Can I Put A Note In My Neighbors Mailbox

Most people prefer to communicate with neighbors via notes than in in-person conversations. However, you could be facing a pointless task. Where do you leave such a note? It could be blown away or get wet on your neighbors’ doorsteps. Even without this, the chances of your neighbor spotting it can be slim.

This leads to many questions: Can I slip the note through the mail slot into the mailbox? Doing this, you can be facing the same conundrum as what to do with misdirected mail. You can find it is illegal to open someone else’s mail, yet, is it illegal to put something in a mailbox, or could you slip your note into the mail receptacle?

In our guide, you can learn more about putting notes in mailboxes and why you shouldn’t. By the end, you’ll know that if you ever receive misdirected mail, then even this shouldn’t be posted into a mail receptacle by anyone other than the postal delivery service and the mail carrier in your area. (Read Neighbors Park In Front Of My House)

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Is It Okay To Put Something In Someone’s Mailbox?

No, you can’t put a note in a neighbor’s mailbox as it is prohibited and doing so could get you into trouble.

Giving the neighbor the note in person is preferable to place it in their mailbox.

The only person with authority to place something bearing postage in U.S. postal service mailboxes is a postal employee. Therefore, you must adhere to the proper postage procedure if you want to put messages in your neighbors’ mailboxes.

Postal workers are also permitted to empty mailboxes of foreign mail. As a result, if yours didn’t follow the proper postage procedure, it would be taken out of your neighbor’s mailbox.

USPS policy states that mailboxes may only be used to receive deliveries from the post office.

Do not attempt to use someone else’s mailbox if you do not have the owner’s permission to open it. Only postal service employees are permitted to put or remove mail from mailboxes.

In addition, if your neighbor wishes to take it further if the post box is on private property, you could face trespassing charges besides breaking federal law for posting things into a postbox without it passing through the system and the local postmaster.

Is It Illegal To Open Neighbor’s Mailbox?

The federal government owns the post mailbox, even if your neighbor purchased the mailbox. It is still the property of the federal government.

A serious crime leading to serious trouble is damaging, removing, or opening your neighbor’s mailbox.

It matters not if you didn’t intend to steal, damage, or open mail, so opening your neighbor’s mailbox isn’t advised.

Snatching mail from a mailbox that is not your own is illegal and a federal crime.

What happens when you have permission to open your neighbor’s mailbox? This action isn’t against the law, as you aren’t breaking the law if caring for your neighbor’s mailbox. (Read When To Call Animal Control On A Neighbor)

Can You Drop A Note In Someone’s Mailbox?

Can flyers be put directly into someone else’s mailbox instead of mailed?

No part of a mail receptacle, including things or mailable matter, placed upon, supported by, affixed to, hung from, or inserted into a mail receptacle, may be used to deliver any postal matter not bearing postage stamps.

Any mailable matter found in the condition mentioned above but does not have postage attached must be sent with the same postage amount.

The definition of “postage” is: Payment for a delivery service attached to or stamped on a piece of mail, typically in the form of a postage stamp, permit imprint, or meter impression.


  • The USPS does not regulate what can be put in a mail slot on your door. So, for example, a neighborhood business may put a flyer in the mail slot.
  • Contact your local Post Office if you have concerns or wish to report instances of fliers delivered to your mailbox without passing through the postal system and bearing postage.


Can I fasten flyers or posters to a United States Postal Service collection box?

United States Postal Service collection boxes belong to the Postal Service. Therefore, you can’t fasten anything to them, including flyers, signs of missing items or missing pets, or for other purposes.

 Can I Put A Stamped Letter In Someone’s Mailbox?

Occasionally, the mail is sent incorrectly because of delivery errors.

If your neighbor’s mail is delivered to your address, you must handle it carefully. First, don’t open, throw away, or otherwise damage it. You might get in trouble.

There are two legal ways to deliver misdelivered mail to your neighbor without breaking the law. The first option is to hand it to your neighbor and leave; the second is to place it in the mailbox.

But take this friendly expert advice and only place misdelivered mail in your neighbor’s mailbox if it is unlocked and they are not home.

Never force the mailbox door, as you could land yourself in trouble. Also, should there be any missing items, and you are seen messing with their postbox, you could have a lot to answer for.

