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Dark Gray House With White Trim Ideas

When it comes to the exterior design of something different than a brick house, certain colors come to mind to create the best overall appearance. Siding is common, so you must choose wisely, as it covers such a large area. To create a classy appearance, a grey house, and white trim looks like one of our favorite gray color scheme combos. However, how do you settle on a gray exterior with white trim combo for your exterior home finish?

In our guide, you can learn how to use a shade of grey and white for your exterior paint. By the end, you’ll better understand how you can have the best gray house exterior with white trim, or go for a negative look and have a gray house with black color of the door and window trim, etc. (Learn How Hot Does A Wood Stove Get)

Shade of grey and white for your

Why Choose Dark Gray and White for Your Home?

Going with dark grey tone and crisp white trim on your home’s exterior has some great benefits rather than using traditional white and black:

  • Pops visually: A high contrast looks bold and beautiful as the white window frames makes details pop against the charcoal backdrop.
  • Versatile: Dark gray exterior works on all home styles – traditional, modern, cottage, craftsman house, and pairs with many other materials.
  • In fashion: Dark grey siding is fashionable to deliver a sophisticated, stylish home exterior. White trim with a dark wood door keeps it classic.
  • Low maintenance – Quality gray paints and finishes hold up better than lighter hues over time.
  • Cohesive – Gray siding unified with white trim flows seamlessly together.

So if you want a dark grey exterior that stands out elegantly while still feeling cohesive, a dark grey and white scheme is a winner!

Which Gray Home Shades Look Best with White Trim?

One key to pulling off this combo is choosing the right shade of gray that flatters your home’s style. Here are some flattering options to consider, be it light or dark gray exterior paint or cladding:

Warm Gray

  • Greige – A warmer grey color with brown undertones works on traditional exterior house finishes.
  • Taupe – For a lighter stone or stucco look. Warmer than pewter grays.
  • Charcoal – This darker gray adds drama but skews slightly brown.

Cool Gray

  • Slate – A gray and blue hue complements blue shutters or doors.
  • Pewter – Silvery gray has a refined, sophisticated vibe, and you use a dark color for highlights.
  • Graphite – Nearly black, this crisp cool gray looks sleek and modern.

Generally, traditional-styled homes look best in warm grays, while contemporary homes shine with the gray. But you can’t go wrong pairing any gorgeous gray with bright white paint and trim.

What Gray House With White Trim Color Scheme Goes? 

Gray and white exude elegance on their own. But some additional accent colors can enhance the exterior too.

  • Black accents: Black windows, doors, roofing, and ironwork add drama.
  • Warm metallics: Brass, copper, bronze fixtures, and accents tie to grays with warm undertones.
  • Natural wood tones: Dark woods for doors and porches complement charcoal, taupe, and greige grays.
  • Pops of color: Use bright colors sparingly on front doors or shutters to make them pop.
  • Earth tones: Shades of tan, brick red, and brown for masonry echo warm grays.
  • Crisp white: White porches, columns, railings, and trim make details stand out.

This color scheme is bold enough that one bright accent color is usually all you need. Otherwise, keep it simple with black and natural wood tones for maximum impact. (Read Large Flies In House)

Dark Gray Exterior with White Trim Options

What siding options work well with a dark gray and white exterior combo? Here are some excellent choices:

  • Cedar or composite shakes in dark gray with white corners and framing.
  • Horizontal lap siding painted beautiful charcoal or dark pewter gray.
  • Brick in gray tones as the base with gray siding above and white accents.
  • Mixed materials like gray-stained wood siding with brick or stone in lighter gray shades below for contrast.
  • Panel siding using crisp white lines to divide sections of darker gray.
  • Board and batten siding with wider gray boards and thin white battens.

Many styles of siding can be painted or stained gray. Just be sure the finish has enough contrast from masonry elements. And use those white trim details to make everything pop!

Home Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Gray and White 

What are some gorgeous gray paint color ideas to pair with white trim? Here are a few modern shades to inspire your exterior:

  • Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams – A versatile, warm mid-tone gray.
  • Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore – Greige tone perfect for traditional homes.
  • Classic Gray by Behr – A gray with subtle brown undertones.
  • Palladian Blue by PPG Porter Paints – Has a unique blue-gray hue.
  • Gauntlet Gray by Kelly Moore – Intense charcoal tone.

Always sample colors on your exterior before fully committing. Choosing gray tones to coordinate with your home’s style is key.

11 Most Remarkable Dark Grey House With White Trim Ideas

Now let’s look at some stunning ideas for a house with dark gray and white color schemes on home exteriors:

Craftsman Style Gray House White Trim

1. Craftsman Style Gray House White Trim

This Craftsman makes use of white trim to accent the deep charcoal gray siding beautifully. White columns frame the porch, while white lattice skirts the foundation. For example, a craftsman-style gray house with white trim may feature a prominent front porch with wooden pillars and decorative brackets, complemented by white-trimmed windows and doors. 

2. Gray House With White Trim and Black Windows

The graphite gray exterior pops with clean white trim on this traditional home. Black windows add striking contrast too. A gray house with white trim and black windows creates a sleek and modern look. The contrast between the gray siding, white trim, and black windows adds depth and sophistication to the overall design. (Read Car Parked In Front Of My House)

Blue Shutters on Gray House With White Trim

3. Blue Shutters on Gray House With White Trim

Here a cool slate gray pairs nicely with Robin’s egg blue shutters and bright white trim for dimension. Adding blue shutters on a gray house with white trim creates a charming coastal feel. 

