9 Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View

While lounging in the swimming pool or having a backyard party, we all want privacy from our neighbor’s sightlines. It’s unpleasant to know that someone is observing you.

Fortunately, protecting your privacy does not have to be expensive. There are some screening cheap ways to block neighbors’ view without appearing offensive.

Besides this, many screening measures can save you money, although one way how to block out neighbors’ view can work for one person and not another for backyard privacy.

Stone walls or fences, such as a corrugated metal fence, can be too much and too expensive sometimes. However, you can be innovative while maintaining your anonymity from your neighbor’s view using alternative outdoor screens.

In our guide, you can find the best ways to keep out nosy neighbors or even to stop their dogs peeing on your lawn.

By the end, you’ll be able to flick through the cheapest privacy ideas to block neighbor’s views, using materials from your local hardware store. (Read Neighbors Privacy Screen Ideas)

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Cheap Ways to Keep Out Of Neighbor’s View

There are many various privacy solutions accessible in general; however, some options may be more cost-effective, and you’ll have to think about your neighbors, your HOA, and the city’s building codes besides your budget.

Before adding any further privacy choices to block your neighbor’s view, as the property owner, investigate all the details of local building codes and more.

wood fence

1. Install a Fence or Wall

Installing a fence or privacy wall around your property is one apparent solution. However, before you build a fence, look into the various kinds to discover which one best matches your needs and is the most cost-effective.

A corrugated metal fence can be pretty inexpensive and can act as a sound barrier between you and your neighbor.

A wooden fence is also a fantastic alternative. Using weather-treated wooden boards, you can build this yourself to create a lovely private refuge from nosy neighbors.

Combining the two, such as a 3 or 4-foot lattice fence or picket fence, on top of a 2 to 3-foot stone wall is also possible. The wall disrupts sight lines, while the openness of the privacy fence prevents a claustrophobic feeling.

Similarly, you can easily add a masonry wall to 5 or 6 feet high and cut windows to prevent a completely enclosed feeling. You can fill these gaps with sturdy rods or decorative ironwork, which is a great idea.

Affordable and appropriate for any backyard, especially a side yard with little area. The quickest approach to create privacy for your newly placed small patios and playground is with a fence or wall option.

shrubs for walls

2. Use Quick-Growing Trees and Shrubs for Outdoor Screens

Plant evergreen trees and shrubs that proliferate, such as Italian Cypress, to create a living fence to block the sight of your patio area.

You may create a fence out of the trees and evergreen shrubs you’ve grown in your yard by growing these plants.

The tall trees and shrubs are the only things you’ll need to buy, making this a very cost-great alternative to stop sight of your neighbors living close by.

Various types of trees can provide privacy around your property. For example, bamboo trees grow fast and provide great privacy, but there are several types of bamboo trees, so do your research to avoid conflict with your neighbors.

Hiring a professional landscaper to plant big trees will yield the greatest results unless you are an expert tree planter. (Learn How To Kill A Neighbors Tree)

3. Grow Hedges and Planters

In your yard, grow a hedge plant. Hedge plants are an excellent method to create natural fence privacy while separating your yard from your neighbor’s.

Almost everywhere allows you to plant hedges in your yard. You might also include a container garden with potted plants.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, a professional landscaper or landscape architect can help you come up with more ideas.

It’s easy to build cascading landscapes you can admire from your kitchen window on your own if you’re handy. You can use readily available plants and supplies from hardware stores, as well as homemade materials to keep a cheap cost and more privacy.

Flowers are not only pleasing to the eye, but they may also provide privacy in the backyard. You can take advantage of large planters as standalone items or accompany your hedges to hide a nosy neighbor’s view.

They will provide some privacy when put in a row with your neighbor’s view. In addition, they provide near-complete privacy when combined with large, bushy flowers.

Flowers, unlike trees, only take a few months to grow bushy. All you have to do is keep them trimmed, so they don’t overshadow your neighbor’s yard. Allowing this may result in legal action from your neighbors.

4. Hang Curtains Around Your Yard or Patio

To conceal your neighbors’ view, hang outdoor curtains on your patio or garden. It’s a highly practical method because you may quickly put up or take down the curtains as needed. Outdoor curtains are also purchased with blackout curtains.

Curtains can be used in any outdoor space, such as a balcony, porch, or patio. Using these outdoor curtains can help to improve the overall feel of your outdoor space.

Outdoor curtains are often composed of weather-resistant materials to ensure that they last an extended period. If you don’t have curtains on your balcony, you can hang and spread them on other outdoor locations without breaking the bank.

