Best Time to Spray Dandelions

Dandelions are little bright yellow flowers that kids love. However, once they get in your lawn, you find they are one of the worst weeds you can deal with.

The broadleaf weeds can ruin all your hard work and make your lawn all patch as they overpower your grass.

Many of the issues come from the fact; you can’t control this difficult problem until you see the flower bloom in your lawns. (Find the Top Lawn Mower Brands)

Luckily, there are ways how to control and kill dandelions in lawns after they flower. In this guide, you can learn a few tips on how to deal with a dandelion, how to get rid of the intrusive little yellow flowers and kill them right down to the taproot for a healthy garden.

Dandelion on the ground

Should I Spray Dandelions Between or After I Mow?

Lawns may become sick or even die if you apply herbicides when they are newly mowed.

A general rule is to wait for one week after mowing before applying weed killers or herbicides to the dandelion in your lawn.

Following this, you need to wait another week before you consider mowing your lawn again.

With this, you need to mow after you apply the herbicide as mowing reduces the weed surface area, and it is this that absorbs the weed killer. After spraying dandelions, only mow after two days minimum, and the best is around five days before your herbicide application.

When Should Dandelions Be Sprayed?

Dandelions bloom in spring and fall. Immediately after blooming in both seasons of the year, it can be ideal times to kill dandelions as at these times; the plants are at their weakest right after flowering.

Fall is often considered the best time to kill dandelions, yet spring blooms are the heaviest, and it can be a good time to kill dandelions through hand-pulling or with pre-emergent herbicides to kill the seeds.

Post-emergent herbicides are applied after germination when you see the dandelions on your lawn. You find these are most effective to use against the weed, yet remember they don’t do anything to stop seeds germinating.

Other herbicides to kill dandelion plants contain carfentrazone, sulfentrazone, or triclopyr.

The best time for spraying dandelions is September, as they move carbohydrates from there for the long winter, ready to grow back in the next year.

Zoom in view of a dandelion

If applying herbicides in spring, do so in May or any time spring temperatures are over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure there is no wind, and it is dry with no rain forecast for a few days.

Apply spot treatment with dandelions herbicide, right on the weeds. Hold the sprayer still and as close as you can to the plants, so you soak as much of the plant’s leaves, and avoid drift.

What is the Most Effective Way to Kill Dandelions?

You can select boiling water, salt, vinegar, or cornmeal as a free natural weedkiller for dandelion plants in your yard. Some recommend the best way to deal with dandelion plants issues is to remove them as follows.

Using a full watering can moisten the area around each dandelion. Do this to loosen the soil, and once wet, start digging deeply around the dandelion plant using a weed removal tool.

Once the weed is loose, take care to gently remove and pull the plant by hand to remove the taproot from the garden soil as much as you can.

Apply herbicide to the bottom of the hole to kill any of the remaining taproots. Any part of the root left, and the weed can grow back. Because of this, you need to kill the root, with herbicide in the bottom of the new hole you have dug. (Read White Spots On Tomato Leaves – What To Do)

What Do I Spray On Dandelions

The quickest and method that takes the least labor in your garden to get rid of dandelion plants is spray with a broadleaf herbicide as this kills the entire plant, not just the leaves. It also doesn’t mean you need to dig up the weed and harm your garden or surrounding grass.

If you have a full lawn of weeds, then you need to go about it slightly differently. During the fall, seed your lawn and aerate as is required.

Make sure to mow your turf one last time and shorter than usual. Give suitable fertilization treatment before winter. (Find The Best Cordless Lawn Mower)

Once the spring growing season arrives, begin with fresh pre-emergent herbicides and handpick lingering weeds from the soil.

Carry on mowing your lawn as usual regularly during the spring and summer; however, be careful not to cut more than a third of grass blades at any time so your grass remains healthy and thick and can stop the dandelion seed from reaching the soil.

Once you manage to keep healthy grass, you have a better chance to keep dandelion plants under control, and thus, you cut down on the long work you need to do through the growing season.

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Best Time To Spray Dandelions

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