Best Sockets For The Money

Working on your vehicle is fun, and having the right tools, like a box full of chrome sockets, makes it even more interesting.

A good regular socket set always delivers confidence when working on your vehicle. Many factors come into play while choosing high-quality tools, such as a socket set.

Although the better come as SAE and Metric; however, there is much more to finding professional-grade sockets for weekend mechanics or automotive engineers by trade for a reasonable price.

socket set

In our reviews, we have a handful on offer from who makes the best sockets. By the end, you’ll be able to find the best heavy-duty socket set to meet all your needs rather than just grabbing the best socket brand and hoping for the best. (Learn About Standard Socket Sizes)

The best socket sets are not always the most expensive, and the best price socket sets can come from some of the larger names in the industry.

Why You Need a Good Socket Set? 

When you pick a ratchet set, it has to be a good one as the tools deal with more torque than a regular wrench face.

The high torque means your sockets will need more grip on the flat sides of each face. If using an impact gun for removing lug nuts, there is no way you could do this with normal wrenches.

Here’s some other reason you need the best deal on socket sets.

Durable And Long Lasting: Premium and high-quality socket sets are not without their own share of benefits. These are pieces of equipment subjected to varying levels of continuous force, more specifically torque, continuously.

Because impact sockets are subjected to much higher levels of pressure than standard sockets, the time that they are sturdy and resistant in their construction is quite beneficial.

Access Hard-To-Reach Areas: Socket sets are well-thought-of, and once you have even the best cheap sockets, you’ll find extenders to help reach hard to reach areas.

All-In-One Set of Sockets: Socket sets can suit a professional mechanic as they come with a wide range of sockets. In addition, you can find some kits that go way beyond and offer screwdriver bits besides impact wrenches. The best quality socket sets come in carrying cases, so you have access to all your sockets at the same time. (Read Star Socket Sizes)

Top Socket Sets Reviews 

DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece (DWMT75049)

1. DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece (DWMT75049) 

The DeWalt DWMT75049 192-Piece Mechanics Socket/Tool Set is an amazing choice if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, and it is the one we highly recommend. The set contains a total of 192 pieces.

The ratchet has 72 teeth, and the arc of the ratchet is 5 degrees, which allows you to use it in confined spaces. Then there is the laser engraved markings, which will remain visible and functional for an awfully long time. Once this has been accomplished, the pieces’ surfaces are meticulously engineered to provide plenty of grip in all conditions.

When it comes to power tools, Dewalt is a well-known brand name. They are well-known throughout the world for producing long-lasting products with a greater variety of tool bits. Beyond many bits, you receive everything a socket set has to offer in the package, which is a lot.

You have three ratchets and socket heads that are capable of accommodating any fastener. This set includes 6-point standard sockets, 6-point deep sockets, and a slew of accessories, including drive extenders, spark-plug sockets, universal joint, and Allen wrenches, among other things. Ratchets are available in three assorted sizes: 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch.


  • Huge Set of Sockets
  • Tools Feature DirectTorque Technology
  • Great storage case
  • Ratchets are easy to use.


  • Some reports of duplicates received.
  • Heavy kit

With a guide price of just under $150, it may appear expensive, yet you get the best 6-point socket set there is. The only negative is it is likely made by one of DeWalt’s sister companies.

Some users have complained as they don’t get what they think is true DeWalt. However, it is still exceptionally durable and will last for years. Besides, you still have the backup of the best socket wrench brand there is.

69 Pieces - EPAuto 1 4 & 3 8 Drive Socket Set with Pear Head Ratchet

2. 69 Pieces – EPAuto 1/4” & 3/8” Drive Socket Set with Pear Head Ratchet  

The set includes 3/8 and 14 sockets, extensions, and ratchets, for a total of 69 pieces. The units are made of a corrosion-resistant hardened treated Chrome Vanadium steel alloy with an outstanding chrome plating and mirror polishing finish.

Also excellent is the plastic case. Remember that this is one of the most inexpensive sets on the market today, so don’t anticipate too much. Nonetheless, you receive a lot of value for your money, and you’ll be happy to utilize the set daily.

Overall, the set is appropriate for most users who will use it for infrequent projects and those of you who are seeking the best value for money and a cost-effective unit. We also know that when the set arrives, most users are pleasantly delighted and eager to put it to use for the first time.

There are, of course, certain disadvantages. Duplicates are the first. They’re there, albeit in significantly greater numbers than previous sets. The sockets are then coated in chrome, making pairing with the ratchet difficult. It’s possible that sanding the layers will be required to resolve the time.


  • Highly Affordable set
  • All the major sizes of sockets included.
  • CrV steel construction
  • Polished durable finish


  • Difficult fit because of thick finish
  • Replacements hard to find.

With a guide price of a little over $45, it won’t be the best complete socket set, yet to keep for the times a regular wrench won’t work, you have one of the best sockets sets that will meet your needs, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the value for money.

TEKTON 3 8-Inch Drive Socket Set, Inch Metric, 6-Point, 5 16-Inch - 3 4-Inch, 8 mm - 19 mm, 45-Piece

3. TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set, Inch/Metric, 6-Point, 5/16-Inch – 3/4-Inch, 8 mm – 19 mm, 45-Piece    

This set focuses on drive sockets and includes 45 pieces ranging in size from 5/16 inches to 3/4 inches and 8-19 mm. It also comes with a 6-inch extension and a universal joint for ease of use. All the sockets feature a gripping 6-point sockets design that aids in no round-off and is thus very efficient when used with a power drive.

A 72-tooth ratchet is incorporated, allowing for smaller rotations with only 5 degrees of the unit. The storage case is also quite durable and holds the tools securely in place. All the components are made of chrome vanadium steel that has been coated with a mirror chrome plating so you can see how shiny they are at all times!

