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How To Remove Lead Based Paint

Most paints used to be made using lead. However, because of worldwide health issues, lead paint was reduced, which led to changes in the way paints were manufactured and sold. However, this did little for the millions of homes of a certain age, and still, paint contains lead requiring lead paint removal. In some instances, …

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Drill Versus Driver

Drill Versus Driver

Are you looking for a new power tool to put in your tool chest and are unsure which you should have out of a drill vs. driver? While the two are the same when you look at them side by side, there is plenty of difference between a standard drill and an impact drill. While …

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How to Replace Hose Bib

An outdoor hose bib can take a lot of wear and tear over the summer months if you are busy watering your lawn, vegetable garden, and any other flower areas you may have. Much of this wear comes from tugging your best garden hose, which weakens parts of the hose bib. In addition to this, …

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How to Organize a Shed

How to Organize a Shed

While the spaces differ, you can use a garage or shed for your woodworking or home improvement tasks. While a garage can give you more available floor space right off the bat, garage organization generally allows for the parking of vehicles. While you can come up with some great garage storage tips, they don’t offer …

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Enamel vs Acrylic Paint

Enamel vs Acrylic Paint

One of the quickest things you can do in home improvement is to slap a coat of paint on something. It can be your walls, doors, even kitchen cupboards, or it can be something new you have made in your woodworking shed. The issue comes to knowing which paint is best for which projects. There …

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