Dead Squirrel In Yard – What To Do?

Finding a dead squirrel in your yard in the morning isn’t something most people look forward to, whether they adore squirrels or view them as backyard pests. You might wonder what to do with a dead squirrel in your yard if you’re experiencing the same problem. Should you try to dispose of it yourself, call animal services, or throw it away?

The most crucial thing to remember if you come across a dead squirrel is to avoid touching it with bare hands. Remember, wear protective gloves before putting a recently found squirrel in a secure plastic bag, and to stop the spread of sickness, wash down the areas you discovered the dead squirrel. It might be unpleasant to discover a dead animal on your property, yet it happens frequently.

In our guide, you can learn more about what to do when finding dead squirrels in your yard. By the end, you’ll see how to dispose of a dead squirrel and what could have caused the dead squirrel in your back yard. (Learn How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Flower Pots)

squirrel in my yard

Why Would A Squirrel Die In My Yard?

Squirrels are fascinating animals in the same order as mice and rats.

Therefore, they are rodents, and their life duration varies according to the species.

According to a study comparing aging among several rodent species, squirrels might live up to 24 years longer than the typical cat or dog. But, being prey animals, they rarely live that long in the wild.

If you locate one that has reached adulthood, it rarely passes away from “old age” or other natural reasons.

Those who can survive past 12 months easily live to six years old. The more fortunate that successfully avoid predators can live up to 12 years.

Why Would A Squirrel Die Suddenly?

How does a squirrel wind up dead on your property if they can live that long?

There are various causes for a squirrel to pass away suddenly. One possibility is that it was a meal dropped from a bird of prey.

Another potential offender is rat poison. Neighbors put rat poison down, and squirrels took a fancy to the bait.

Another possibility is that a squirrel fell and wound up on the ground in front of a dog or cat that could quickly kill them.

Depending on the time of year, if there is a cold winter ahead, trees produce chemicals to help the tree survive. But unfortunately, this is passed to acorns, which will be fatal to squirrels as they eat them.

Trauma from falling is another cause of sudden death in squirrels. You might wonder how a squirrel, who excels at climbing, could fall and perish.

squirrel on tree

Do Squirrels Die When They Fall Out Of Trees?

Depending on where they hit the ground or how high the fall was, squirrels may perish when they fall out of trees.

The problem is that if a squirrel is knocked down from a great height, it will fall and could die.

Because you can see squirrels running around, you may believe they are incredibly agile creatures.

They excel in jumping from tree to tree. They may, however, also err and cannot land properly, which will cause them to fall.

They could also avoid falling since they can respond rapidly and alter their position to land safely. Experts also claim that fatal falls are uncommon because of their bushy tails. (Read Can You Eat Squirrel From Your Backyard)

What Do You Do If You Find a Dead Squirrel?

You may now wonder why there is a dead squirrel in my yard.

Squirrels may enter your property for the causes listed above. Other times, you may find a dead squirrel that appears chubby and healthy, and you will be perplexed about how it died.

Poison is a possibility, and disease is likely the cause, but you can tell if the squirrel has been ill if they look skinny or have some of their fur missing.

Whatever the case may be, there are several solutions for how to deal with a dead squirrel.

If you don’t want to call animal control, you can find out what you need to do, just don’t touch it without wearing plastic gloves.

You never know what caused the dead animals, so it’s best to stay away from it.

They might have had an illness and died from it; if you touched them, you might expose your pets to the disease or get it yourself.

Pets should not be around a dead squirrel. Of course, your dogs or cats might find them enticing, but the little animals might have been poisoned.

You shouldn’t expose your pets to harm by allowing them to sniff or even contact the squirrel with their tongues.

Below are methods of removing a dead squirrels from your yard:

1. Scoop Up and Toss Into The Trash

Wearing gloves, use a shovel and scoop up the dead squirrel and use one other tool to push the dead animal onto your shovel before you dump it into the plastic bag. Ensure you use a long-handled shovel.

Place the bag with the animal inside another and seal it properly. You can then throw these in the outdoor trash.

Remove your gloves and wash your hands thoroughly. (Learn How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden)

2. Burying A Dead Squirrel

If you want a more organic method, you can scoop the squirrel and bury it in your yard.

If you dig a shallow grave, it could be handy to cover it for a short period, so your dogs or other animals don’t try and dig up the dead squirrels.

3. Calling Animal Pick-Up Services

You might be wondering who will dispose of dead squirrels. It is not the responsibility of animal control to remove dead squirrels from your property.

