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Electric lawnmowers are either corded or cordless. The corded ones are limited to smaller lawns as they are tethered to an outlet, whereas lithium batteries may power the cordless ones. They are more environmentally friendly compared to the gas-powered engines, as well as quieter in operation.

Naturally, gas engines pack a lot of power to keep the blades moving. Hence their operation usually is faster. This is why most electric mower reviews are better for smaller lawns, as they pack more power at lower speeds.

#1 Best Seller
Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022
BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded, 13-Amp, 20-Inch (MM2000)
BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer/Edger & Lawn Mower, 6.5-Amp, 12-Inch, Corded (MTE912) (Power cord not included)
Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022
BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded, 13-Amp, 20-Inch (MM2000)
BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer/Edger & Lawn Mower, 6.5-Amp, 12-Inch, Corded (MTE912) (Power cord not included)
#1 Best Seller
Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022
Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022
BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded, 13-Amp, 20-Inch (MM2000)
BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded, 13-Amp, 20-Inch (MM2000)
BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer/Edger & Lawn Mower, 6.5-Amp, 12-Inch, Corded (MTE912) (Power cord not included)
BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer/Edger & Lawn Mower, 6.5-Amp, 12-Inch, Corded (MTE912) (Power cord not included)

Gas mowers are more adept for thicker and tougher lawned areas and heavy work. Electric mowers are a good choice for smaller lawns, thanks to fewer fumes, low maintenance, and the ease of moving it (gas mowers tend to be bulkier).

One of the best electric lawn mowers brands is one from Black and Decker, which have self propel options for easy usage, plus the 3 in 1 bagging, mulching and discharge options too if that is something you require or want.


Corded electric lawn mower reviews

The Black and Decker MM1800 is one of the best corded electric lawn mowers going around. The cord is quite long, and it has a 12amp motor to give a powerful cut. It also has both mulching and bagging options. The GreenWorks 25022 is also one worth checking out, read our review of it here.

Again, because of the limitations of the cord, an electric corded lawnmower would be suitable for smaller and well-kept lawns, because it does not have enough power for bigger or tougher types of grass.

If your yard has trees and other obstacles in it, the cord will get in the way, which can be a significant cause of frustration. Long cords are also quite a hazard, especially if you happen to trip and fall. So it all depends if your lawn is smooth or bumpy and uneven.

The remarkable thing is that they are noiseless, and some of the best-corded lawn mowers are also some of the lightest, which means little hard work on your part to move it around or to turn it.

Because of their direct connection with an AC supply, they usually have more power than the battery mowers, so they pack the features of the gas run lawnmowers too.

Best Battery-powered lawn mower

Instead of the annoying cord getting in your way, you can have these mowers which are powered by a battery. However, your mowing time will depend on the battery life. Self-propelled mowers are more comfortable to run but will eat up more of the battery life.

Considered the finest battery-operated mower is one from Black and Decker, the SPCM1936.

It gives a 45 to 60 minutes of battery life, which means it is best suited to lawns ranging in size from 1/3 acre or less. The charging time is roughly 12 hours, which is something to bear in mind. But they save on the gas and maintenance costs, and also the issue of gaseous fumes, which are no good for anyone’s health.

BLACK+DECKER MM2000 13 Amp Corded Mower, 20-Inch Check Latest Price

If you are looking for the best battery lawnmower, one of the things to look out for is to make sure that the deck is made of polymer. This will ensure it lasts longer and does not rust.

You should also purchase one that has appropriate and easy to read battery life indicators, and can have the height adjusted by the touch of a button or pull of a lever.

Bigger batteries generally have more torque, power, and battery life, so here, size does matter! But remember, too many hills to climb, or the extra effort in mulching can cause it to run quicker. Ultimately, it all depends on what you want.

Top-rated electric lawn mowers

As I mentioned before, certain types of lawnmowers are suited to a specific type of lawn surfaces and appearance. However, even within the electric type, there are many varieties that you need to consider when buying them.

