.


You need to be sure the latest standards of connectivity are built in. Many now use Bluetooth V4.0 and can allow for more considerable connection distances than previously. Earlier versions only allow for connections on your desk, such as your mouse and keyboard sort of range.

Additional Features

You may find a wireless speaker is purely Bluetooth and has no other form of connection. Many phones are ditching the headphone jack, yet having an auxiliary cable connection can make your speaker more useful should the Bluetooth component die prematurely.

In addition, you can use these for connecting to a host of other devices like laptops where you may have a speaker issue, and you can’t connect using Bluetooth.

Memory card slots are always a good option. You can copy music to these and slot them in the back without needing to connect your smartphone at all.
With simple controls to flick to the next song or replay, you are in control of what you want to
listen to without the need to keep pulling your phone from your pocket or your bag.

Using these methods also extends the speaker battery life because you won’t be soaking up the power connecting by Bluetooth.

Best Bluetooth Speaker DOSS SoundBox Touch Wireless Bluetooth

Final Verdict

When conducting these reviews, we thought the result would be much closer than it was. We quickly ruled out the two models that required the purchase of a wireless Bluetooth amplifier.

These have their place, and if you need speakers for a boat or an RV, then these are what to look for.

With three remaining, we went through a host of tests for all manner of scenarios where you may want to use one of the top-rated outdoor speakers. Two models could be strapped to the handlebars of a bike, and one couldn’t.

Then we were down to two, and it got tougher to choose. Toward the end, it was down to price to performance, and the winner shone through.

The winner turned out to be the DOSS SoundBox Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass, 12H Playtime, Built-in Mic, Portable Wireless Speaker Compatible with Phone, Tablet, TV and Gift Ideas (Black).

It meets anyone’s budget, and while very affordable, there is no lack of power this small device can deliver. It also came at half the price of the second-place speaker, so there is a vast difference.

With easy to use controls, a battery that lasts all day (12-hours as advertised), and playing at close to full loudness. The Doss speaker continued to deliver, and it was hard to find fault in most areas.

While it does lack some of the features such as home assistant connection, this is little use when you are hiking, kayaking or biking.

Doss makes some of the best outdoor wireless Bluetooth speakers, and for anyone who wants a fantastic introduction into this brand needn’t look any further.

You can join the many thousands of others who think the same thing who keep coming back for this powerhouse of a portable Bluetooth speaker system.

Best Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers

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