DIY Garden Ideas On A Budget

Not everyone has the time or income to invest in expensive garden furniture and landscaping ideas for their garden.

However, this does not mean that you should forget about DIY ideas for landscaping design.

You can quickly transform any outdoor space with a few simple ideas and cheap materials. If you plow your efforts into a vegetable garden, you can earn a commission from your efforts.

You can use recycled materials, use old household items, or use anything that you may not think is of any use for easy garden ideas.

With a bit of time, you can transform your garden on a budget.

You can find out some of the best, easy, and most productive landscape ideas for your front yard in this guide. Even out the back, to make your home a beautiful and functional idea for landscaping in one go.

DIY Garden Ideas

Do It Yourself Garden Ideas?

Here are a handful of cheap DIY garden ideas you can follow. They are a great way to transform your garden into something beautiful, and they are not rights reserved so that you won’t get an email from anyone complaining.

  • Window Box: Add functional décor to the outside of your house. You can add window boxes to sun-facing windows for small plants or herbs. Right by the kitchen window means you always have a fresh supply.
  • Bird Bath: Birdbaths are easy, and, in the summer, the attraction of birds can help keep some of the nasty bugs off your veggies. Just add a small planter inside a larger one and add some flowers around the edge.
  • DIY Firepit: You can build a firepit in a few hours. All you need are some cinder blocks or bricks you have lying around, and then you can sit around a fire as nights get colder.
  • Rain Barrel: Harvesting rainwater makes a lot of sense as it is healthier for watering your indoor and outdoor plants.
  • DIY Garden Path: You may not think you need a path yet lead this to your veggie garden, and it can make planting and harvesting much more manageable. You can add one to your front yard to your flower garden and increase curb appeal.
  • Gutter Gardens: It is easy to turn old guttering into hanging gardens! Hang these up around your porch or decking, and you have easy access to your small crops. You can even stack multiple lengths against your fence and create a productive vertical garden.
  • Log Planter: If you have a log from a tree you cut down, arrange this in your front yard, hollow it out, and convert it into a planter for some blooms.
  • DIY Potting Bench: Potting benches can be expensive; however, you can spend a few hours making your own if you are into home improvement. You can keep it in your shed or give it a good coating of waterproofing and keep it ideally located in your garden.

How Can I Transform My Garden Cheaply?

Pallet furniture: Used wooden pallets are popular materials to create DIY garden furniture for landscaping ideas. You may source pallets for free or cheap from local businesses. You can build chairs or sofas, and all it takes is a little ingenuity on how to stack them.

Sand and paint them and find the ideal spot to relax and fire off an email from your laptop. (Read Grow Strawberries Indoors)

Recycle plastic bottles: Every home uses hundreds of plastic bottles. You can easily make these into hanging planters for herbs or small plants. Cut a hole in one side for your plant and poke some in the bottom for drainage. Hang on walls, your fence, or string a few together to create multi-plant hangers.

Add garden borders: You can make cheap borders to help your landscaping idea, separate your lawn from your new path, or split your veggie garden. As well as appearing professional gardening ideas, they can stop plants from spreading where you don’t want them to. (Learn How To Get Paint Off Concrete)

You may not do herbs and veggies yet, but cutting supermarket expenses is excellent with your herbs and vegetables. You may think you are stuck to regular soil, yet you can use all manner of places and containers to grow your new crops in any idea landscaping fashion you think of. (Learn How to Keep Birds Away from Your Garden)

Raised Beds Garaden

What is the Cheapest Way to Make Raised Beds?

Raised garden beds contribute to the best landscaping ideas and are among the best gardening ideas to deliver valuable benefits.

You have two ways to build raised beds—one from cedar and the other from cinder blocks. Here you can find quick guidelines on how to create these.

Cedar Raised Beds

  1. You need two 1×8 inch cedar boards that are 8-feet in length. You will find this doesn’t rot and is ample to make a 4×4-foot raised bed.
  2. Cut each board in half, so each is 4-feet long. You can also make 8×4 footbeds if you have space.
  3. Also, purchase 3-foot lengths of a 1×1-inch pine stake. Cut into four and use them to hold the cedar boards by the corners for strength. You can screw these boards into each other for added strength if you wish.
  4. Place the boxes on clear ground. If you have turf, you can remove it or leave it as is. A good layer of old newspaper stops weeds.
  5. Added 6 inches of good topsoil with added manure or fertilizer/ compost.

You can group these beds in one area, or if you want to scatter them around, it is up to your landscaping vision. (Read The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds)

Concrete Cinder Blocks

  1. Cinder blocks are a fantastic way to build raised beds. You can stack two or even three rows to make them as high as you want.
  2. Holes in cinder blocks can be filled and make perfect smaller areas for herbs.
  3. Cinder blocks also retain heat and pass this to your soil. It also makes such raised beds ideal for growing strawberries. Blocks are around 16-inches by 8 inches high.
  4. You can build great beautiful garden beds quickly in no time. Make them any shape or sizes you desire once you work out your shapes and calculate the number of blocks.
  5. You may find your beds are better for your budget than using wood, and they are more durable and will make your DIY inexpensive garden ideas last longer.

All the above make straightforward garden ideas that make your home and garden look great without being overbearing. Once you run through these great easy DIY ideas, you may want to share your DIY success in the comments below. (Read How to Make a Cinder Block Garden)

DIY Garden Ideas On A Budget

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