Your local Animal Services might forward you to the Bureau of Sanitation for the removal of any dead squirrels you have.

However, depending on where you live, you can contact animal services and ask about having the deceased squirrel removed and disposed of.

If not, call the sanitation services, and they will perform the task of getting rid of the dead critters.

What Does It Mean When You Find A Dead Squirrel?

Therefore, if you find a dead squirrel in or near your home, it could not signify something as favorable as a living squirrel would.

In general, deceased animals show up in your life when you don’t pay enough attention to them or act under the cues they give out.

However, there are more logical reasons, and it is these that you need to deal with them appropriately.

Can I Put A Dead Squirrel In The Garbage?

One of the frequent inquiries from homeowners is this one. After all, having the garbage collector handle a dead animal seems careless. Throwing a dead squirrel in the trash is not prohibited, though.

Contrarily, it is advised that you dispose of small dead animals in the trash after placing them in strong bags and using the double bag method before you throw them in the trash.

How Long Will The Smell Of A Dead Squirrel Last?

The squirrel may take two weeks to rot away. If you don’t get rid of the body, you’ll have to put up with the foul scent for two weeks.

You might need to hire a contractor to knock down the wall and remove the carcass if a squirrel died inside your walls rather than in your yard.

How Do You Get Rid Of Dead Squirrel Smell?

There are several ways of how to get rid of the dead squirrel smell. If you can’t locate the body, you may need to consider using a deodorizer over a short period.

Here are a few tips for dealing with the dead squirrel smell:

  • First, fill several cups with vinegar and scatter them in the attic. The vinegar functions by odor absorption.
  • Coffee grounds shouldn’t be thrown away if you enjoy drinking coffee. They also function as deodorizers.
  • An effective odor remover that has been tried and proven is baking soda. Spray the damaged area with a solution of baking soda and water that you’ve made. For maximum efficiency, you must repeat this numerous times each day.
  • Of course, you may always purchase commercial deodorizers designed to function as both an odor remover and a fragrance pouch.

Can I Touch A Dead Squirrel?

Despite being adorable, squirrels can carry a wide range of diseases. However, only a small number can be harmful to people.

If you find dead squirrels on your property, avoid handling them.

One disease you could contract by handling sick or deceased squirrels is tularemia. This disease, also known as “rabbit fever,” is frequently encountered in small animals like squirrels and other rodent species.

For weeks after an animal has died, the germs F. tularensis can still be found there and can infect people in various ways.

The bacteria may enter your body through minor skin abrasions and cuts if you handle a dead animal. Wearing gloves while handling a dead squirrel is essential for this reason alone.

squirrel die in yard

Why are there dead squirrels everywhere?

Not enough research has been conducted to analyze suburban squirrel deaths in the backyard.

People’s interest in deceased rodents rarely goes beyond mild worry and curiosity. Unfortunately, many people aren’t emotionally tied to garden pests enough to spend time, effort, and money solving their deaths. (Learn How To Make A Fruit Basket)

Here are some reasons squirrels keep dying in your yard.


Several diseases cause a sick squirrel’s death, yet these can only be determined with an examination in a lab.


Animal Distemper Virus is a highly infectious and often lethal disease that can transmit to dogs.

Distemper is incurable, and a squirrel may have caught it from another animal’s bodily fluids or feces.

Squirrel pox (Squirrel Fibroma Virus): If the dead squirrel had tumors, Squirrel pox might have caused its death. Varying squirrel species have different immunity levels; grey squirrels are less affected than red squirrels.


Scratches or bites can spread rabies to any mammals. Rabies is possible in most squirrel species, but it’s rare. In the U.S., there has been no squirrel-to-human rabies transmission.


Although it’s illegal to poison squirrels in many areas, the squirrel may have been accidentally exposed.

Squirrels, chipmunks, and other common garden pests may have ingested insecticides meant for other animals while perusing the nearby gardens and plants.

Rat poison kills all small rodents. Someone in your neighborhood may have used rodenticide to control pests in their yard or house, and local squirrels may have been exposed. Most rodenticides contain anticoagulants, which inhibit the liver’s clotting ability.

Keep pets away from the squirrel’s carcass if you suspect rodenticide.


Your outdoor cats or dogs may have killed the squirrel. However, squirrels are widespread in neighborhoods, and your cat may have hurt one.

Electric Shock

Skilled climbers can still find squirrels don’t always avoid trouble. For example, the squirrel may have tripped on an electrical cable of power lines and died of electric shock.

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