4. Perfectly Paired Gray and White Farmhouse

This home nails the quintessential farmhouse look with light gray siding, bright white trim and accents, and a wraparound porch with black railings and a suitable color of the roof. The gray and white color palette perfectly complements the rustic charm of the farmhouse, creating a timeless and elegant look.

Cottage Style Grey House White Trim

5. Cottage Style Grey House White Trim

On this charming cottage, light grey siding keeps things sweet while the white trim and door make details stand out. This cottage-style gray house with white trim features a charming and cozy aesthetic. 

6. Gray Siding White Trim Colonial House

The traditional white colonial columns and trim glow against the gray siding on this classic home exterior. The combination of the gray siding and white trim enhances the architectural details of the colonial style, creating a sophisticated and timeless look.

Gray House With White Trim And Columns

7. Gray House With White Trim And Columns

Crisp white columns, railings, trim, and accents pop beautifully on this brick and gray exterior, where the brick skirt contrasts against the smooth gray. The contrast between the gray siding and white trim highlights the intricate details of the columns, giving the house a majestic appearance.

8. Grey And White Modern Exterior

This contemporary home’s excellent pewter siding looks sleek, with the white trim highlighting modern lines and architecture. A stylish exterior with grey siding and white trim creates a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. 

Cozy Craftsman Dark Grey House White Trim

9. Cozy Craftsman Dark Grey House White Trim

Another Craftsman-style home using darker grey siding to make the white trim details shine. The white trim beautifully accentuates the intricate woodwork and details, adding to the overall inviting ambiance of the home.

10. Gray Stone House With White Columns

White columns, trim, and accents contrast the gray stone beautifully on this gorgeous stone and brick exterior. The contrast between the gray stone and white columns adds depth and sophistication to the exterior design, making it a standout in the neighborhood.

Gray Siding With White Trim And Brick

11. Gray Siding With White Trim And Brick

Charcoal light gray paint pairs nicely with the red brick skirt on this exterior, tied together by bright white trim. This combination of materials creates a visually appealing and balanced exterior that will catch the eye of passersby.

Should Door and Garage Colors Match the Gray?

When your exterior is primarily gray and white, should you paint doors and garage doors to match? Here are some options:

  • For a cohesive look, paint doors and garage doors the same gray as the siding.
  • Opt for black front doors and garage doors instead to add bold contrast.
  • Use a bright shade like red only on the front door to make it pop.
  • Stain garage and entry doors a dark wood tone instead of painted gray for warmth.
  • White doors blend with trim but won’t stand out. Use another color unless you want a fully tonal look.

Think about your home’s style and the overall vibe you want – dramatic contrast or more seamless cohesion. Match or go bold!

Best Trim Color for Gray Houses

While white trim always looks crisp and stunning with gray siding, here are a couple of other trim color options too:

  • Black trim: Provides high contrast and drama, especially in contemporary homes.
  • Natural wood stain: Use dark wood trim for a Craftsman-style look.
  • Cool grays: Try light blue grays to complement cooler siding hues.
  • Warm grays: Go slightly lighter than siding for trim in tan or greige tones.

White trim is the most classic choice. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box if it fits your style! Black window frames can look amazing with gray and white. (Read Flea Bomb One Room)

Light Gray vs. Dark Gray with White Trim House paint idea

Light Gray vs. Dark Gray with White Trim

When pairing with white trim, should you use a light gray or dark charcoal shade on your exterior? Considerations include:

  • Darker grays make details stand out boldly against the rich backdrop. Contemporary homes suit this dramatic contrast.
  • A light gray house with white trim keeps the overall look softer and more subtle for traditional house styling. It uses white trim to full effect.
  • Lighter grays show dirt faster and require cleaning more often. But they hide imperfections well.
  • Darker charcoal hues hold up better over time, with less maintenance needed. It makes the house looks more forgiving with medium gray siding or gray walls.

Choose your shade based on home style, desired maintenance, and how light or bold you want the combo to feel. Both light and dark grays are stunning, with white trim details.

Conclusion: Can Brick House and Grey Siding Match? 

A dark gray exterior with crisp white trim makes for an eye-catching yet classic color combination. Choosing the right gray tone to complement your home’s style and strategically using white to highlight architectural details is key—accent with black, natural wood tones, or a single bold color for extra dimension.

With so many ways to implement this elegant scheme, your dark gray home with white trim is sure to stand out beautifully for years to come.

FAQs: Dark Grey Siding Color Combination

What color front door looks best with a gray house?

A bright red door pops nicely against dark gray siding. Black or charcoal gray doors also complement gray houses well.

Should I paint the garage door the same color as the gray siding?

Matching the garage door color to the gray exterior creates a cohesive look. But a wood-stained door can also add a nice contrast.

What about white brick on a gray house with white trim?

White brick paired with gray siding and bright white trim results in a clean, classic exterior color scheme. The white brick also pops.

Can I do dark gray siding and light gray trim?

Yes, going slightly lighter on the trim gray can provide a nice contrast from the siding without being as stark as white.

Is gray and white outdated?

Far from it! Gray and white is a timeless, elegant combination combining traditional and modern farmhouse home styles.

What gray color should I avoid?

Stay away from grays with green, purple, or pink undertones, as they can quickly look dated or trendy. Classic gray and greige tones have more longevity.

Dark Gray House With White Trim