It is not against the law to return misdelivered mail to the mailbox of the original owner.

It’s more reassuring if you get along well with the mailbox owner. Your good intentions could get you into trouble if you and the person already have a tense relationship. The person might take advantage of your kindness to harm you.

If you are new to the area, it could be an area that uses cluster mailboxes, so you will need to know where are the mailboxes in my neighborhood.

It could be safer to shove your neighbors’ mail into another posting box rather than trying to deliver it. (Read Trellis Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View)

Can You Put A Letter In Any Mailbox?

The U.S. Postal Service wishes to inform people that only authorized U.S. Postal Service delivery personnel may mails in a mailbox.

According to the law, a mailbox must only receive postage-paid U.S. mails, with a postage stamp.

Can You Put a Note In Your Neighbor’s Mailbox?

Because of the daily sending of millions of letters and packages, mailmen will inevitably make mix-ups.

The government has made it permissible to put misdelivered mail in the person’s mailbox, intended to offer a peaceful solution to this issue.

Therefore, you may put mail addressed to your neighbor in their mailbox when you receive mail intended for them.

You may only use your neighbor’s mailbox to deliver mail accidentally delivered to you instead of the intended recipient.

Therefore, leaving a note in your neighbor’s mailbox is not permitted. If you leave a note or even a flyer in your neighbor’s or anybody else’s mailbox, you could be held legally responsible and face a hefty fine.

Fortunately, we are in the digital age. So, you can communicate your point without leaving a note in your neighbor’s mailbox.

Give them a call, connect with them on social media, or write them a note to place on their door or in the space between their door frame.

What To Do With Mail Delivered to Wrong Address?

Do you frequently receive mail from your neighbor? Then you should contact the United States Postal Service (USPS). They will take note of your complaint and promptly address the problem of delivering to the wrong address.

The next step is to handle the mail you already have after dealing with USPS. Again, there are two approaches you can take.

Deliver It Yourself

By opening your neighbor’s mailbox, you can personally deliver the letter. No offense is being committed, and your neighbor might even be appreciative.

However, opening your neighbor’s mailbox appears suspicious, even if you’re only attempting to deliver their mail, so most people don’t want to do this.

It would be a more comfortable option for both you and your neighbor if you went to your neighbor, knocked on the door, and gave them their mail.

Alternatively, you might call or text them to ask them to pick up their mail at your house.

Return It to the Courier

If you don’t want to deliver the mail to your neighbor directly, simply mark it “Not at this address” on a sticky note and return it in a USPS Collection Box.

The courier will pick up the mail and deliver it to the proper destination.

If you continue to receive your neighbor’s mail but cannot contact USPS for any reason, you can also use this option. You might need to deliver multiple deliveries of the mail.

The courier will inform management that your neighbor’s mail is being delivered to the incorrect address, so it won’t be long until the error is fixed.

Practical Tips On Communicating With Neighbors?

Here are some alternative methods of communication in case you want to get in touch with your neighbor but don’t want to write them a note.

Pay a Visit

Paying a visit to your neighbors is the most straightforward approach to communicating with them. This allows you to bond and get to know each other better while also allowing you to fix any issues or clear up any misunderstandings.

call them

Call Them

Call them to talk directly. This is the best approach to contacting neighbors quickly.

Some people may not appreciate calls from neighbors since they don’t want to be bothered.

Schedule regular check-ins with your neighbors, so they don’t feel bothered by your calls. Ask if there’s another way to reach them and set up another communication strategy.

Email Neighbors

You can email or text them if you want to contact neighbors without calling.

You won’t annoy them since they’ll open their emails when it’s convenient for them, not at weird hours.


Everyone can make a mistake, and mailmen are no exception, even if they deliver the same postage daily. (Learn How Much Liquid Chlorine To Add To Pool)

A mailman putting mail in the wrong mailbox is quite a common occurrence.

So, if you get your neighbor’s mail, remember:

  • Never open or throw the mail away.
  • Message your neighbor you have their mail.
  • Don’t fiddle with the postage stamp; if you can’t reach the neighbor, put the mail in their mailbox.
  • Simply return the mail to the courier, who will return it to the correct address with no payment from yourself.
  • Contact USPS to fix the issue if you keep receiving letters or packages by mistake.

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