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Do You Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys

Regarding the exciting process of new furniture when the store was having some great deals, the delivery of the furniture Ashley offers is pivotal. As you eagerly await your carefully selected items from Ashley Furniture, you may contemplate whether to tip furniture delivery guys. Tipping Ashley Furniture’s delivery team is a common dilemma faced by many. While some argue that tipping is not obligatory, others believe expressing gratitude for a job well done is customary.

The debate arises from various factors, including the exceptional service as you receive furniture from Ashley Homestore and the expectation of tips from the ones who bring your furniture inside. Ashley Furniture, renowned for its vast selection and great value, offers in-home delivery in a couple of business days through its delivery service, AshComm Shipping Service. For smaller items, the company uses standard shipping.

Whether you have purchased larger items that cost a fortune or smaller items that require no backbreaking effort, the question of tipping remains. While some customers feel obliged to tip. Others may question whether the delivery drivers or store associates are already well paid or if their wages cover the weight and size of the items delivered.

Tipping Ashley Furniture delivery guys

Considering the company’s policies and whether you tip or the drivers expect a tip is crucial. In our guide, we’ll dive into tipping Ashley Furniture delivery guys. You’ll see why many think it’s customary to tip, even if the company offers free delivery on the piece of furniture. By the end, you’ll better understand the benefits of showing gratitude for exceptional service and factors to consider when deciding whether or not to tip every time. (Read Can You Use Lysol Wipes On Wood)

Is It Customary To Tip If You Paid For Delivery? 

When your new sofa, bedroom set, or other large furniture purchase arrives on your doorstep, you’re thrilled to have these fresh, exciting pieces in your home finally. But often, the delivery experience leaves you wondering: Should you tip for furniture delivery? You may think you are overpaying for delivery by tipping on delivered furniture, although there is more to it.

With furniture delivery, tipping etiquette isn’t always straightforward. Large items’ delivery fees can be high, so you may feel you’ve paid enough already. Unlike food delivery, there’s no prompt asking you to add a tip like when you tip the person who brings your pizza delivery. And different furniture stores have different policies. 

Here’s a breakdown of what to consider when tipping furniture delivery professionals, so you can show appreciation for a job well and tip the furniture delivery guys without overpaying.

Why Tip New Furniture Delivery?

Tipping is customary for furniture delivery for a few key reasons:

  • It’s physically demanding work: Furniture items can be very heavy, bulky, and challenging to maneuver into homes and upstairs. Getting large objects through doorways and tight hallways takes a lot of strength and skill.
  • It’s a thankless job: Delivery teams work hard behind the scenes to bring you perfect condition furniture on time. Without tips, their hourly wages may only be minimum wage.
  • Good service deserves appreciation: If the delivery team is punctual, careful with your new items, and willing to go the extra mile, a tip shows gratitude for their efforts.
  • Delivery people rely on tips: Many movers and delivery professionals depend on tips for their income. Furniture delivery is not a well-paid job like some service industries.

Yes, you paid a delivery fee. But that mainly covers the truck, fuel, and the company’s coordination costs as part of the delivery, not the labor. The delivery people deserve acknowledgment as they went above and beyond what was expected to deliver, assemble, and possibly remove your old furniture models.

Tip Rules for Furniture Delivery Guys

How Much Do You Tip Furniture Delivery Guys?

There aren’t hard rules on furniture delivery tipping amounts. A good baseline is 10-20% of the delivery fee or total purchase price. For example, if the delivery charge is $100, the tip $10-20.

Consider the following factors when deciding how much to tip for furniture delivery:

  • Size of the order – Are we talking about a single chair or a whole living room set? The more items, the bigger the tip.
  • Weight of items – Large, heavy pieces like beds and dressers deserve a higher tip than smaller accent tables or chairs.
  • Adding assembly – Putting furniture together correctly takes skill and time. An assembly service tip should be 15-20%. 
  • Extra services – Did they unpack and haul away debris too? Special services warrant a larger gratitude payment.
  • Travel distance – Longer distances often mean higher effort and more time from the team. 
  • Challenging circumstances – Navigating stairs, tight spaces, or bad weather may increase the challenge.
  • Quality of service – Excellent, careful, friendly service should be rewarded with a generous tip.
  • Condition of furniture – No scratches, damage, or missing pieces? That’s a job well done. 

While the average furniture delivery tip is a larger tip of $ 20 per person, you may want to tip $10-15 per person if a larger team helps. Don’t feel obligated to over-tip – $30-50 total should show plenty of appreciation unless the company specifies anything different. (Learn How To Remove Old Adhesive From Wood)

Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys? Company Policies

If you wish to tip, that is your personal choice, and a tip isn’t expected. But it is an ingrained custom in the furniture type of delivery and one of the ways to show appreciation. Workers may be paid a low wage in relation to the hard work they do; thus they may expect tips as part of their paycheck.

Be aware of any delivery policies from the retailer you purchased from:

  • Joybird and Burrow have a no-tipping policy. The delivery cost fully compensates workers.
  • Crate & Barrel pays its delivery teams a higher hourly wage, so tipping is appreciated but not expected.
  • In most other furniture stores, like Ashley Furniture, tipping is always expected, or at least to offer delivery crews something as their base wages are low.

Ikea is different – they contract with third-party moving companies for delivery. These movers may hint at tips, but Ikea’s policy is that tipping is not required or expected.

With services like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock, you’ll choose separate delivery services like standard shipping at checkout. Independent movers may rely on tips, so always offer one if the service was good.

Cash tip for Ashley Furniture delivery crews

FAQs: Furniture Delivery People Tipping 

Should you tip furniture delivery from Amazon?

Third-party delivery partners who bring Amazon furniture may appreciate tips, but Amazon does not require them based on service. (Learn How To Store Outdoor Cushions When It Rains)

What about furniture assembled and installed by the store, not a third party?

If store employees assemble or install your items, 10-20% of the assembly fee is an appropriate tip.

Do the delivery guys get the tip?

This varies based on company policy, but in most cases, the crew members directly get the cash tips you provide.

What if furniture arrives damaged – still tip?

Use your discretion here. Severe damage may show carelessness, but minor scratches can happen accidentally. Evaluate what went wrong before deciding on a tip.

When do you tip – before or after delivery?

It’s best to have cash ready to tip after your items arrive safely. You can assess the service quality and decide on an amount.

Is tipping furniture delivery people standard across the US?

Yes, most Americans view delivery tipping as customary. Workers depend on tips as an essential part of their income.

What if I already paid a delivery fee – still tip movers?

Fees mainly cover the company’s costs, not the labor. Unless stated otherwise, do offer a tip out of courtesy and appreciation.

Should you tip Postmates, Instacart, or other delivery app drivers?

Yes, it’s standard to tip 10-20% on top of fees for food and goods delivery services. Ensure to tip in the app.

Conclusion: Are You Supposed To Tip Free Delivery Driver?

Furniture delivery is one of the toughest jobs you can experience. While tipping policies vary, consider tipping, or offer the delivery drivers something. These guys struggle to get large items to your home in perfect condition, even if the delivery drivers make at least minimum wage.

With good communication and preparation, the delivery date will go smoothly. Once the furniture is positioned perfectly, thank the crew. (Learn How To Dull A Glossy Finish Without Sanding)

With good service, plan to tip the Ashley Furniture delivery crews. A 10-20% gratitude payment shows your appreciation for a well-done job.

Do You Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys