Do Hawks Eat Squirrels

Most hawk species are renowned for their formidable talons, razor-sharp claws, and keen eyesight. They are widespread and well-known as fierce predators of many prey animals. Hawks exist in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and each one has its unique traits and skills. Do hawks eat squirrels is one question that many people have.

The vast majority of hawks are opportunistic hunters who will prey on various animals. They frequently only eat prey within their own body weight as part of the hawk’s diet. Yes, hawks do eat squirrels. Many species of hawks, smaller hawks such as the red-tailed hawk, hunt, and feed on small mammals like squirrels, as well as other birds and small animals.

Red-tailed hawks typically hunt by diving on their prey from a high perch or while in flight, using their sharp talons to capture and kill their prey. They are opportunistic predators and feed on other small animals such as rodents, lizards, and snakes. Some species also hunt in a glide style, and some larger species, like Cooper’s Hawk, can also hunt on slightly larger animals and birds.

In our guide, you can find out more about birds eating squirrels and what birds eat squirrels the most in your garden. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of what the largest hawks eat down to the smaller ones that eat small critters. (Read Can Dogs Eat Water Chestnuts)

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Do Hawks Attack Squirrels?

Although it varies per hawk species, hawks eat squirrels and slightly larger animals like rabbits and other animals. You’ll see a hawk kill and eat smaller animals like birds, insects, snakes, and lizards.

Red-tailed hawks are typically huge raptors that prey on small mammals, including eastern chipmunks, gray squirrels, brown rats, and mice. They have been seen to plummet and catch their prey, where you see the hawk carrying off its kill to feed.

Although hawks are the gray squirrels’ primary predators, other bird species occasionally hunt and consume them. Hawks typically hunt in pairs because of their excellent vision. They are wild birds that have adapted to living in forests and other wild settings. They enjoy hunting small things that are vulnerable to becoming prey.

Smaller hawks can be seen hunting for insects, while larger hawks, such as the Bald Eagle, can be seen with larger prey and hunting fish. Sitting between the two are larger hawks that hunt birds and rodents.

Natural Predators Of Garden Squirrels

Squirrels may seem cute, yet when they invade your yard and home in large numbers, they become pests. Instead of traps and poisons, one can mercifully kill them, or you can rely on predators to help control most squirrels’ presence.

Many strong and natural predators prey on these cute, furry critters. Red-tailed hawks, harriers, eagles, and snakes, such as weasels, foxes, coyotes, and more, kill different species of squirrels. Golden eagles eat various squirrel species, and Red-shouldered hawks eat red and large squirrels.

How Do Hawks Eat Squirrels?

Because they are on top of the food chain, the squirrel hawk can kill ground and flying squirrels and rabbits. In open spaces and on the ground, hawks hunt owls, insects, mice, rats, snakes, squirrels, and small rodents they see with their keen eyesight.

Birds such as the Red-Tailed Hawk may catch large squirrels and red squirrels. While flying or perching, hawks may spot a squirrel on a tree or ground. Flying at high speed, using their keen eyesight, they attack the squirrel. Their sharp claws and talons grasp the squirrel.

Since a squirrel can harm the hawks’ legs, the adult hawks grab the squirrel by the neck to kill their prey by suffocation. When successful, the hawk will eat the squirrel on the ground or carry it near its nest. (Read Can I Eat The Squirrels In My Backyard)

Why Hawks Attack Squirrels?

As natural predators, hawks attack small animals like owls, snakes, and squirrels in their natural habitats. In some instances, they may avoid snakes and focus more on birds.

Because they have powerful talons and a beak that can tear through tough prey, they prey on animals that are readily available and found in their vicinity. Hawks are cunning enough to hunt a baby squirrel to hunt adults later on when they try to save the babies. Hawks use the same techniques for hunting different prey, including perching, gliding, and dodge hunting.

The hawks eat meat as carnivorous animals and hunt squirrels or other small animals for this reason.


Who Eats Squirrels?

Large predatory birds like owls and hawks find ground squirrels that live in agricultural areas to be easy prey. They can hunt and feed any squirrels found in fields munching on corn and acorns.

The main predators of squirrels are powerful birds like eagles and hawks. Eagles have eyes that are eight times more defined than human vision, even though most birds have excellent vision. They may observe a squirrel and other prey from a distance of around two miles. As a result, squirrels find it challenging to conceal from these massive predators.

Additionally, these predators typically wait patiently for rodents to appear in open fields so they can fly down, capture, and eat them. Squirrels avoid regions with open fields because of this. Even if they are foraging for food in a field, they remain vigilant and cautious by scanning the area and the skies above for flying predators.

Red-tailed hawks, Cooper’s hawk, herons, northern goshawks, falcons, ospreys, and other wild birds also feed squirrels. (Read What To Do With Dead Squirrel)

Getting Rid Of Squirrels

Get rid of any lone or cozy perching trees within 100 yards of an exposed location. Squirrels of all kinds, such as fox squirrels, western gray squirrels, flying squirrels, gray squirrels, and California ground squirrels, should be kept out of the backyard.

As rodents, squirrels should be kept out of backyards where they could spread diseases that could harm you. It is, therefore, best to keep them at a distance. If you don’t want to remove the trees from your yard, there is another way to get rid of them. Squirrels may hop from tree to tree because they are skilled climbers and jumpers.

A squirrel cannot tolerate a strong odor, so you should spray some apple vinegar on the outside of trees so that even if they climb them, they will not be able to stay there for very long. Another way to get rid of a squirrel in your home is to get dogs, as they are scared of them and will stay outside. You might also use bottles to spritz them with water.

Squirrels are also caught using traps, which you can buy in a shop. Because a squirrel is more at ease in open areas, you should keep them out of bushes and shrubs.

Because snakes are predators and eat squirrels, using toy rubber snakes to terrify them will also work; as a result, they will be very unlikely to enter your property if they encounter a snake.  (Learn How Long Can You Keep A Dead Pet In The Freezer)

How Do Hawks Hunt Squirrels?

Hawks hunt squirrels the same way they hunt any other prey, comprising three basic hunting techniques. Hunting using a perch, glide, and dodge.

Perch hunting: Before diving to the ground and striking the prey, the hawk calmly waits for the squirrel and other prey to come within striking distance.

  • Glide Hunting: Although hawks often hunt in pairs and divebomb agile squirrels together, this glide-style hunting is less frequent and more successful for hunting other birds. The hawks hover overhead before swooping to make the kill.
  • Dodge Hunting: In dodge hunting, the prey is avoided by the hawk as it moves between plants and branches before the hawk kills its prey. Additionally, birds and occasionally insects are the main targets of this.
  • In conclusion, hawks can help control your squirrel problem. While you may like the cute-looking animals, they spread disease, and letting a hawk do your dirty work saves you lots of aggravation.

Do Hawks Eat Squirrels

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