Black & Decker MM2000 Review

Looking for something to mow your lawn with the minimum amount of effort? Look no further than the Black & Decker MM2000 13-Amp Corded Mower, an electrically powered lawnmower with the strength to cut up to a 1/3 of an acre of grass.

At the same time, the mower is environmentally friendly and relieves you of the hassle of fueling up, especially with the expensive gas price.

What sets this lawnmower apart is a feature called Self-Propelled System with variable speed, which basically adjusts to the pace of your movement for a better experience in lawn mowing.

BLACK+DECKER MM2000 13 Amp Corded Mower, 20-Inch Check Latest Price

This is one of the best battery powered lawn mowers for sale at the moment, and here is why:

The Black and Decker MM2000 in Detail:


  • First, it’s all battery powered, meaning no cords are attached. The only thing you need to do is charge, which is also quite fast.
  • This means that electrical problems will be a thing of the past, as there is no fear of tripping an electrical switch, or frying any other electrical things on the power line.
  • Being battery powered also means no emissions, no oil engines, and no constant refilling.
  • The design is another factor, and it’s mostly lightweight plastic with a nice, ergonomic design. The engineers really worked on this lawn mower, and they managed to get noise levels down, so you will never bother anyone while cutting your grass.
  • High quality customer support, and warranty covers most situations.


  • The battery doesn’t last as long as you would expect. Be ready to replace it every 4-5 years, but remember that they are not cheap.
  • Replacing the battery will set you back about $100 plus labor. Also, the lawnmower’s charging procedure isn’t what you would call straight forward.
  • Also, this model lacks some pure power; sometimes, it can’t cope with the most difficult situations, like grass that missed a couple of cutting sessions.
  • The Self Propulsion System is basically a gimmick; it’s not bad, but not perfect. It is slow to react, and has a small range of adjustable speed.
  • Some reliability issues are found on several items, together with rare electrical failures.
  • But this should not deter you or put you off, as you get a 2 year warranty and high quality customer support.


From a wide range of products out on the market, this product will be perfect for those searching for an easy and fast experience.

It’s a compact and practical lawnmower that will cope with most situations you put it through. The reliability rating is also high; even if you encounter a problem, technical support will assist you.

Durability reports say that there are no hiccups or “strange noises” during the item’s life expectancy.

Since this is a battery powered device, if you opt to buy it, you will forever say goodbye to noise, long tangled cords, fumes coming out of a petrol powered lawn mower, and pollution.

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