5/6 up to 34 inches deep and shallow sockets, 5-degree ratchet, and 8-19 mm standard and deep sockets, as well as shallow sockets, are all included in the Tekton 13101 45-Piece 3/8-Inch 6-Point Socket Set. The ratchet contains 72 teeth, and the package also includes a 6-inch extender.

The markings on the sockets are the first. They are too small to be seen by senior users, and they are not particularly durable. However, for the most part, this isn’t a problem, and the set is, for lack of a better phrase, decent.


  • All size sockets available
  • Great case
  • Chrome finish
  • CrV steel used in construction.


  • Laser etching is hard to read and wears quickly.
  • Ratchet can slip out of position.

With a guide price of just under $135, you get a high-performing kit made from chrome-molybdenum steel; however, simple things such as the laser-etched markings let the kit down.

Add to this, you get far more quality than quantity, and it isn’t a complete set as you could find from other manufacturers.

GEARWRENCH 57 Pc. 3 8 Drive 6 Pt. Mechanics Tool Set, Standard & Deep, SAE Metric

4. GEARWRENCH 57 Pc. 3/8″ Drive 6 Pt. Mechanics Tool Set, Standard & Deep, SAE/Metric  

This brand is well-known in the tool industry, and they have a long history of producing high-quality items. To begin with, the set contains only 57 pieces, which isn’t much, but it contains all the necessary and popular elements. With 82 teeth, the ratchet has a small minimum turning arc.

To remove the most vexing bolts, you’ll need at least 4.3 inches of radius. Gear Wrench is arguably best known in the industry for having the shortest radius.

All the pieces have laser-engraved size markings marks on both the SAE sockets and the metric sockets.

You have 14-1-inch standard bits, 14-7/8 deep pieces, and 6-19 mm deep sockets are included in the package. The Surface Drive system is another option. It makes it possible to remove a socket without causing damage to the bolt.

Because of the pleasant handle and modern functionality, the brand is also well-known among professionals. In addition, Gear Wrench is an industry leader known for producing high-quality tools at affordable pricing.

Aside from that, the set comes in a plastic case, which is the biggest flaw. The case is flimsy and can’t withstand too many bangs in transportation.


  • Thin Head to snap on fasteners in hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Comfortable handle
  • Surface Drive technology
  • Small turning radius


  • Poor case construction
  • No quick release buttons.

With a guide price under $120, you get a decent kit with some of the toughest sockets you get, yet the storage case lets it down. However, you have a limited lifetime warranty on the sockets, which is more important when using impact tools to remove lug nuts.

STANLEY Drive Socket Set, Black Chrome, Laser Etched, 99-Piece (92-839)

5. STANLEY Drive Socket Set, Black Chrome, Laser Etched, 99-Piece (92-839)   

The Stanley 92-839 99-Piece Black Chrome-molybdenum Socket Wrench Set is one of the most cost-effective options you can find. First, you get 99 pieces, the ratchet has a 7-degree arc, and all the sockets are 6-point.

Then there’s a one-of-a-kind mechanism that boosts torque by 15%, and as a result, the sockets can remove the most difficult bolts.

All the common SAE sizes and metric sockets are included in the set. The laser etching marks are decent, although not the best.

You have a black finish, but this could wear. The case is in decent shape yet doesn’t stand out either way. You get a few standard wrenches, yet they lose some of the definition on the gripping face with the surface coating.


  • 15% more torque
  • Value for money with both SAE and metric included.
  • Small and large socket wrenches
  • 99 pieces in the entire set


  • The case isn’t very durable.
  • Markings can easily wear.

With a guide price between $110 and $120, you get a decent-sized kit that stands out from the color. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is made from one of the biggest tool makers. It is easy to find the right socket, yet you could lose the print on the socket after a few years.

deep sockets

Best Socket Sets Buying Guide 

When you want the best socket set for your needs or for that one-off purchase, you have a few things to consider. Here you can see what to look for when purchasing these tools. (Read Allen Key Sizes Chart)

Socket number

The number of sockets included in the entire set can make a huge difference, although larger isn’t always better if you never use them. Socket sets often come with numbers from 49 and 197. The number of tools can mean you need to purchase less at other times.

6- or 12-point sockets

Each of these has pros and cons. 6-point units are more durable because of the thicker walls and can withstand more advanced use. 12-point is suited to tight spaces, and a 12-point version can be used for square nuts.


All sets have to be made from steel and withstand stress and impact as if used on an impact gun. Most times, you have CrV steel. It does depend on the sockets if they are regular sockets or impact socket where regular sockets are made from a harder material.

It is possible to use an impact socket on a standard ratchet, as there are some compatible. However, you cannot use standard sockets on an impact wrench as they would crack.

Shallow and deep sockets

Many sets include shallow and deep sockets, and it is advisable to make sure you have both. If a bolt is longer than usual, you need a deep socket for a spark plug.

Drive Ratchet

The size or opening on the top of a socket is connected to a ratchet. Some differences exist. 3/8-inch units are the most prevalent and available. They are readily accessible and are ½ and ¼ inch versions available.

Quick-release button

Although a small feature, the quick-release button can unlock the socket and quickly remove it from the ratchet.


The SAE or metric sizes on the sockets are engraved using lasers.

Final Verdict 

In testing, the DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece (DWMT75049), stood out as the clear winner, as you’d expect from such a large brand. (Read Light Bulb Base Size Chart)

The socket set was the largest by far and offered enough tools inside to make it worth the money. You get Torx bits and more, so the socket set can cover many options.

The case is exceptionally durable, and you have a socket set that will last for years. With downsides being heavy, you can see what as you get more for your money than from any other socket set here.

Best Sockets For The Money

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