The functionality of the mower can become very limited if the battery is slow to charge, or burns out too quickly, or if the power is not enough for a good cut, or the cord is too small, or the indicator is not clear.

The best electric mowers from well-reputed brands eliminate this kind of issue, which is why they are mostly recommendable for buyers.

An example is a corded mower from GreenWorks 25022. Features include:-

  • 12 amp electric motor
  • wider deck (20 inches) for quicker cuts
  • 7 height adjustment options handled from a single lever from 1.5 to 3.75 inches
  • Bagging, discharge and mulching options
  • At 56 pounds, it is just a bit heavy, but can be easily dealt with

It costs $174.99. The others that I checked within this range have shorter decks or fewer powerful motors. Plus, with the GreenWorks 25022, there is a four-year warranty, which is greater than that offered by many other companies.

Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022 Check Latest Price

In the cordless category, I have already mentioned the Black and Decker SPCM1936, which costs around $349. It has a 19-inch deck and a 36-volt battery.

Most reviews suggest that the battery charge is sufficient for mowing small lawns and that it lasts the distance. It should also be noted that the charging does not take much time.

One of the best parts is that you can charge another battery to be swapped in for bigger lawns. It is made of a very durable polymer, and unlike other mowers, you don’t have to adjust each wheel individually, but rather at a single touch.

The run time is also greater than some of the other mowers too. It seems to be the best electric lawnmower in town.

Electric vs. Gas Lawn Mower Reviews

As I’ve been pointing out from the start, electric mowers save up on gas consumption. This means two things:-

1) You save on cost
The current cost of gas in the US is about $3.49 per gallon. Lawn mowing burns about 5 gallons of gas on average for residents owning one-third acre of lawn. An estimate by Yale University shows that the US consumes more than 6 million gallons for mowing and trimming activities of their lawns. That’s undoubtedly a lot of savings considering the cost of maintenance as well.

2) You save the environment
Running a 4 hp gas mower for about an hour produces as many pollutants as an average car between 100 and 200 miles an hour. Therefore, for many US households, this means an environment is saving and also a much lesser carbon footprint.

Other pros include lesser noise pollution and a smaller, lighter mower to run. So if you wake up on an early morning and want to trim your lawn, you don’t need to care what the neighbors will say. Nor will you or your kids inhale the nasty fumes.

Therefore, these types of mowers are surely easy on the conscience. The biggest con is the hassle of recharging for bigger lawns and the higher power requirement for tougher and longer types of grasses.

So I’ve shown you the benefit of using electric mowers in certain types of situations, and how they use one mower might vary highly from one house to another. If you have a small lawn, your savings from gas will be too little to make it worthwhile to buy the expensive electric mower.

However, if your lawn is large, the issue with continuous recharging will test and challenge you, unless you buy an additional battery and swap it when one dies out. But since the charging time is about 12 hours, again, it will require some forethought on your part.

Unfortunately, it’s not a case of just getting up and deciding to mow the lawn today. It needs to be planned, so you need to know if you are up for this kind of challenge.

plenty of power for the standard lawn

However, the optimal lawn size targeted for electric mowers is about one-third acre. A single battery charge quickly covers this.

Also, if your lawn is on a hilly, bumpy area, the corded mower will be a severe drawback. If you let your grass grow wild, and if you leave it off for days, that is again a problem, because, after all, gas mowers are more powerful.

Too often, people complain that their electric mower broke down too soon and didn’t last as long as expected. It all boils down to how wisely you decide for your lawn. Electric mowers also come with lesser parts, which means great ease of assembly.

Many people are really starting to get used to the idea and see the self-propelled cordless lawn mowers as the future of the industry.

Whenever batteries are developed that can last longer and longer; the gas mowers will inevitably be phased out of the scenario. However, there will always be a need for them with golf courses, parkland, hotel lawns, etc.

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