Can You Install A Metal Roof Over Shingles

If you are planning to upgrade your roof to increase its lifespan or to improve total home energy efficiency, the installation of a metal roof is a sound idea.

However, if your home is currently has a shingle roof, and their wear and tear are increasing, you may be wondering what your options are for replacement.

Will you have to tear off the existing old roof to install a new metal roof? Alternatively, can you install metal roof over shingles? You may have heard metal roofs cost much more; however, the cost for metal roof makes a worthy investment.

Here you will find everything you need to know about can you put a metal roof over shingles.

Install A Metal Roof Over Shingles

Metal Roofs How to Install

It is possible and quite a common way to install metal roofs on top of asphalt shingles on your roof. However, that doesn’t mean this installation method will be permitted where you live. Many regions will allow two layers of roofing materials on your home.

To understand if you’re allowed metal roof installations installed over an existing shingle roof, you’ll need to contact local building departments. One thing to make sure is the structure of your present roof determines if installing a metal roofing over shingles is possible.

If the structure is in good condition and your home can take the weight, it is possible to have metal one installed. However, if your home has any deterioration, installing metal roofing over shingles wouldn’t be advisable. (Read Best Woodworking Drill Press)

How Metal Roofs are Installed

If you meet the local building roofing requirements, and it okay for the installation of a metal roof. You do need to be aware of a few things first.

Which is better?

Metal roofing cost may be much higher upfront, yet over their life, the cost for metal roofing pays for itself through longer life and reduced amounts of maintenance, thus reducing the roof metal cost over the term.


If you install metal roofing over an existing roof material, there can be drawbacks. It isn’t as easy to do any damage detection, and in some instances, you may find the longevity isn’t as long as you expected.

Any mold, organic growth, weakened supports, or mildew will be hidden if not detected at the time of the metal roofing installation. Make sure all the sub-structure is in good order.

Overall Roof Weight

Before you proceed with the installation of metal roof, you will need to know how much weight your home can support. Adding a metal roof adds considerable weight even if they are lighter than some roofing materials.

Roof Warranty

Many roofing warranties are based on a new roof installation rather than an overlay. Metal roofing is no different, even if it is more durable. It could be an excellent option to have metal roofing over shingles, yet you don’t want to find your warranty is void.

Guide in Installing a Metal Roof

How to Install a Metal Roof?

Here are some basic guidelines for how to install metal roofing on top of your existing shingle one that is already installed.

1. Roofing Options

It is advisable to use metal shingles rather than the standing seam steel sheets. Metal shingles can make it easier to install a roof, and they are not as expensive.

2. Measure Your Roof

You will need to measure your roof to determine the number of metal roofing shingles you require.

You will end up with the square footage for your roof, and from here, you order roofing materials for that square footage and 10% waste.

3. Check and Repair Damage

You will need to check for any roofing damage on your shingle roof. You may need to hammer down nails and check all your wooden joists are secure and not rotting in any area.

4. Install Metal Roof Edging

Use the right nails (1 1/4 inch) to cover your roof edges with metal strips of flashing (edging)

Place the corner pieces where shingles will meet

Eave flashings should overhang any installed gutters by 1/2 inch

5. Install Metal Shingles

Lay your starter row of shingles around your edging and drip edge

Work upward from the first row in a diagonal pattern and make sure to stagger your shingles as you place them on the wooden batons

Metal shingles can be fastened using metal shingle clips

Continue until you cover the face of your roof and reach the top

6. Install Flashings

Depending on your roofing type, you may need to install additional flashing. Adding this will help divert water from areas where there is the chance of water entering.

Once you have done this and you take all the safety precautions, you should have a new roof that can last you considerably more years than an asphalt shingle roof could last.

The key is to make sure you are working from square at the edge, and your 2×2 batons are parallel. Using the shingles can be far more accessible than using the full steel sheets. In addition, if you need to carry out any inspection, it can be possible using shingles rather than needing to remove lengthy steel sheets. (Read Best Circular Saw Reviews)

You will find your steel roof can withstand wind speeds up to 120mph and remain intact.

Besides this, you will find a reduction in your heating and cooling as you create a ventilation gap between the old shingle roofing and your new metal roof overlay.

You will naturally stop any ice dams in the winter, and you will find the opposite effect as it cools your house in the warmer weather of the summer.

Metal roofing is more expensive than a shingle roof, although metal roofing can last a lifetime, once it is installed, you won’t need to worry, as it will be a long time before you need a new one.

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Can You Install A Metal Roof Over Shingles

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