These curtains are often simple to operate and install without the help of a professional. This outdoor privacy screen is also simple to maintain and inexpensive. For further stability, you can try constructing some wooden bars. This is an excellent concept because it provides perfect privacy, and the curtains can always be folded when you don’t need them.

This is probably the cheapest backyard privacy idea. Curtains are also available in various shapes and styles, making them ideal for enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space. This makes them one of the most excellent choices for an outdoor privacy screen.

5. Use Lattice Screens As Privacy Fence

Lattice panels can be used throughout your yard. They can be made out of either wood or plastic.

They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Although such lattice screens can be made of plastic, they are most commonly made of natural materials like wood. You should use natural materials to blend in with your garden and outdoor area.

Natural, material-made lattice screens can be homes to climbing plants on your trellis; cheap ways to block neighbors’ views don’t change through the year as these do.

When installing, make them secure with evenly spaced posts as many plants can get heavy. By the time spring and summer arrives, you’ll have a living wall that is more appealing than board fences. (Learn How To Prune A Magnolia Tree)

6. Use an Overhead Shade

Installing an overhead canopy on your patio is a cost-great and effective method to provide privacy to your outdoor space. Install an overhead shade to keep your neighbor from staring down into your patio if you and your neighbor reside in a multi-story home.

Having an overhead might also help to keep the sun off your face. Overhead shades are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

7. OutDoor Screen Panel

These panels are often referred to as dividers, and they are a movable option that you can use for backyard privacy or anywhere you go.

This rectangular-shaped panel can effectively divide the backyards of your neighbors and your own while providing privacy.

Nothing out of the ordinary. There are only a few modest textile panels fixed on metallic stands.

The good news is that you can rapidly set it up whenever you require complete privacy. Your next-door neighbor will have no idea what’s going on in your yard!

Because it’s portable, you can fold it up and store it in your garage when you’re not using it. So it won’t take up much space in the garage!

While we’re on the issue, I should point out that such screens are prone to fading and ripping.

8. Retractable Screen

The double folding side awning can be used for soft shade, umbrella, or divider in your outdoor living space.

They can block out light breezes, low sun, and blind spots while also adding privacy and elegance.

The privacy screen easily opens and retracts with the touch of a button; the retraction mechanism provides good flexibility for smooth and long-term operation; it may be folded back into the housing when not in use.

Extendable up to 6ft X 20ft, this fence will fit flawlessly on most tall fences. They are great for outdoor settings such as backyards, terraces, gardens, porches, or small balconies, or indoors for additional wall space in an office, clinic, studio, or dressing room.

Another inexpensive approach to obscure your neighbors’ view is to use a retractable screen in your outdoor area.

A balcony cover is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to provide privacy. This balcony cover is simple to install and gives a 99% visibility reduction for privacy.

However, blocking your balcony railing only provides 50% privacy when standing up. In addition, this approach does not provide sun protection.

To ensure complete privacy from your outdoor screens, you’ll need an additional retractable screen. Flexible in design, this screen will offer privacy to your balcony.

This screen is straightforward to install and requires minimal maintenance. It’s an affordable way to be used on a deck, porch, balcony, or backyard, among other outdoor living spaces.

The installation of this screen does not need the help of a professional. And it’s ready to use right away as you require it. It’s also simple to keep clean because it’s made of weather-resistant materials.


9. Long Grass and Bamboo

Besides using evergreen trees, you can go for something a little smaller while retaining full privacy. Ornamental grasses act as a mother form of the living fence are usually a superb choice.

It will not only provide you with privacy but will also enhance the appearance of your backyard. To create a privacy screen, you can use a variety of plants.

When compared to shrubs and evergreen trees, ornamental grasses and tall plants grow swiftly and achieve maturity in two seasons.

As a result, if you want more privacy in less time, it may be a brilliant solution for you. You can also space out garden structures that blend into the grass for another dimension.

There is little need for sturdy rods for support using such plants and bamboo, and many can withstand whatever the weather throws at it.

Bamboos are notorious for their invasiveness, so it’s a safe bet that your neighbor’s view of your backyard will be blocked in no time.

All you’ll need are some large planters that can survive bamboo’s fast and bushy growth. Then line them up, and voila! You have your natural fence, which is evergreen.

Some of the beautiful plants that will offer privacy to your environment include Zebra Grass, Pampas Grass, Feather Reed Grass, Pink Hair Grass, and Fountain Grass.

If you compare the other options with masonry walls, many are affordable, and you can find items to make them from garage sales to make something that offers complete privacy of your outdoor area.

You can even go much cheaper to block out your neighbors’ views without breaking the bank from something as simple as putting up a canvas wall to finding cheap wooden pallets and paint.

You can easily make a privacy wall to make your home stand out with any great idea to get your backyard privacy.

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