Cactus Painting Ideas

Succulents, also known as cactus, are popular for home design items. Cactus is a bright and easy-to-grow plant that may be used in your house or office. However, artists have found methods to include cactus plants because of their brilliant colors and intriguing shapes.

Painting a cactus is a unique and enjoyable way to decorate your house or paint on rocks or other mediums rather than canvas. While you may think painting a canvas can get boring, there are countless easy cactus painting ideas you can find for inspiration.

In our guide, even if you are new to painting, you can find out more about easy cactus paintings to help you improve. By the end, you’ll be well-armed with more information on how to use the best paint, which is acrylic; easy cactus painting can change where and how you paint. (Learn What Kind Of Paint To Use On Rocks)

cactus painting

Easy Cactus Painting

Here you can find a quick, complete guide on painting art that is a thing of beauty from something that appears simple for any artist.

What You Need

  • Paint palette
  • Paintbrushes.
  • Acrylic paint. Pick shades of green and bright colors for your background and flowers.
  • Black fine tip paint pen
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and eraser.
  • White cardstock.


  1. To begin, you’ll need to cut your paper to size. 6 x 6 inches is a decent starting point. It’s ideal to use white cardstock, but if you’re confident, you can go straight to the canvas.
  2. Choose a vibrant backdrop color for your cactus that contrasts nicely with the green of the cactus and the flowers. Allow your background color to dry before applying it to your paper.
  3. After your background paint has dried, lightly draw on your cactus with a pencil. Kids can draw various cactus forms; they can use the shapes we made as a guide or look at some cactus pictures to come up with their own.
  4. Remind children to use a delicate touch with their pencil so they can erase if necessary.
  5. It’s time to start painting your cactus! You can start with simply one shade of green or add texture by combining a few distinct tones.
  6. Make your cactus completely green. Then, apply a lighter shade of green to some areas while the paint is still wet to give some highlights. If you blend with the light green, it will simply vanish.
  7. Allow your cacti to dry before continuing.
  8. Choose a color scheme for your flowers. You can use a single shade of your flower color or two tones. For example, shades of pink are ideal and natural.
  9. Paint 2 or 3 flowers onto your cactus using a little round brush in an upward manner.
  10. Draw your prickles with a fine point black paint pen. If you don’t have a paint pen, you can paint them on with a very fine detail brush to complete your art project.

kid painting

Cactus Painting For Kids

This cactus painting is fun for kids and more manageable than the above-detailed art. Painting supplies for this project are easy to find and can leave them with amazing paintings.

What You Need

  • White/ colored cardstock (construction paper can be used)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Pencil & eraser
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint palette
  • Kids Scissors


  1. Make sure your white cardstock isn’t too big or too small for kids to handle when cutting it. For example, a 6-inch square of art is an ideal size to learn.
  2. For your background, use a bold color of paint. The green of the cactus and the flowers should contrast with your background.
  3. Allow for drying time after painting your background.
  4. This art process is easier for kids by using a wider flat brush.
  5. With a pencil, lightly draw your cactus onto the background.
  6. Prepare 2-3 tones of green, slightly mix them, then paint your cactus.
  7. To make this step easier for kids, outline the cactus with your paintbrush before filling it in.
  8. Use a lighter shade of green to add highlights to your cactus while wet.
  9. You can paint your flowers once your cactus is dry. For one cactus, use two hues of pink, while for the other, you can use two shades of purple.
  10. For this phase, use a smaller round brush and paint upwardly.
  11. To glue your painting, use bright color paper. Cut your colored paper one inch larger than your painting for a border. For example, a 6×6 painting perfectly fits a 7 x 7-inch frame.
  12. Kids can customize the border, or they can leave it plain.

cactus on black canvas

Paint Cactus on Black Canvas

This beginner painter’s instruction will show you how to paint adorable cacti in pots on a black canvas. There are three free traceable for this painting so that you do not have to draw the cacti. (Learn How Much Does 5 Gallons Of Paint Weigh)

What You Need

  • 11″ x 14″ canvas painted black
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Tracing of Cacti
  • Transfer Paper
  • Brush Sizes: #12 Flat, #4 Round, 10/0 Liner
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Orange
  • Deep Yellow
  • Brilliant Yellow
  • Green
  • Light Blue
  • Magenta
  • Apple Barrel Black to paint canvas
  • White paint pen for quote writing


Paint Canvas Black

You can skip this step if you purchase a black canvas. Used Apple Barrel Matte Black Acrylic Paint to paint my canvas black. I painted one coat using a 3/4′′ flat brush, waited to dry, and then painted a second layer.

The final product should have a great matte appearance with very little gloss.

Draw or Trace Cacti On Canvas

You can draw the cactus freehand or use the printables to transfer them to the canvas. First, draw them out gently with a regular pencil and then cover them with a white color pencil.

If you’re going to use the traceable, print them on separate sheets of paper. To transfer, use white graphite paper. (Read Paint Thinner Vs Mineral Spirits)

Place the cactus pot at the bottom of the canvas, leaving enough space for a quote. It may be beneficial to cut the cactus out a little so that you can experiment with the spacing.

Trace the lines using an ordinary pencil (with the graphite paper between the canvas and traceable). The image will be visible when it is transferred to the black canvas.

Paint the Pots

Some acrylic paint colors are “translucent,” while others are “opaque,” “semi-opaque,” or “translucent.”

As a result, it won’t stand out against the black. You can “white out” the region of the pot first to combat the translucent hues.

Paint Your Cactus

Fill your palette with vivid yellow, green, and blue. Green is semi-opaque, while dazzling yellow-green is opaque.

Begin with the left-hand cactus. Fill your #12 flat brush with bright yellow, green paint. Start at the top and drag your stroke down to form the shape of these cacti.

As the stroke progresses, it should become somewhat dry. The cactus does not have to be completely transparent. Allow some of the black to peek through. This adds texture to the cactus and gives it a blackboard appearance.

Fill your brush with green paint (without rinsing). Allow the paint to dry before going over the strokes again, dragging from the top down.

Two greens mix well, but not completely. Nevertheless, you should end up with a beautiful unmixed combination of light and darker greens.

Repeat with the cactus’s front half.

Paint the lines on the cactus using the #4 round brush and the color hookers green. This darker green should be seen enough. Begin at the top of the cactus and work your way down.

Rep the procedures to paint the right side of your prickly pear cactus.

Double-load your #12 brush with green and a smidgeon of white for this cactus.

Note that each cactus painting has a unique green color scheme. Paint in curved strokes starting from the top and pulling each stroke down. The white and green merge irregularly to create a pale green color.

Paint Spikes

Paint the spikes on each cactus with a #4 round brush or a #10/0 liner (for more control): the prickly pear cactus and the barrel cactus.

Paint Cacti Blossoms.

Use a magenta and white double-loaded #4 round brush. Draw small, curved strokes that start at the base of the flower and point up to paint the flowers.

Use magenta for the prickly pear cactus and deep yellow and white for the cactus blossom.

Paint Dots

If you don’t like the dots on the cacti, you can skip this step. Instead, begin with the left-hand barrel cactus. Begin at the top and make the small dots on the painted lines. (Read Moisture Resistant Paint For Bathrooms)

Make the dots on the outline as well. Then, do the same procedure with the prickly pear cactus, but with the dots curving to form the shape of the cactus.

Paint Your Quote

Draw a pencil sketch of the quote first, then erase and change the letters as needed. Because this is an informal painting, no elaborate lettering is required.

Then, use a white paint pen, paint the letters, or sign your art project.

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