Does Vinegar Stop Cats From Pooping

Does Vinegar Stop Cats From Pooping

Having a cat can occasionally get challenging for cat owners. Cats, after all, are very independent animals and frequently have their ideas about how things should be done. That’s great, but what happens when it comes to cats poop? Besides pet cats, there are stray cats and neighbor’s cat that can start pooing in your garden.

Sadly, once they find a good spot, this will attract cats all the time and thus leave you with a stinky mess. Can you teach your cat not to poop in a particular place, and does vinegar keep cats away, as you have heard?

In our guide, you can learn more about, does vinegar repel cats enough to keep them off your flower beds. By the end, you’ll find the answer to does vinegar keep cats away from certain areas and whether there are other methods or effective deterrent home remedy, you can use to keep these and other animals from messing in your yard. (Read What Does It Mean When A Peacock Spreads His Feathers)

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Do Cats Hate The Smell Of Vinegar

It isn’t easy to understand why some cats react to vinegar and appear to shun it. Cats probably don’t enjoy going too close to vinegar since its scent is a touch too strong for their more delicate nostrils. Yet some are taken by the smell of apple cider vinegar.

So much so some cats show interest in vinegar, even to the point of sniffing and tasting it from open vinegar bottles. It’s also true that cats react differently to various vinegar varieties.

A cat might, for instance, express interest in apple cider vinegar but stay away from distilled white vinegar. The strong scent of distilled white vinegar makes it frequently the finest vinegar to use as a deterrent to prevent cats in your yard.

Even though we can’t say that not all cats sensitive noses dislike the acidic smell of white vinegar. It’s a widespread cat repellent, where vinegar can be a great training aid to prevent cats, keep cats away, and help stop pooping in certain areas.

To summarize, Distilled white vinegar, which has a very strong fragrance, appears to be the best vinegar for keeping cats away. A strong scent that cats appear to find overwhelming is apple cider vinegar, another good choice to prevent cats roaming around your yard.

What Home Remedies Smells Deter Cats

Numerous scents can deter cats from going where you don’t want them to and entice them to use the litter box again. One of the most popular alternatives is vinegar, but the unpleasant smell of this may not be enough on its own.

Citrus Scents

Orange peel and those from other citrus fruits are an excellent choice for prevention. For an even stronger pungent smell, you can make a spray to stop your cats from peeing or even steep orange peels in vinegar.

The enzymes in vinegar give it a distinct advantage over other smells. Even after the vinegar scent has subsided, those enzymes can assist in changing the compounds in your cat’s urine and excrement so that the region no longer smells the same.

That may help stop cats from repeatedly returning to the same spot to poop. Add to a spray bottle, and spray around your plants to stop the cat poop appearing. (Read How To Clean A Boar Bristle Brush)


Another potent scent is peppermint. Peppermint essential oil shouldn’t be used because it is too powerful to be safe for your cats. Instead, prepare a strong peppermint tea and mist it all over the place where your cats have urinated.

Sweet and Spicy


Cinnamon and cayenne are two strong-smelling spices that work well as deterrents to stop cats from going to the same place. To prevent defecation, you can scatter a little of these spices around your plants. Yet it will need reapplication if it rains.

For those who want to avoid pooping, lavender is another popular scent, although it should be used with care. Because lavender has low toxicity for cats, using it can be risky if your cat doesn’t carefully avoid the flower. Lavender tea is safer than lavender essential oils or dried lavender flowers.

Will Vinegar Stop Cats From Pooping In My Garden

Vinegar is a temporary fix for your cat pooping in the garden but not long-term. The vinegar scent fades faster outside, which is one of the reasons vinegar isn’t as useful in the garden. Vinegar combines with bacteria and enzymes in the dirt.

The vinegar scent should fade after a few hours. Worse, even apple cider vinegar acid may burn your garden plants’ leaves and roots, making them difficult to heal. Repeated vinegar applications can affect your soil’s PH and nutrients, making it unsuitable for various garden plants.

So, you can use vinegar for repelling cats, yet you need to think about other methods for keeping cats out of your garden soil and digging around your plants.

How To Stop Cats From Pooping In The Garden

You may frequently use chicken wire or another physical barrier in place of vinegar to keep cats out of your garden and prevent them from urinating on your plants. Building a simple fence like this does come at an extra cost, and you may find cats climb over the top to do their pooping in peace.

To repel cats from pooping in your garden, you can also grow garden plants that your cats detest, such as lavender. (Read Is Mint Toxic To Cats)

How To Stop Indoors Cat Pooping On The Floor?

Especially if your cat was litter box trained, pooping on the floor may indicate a litterbox issue. Your cat may complain about unclean litter or a lack of litterboxes. Putting a litterbox where your cats have been pooping may indicate that it’s one cat’s territory.

Your cat may be indicating a lack of litterboxes. To avoid territorial conflict, cats prefer at least two litterboxes.

Is Vinegar Toxic To Cats?

No, cats are not poisoned by vinegar. Most cats tend to keep away from vinegar due to its overpowering smell, even though it is safe to use for repelling cats. The strong smell of vinegar makes an excellent non-toxic deterrent and is inexpensive and widely used as a pet-safe cleaning agent.

It shouldn’t be a problem if a cat consumes a small amount of diluted vinegar, although the acidity may affect the cat’s stomach.

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Will Vinegar Spray Keep Cats Away?

Spraying vinegar around a space is indeed an effective method to repel cats. Cats’ sensitive noses cannot handle the strong, acidic smell of vinegar. The vinegar smell won’t persist for very long, so you’ll need to re-spray the area a few times in the first day or two to prevent the cats from returning after a few hours.

How To Use Vinegar To Deter Cats From Pooping Indoors

For deterring cats from pooping indoors, vinegar is good. Be aware that the house will smell like vinegar for a few days if you use vinegar in spray form for this.

You can cease using the vinegar once the cat starts urinating in a new location, and the issue shouldn’t come again.

  1. Clean The Area
  2. Prepare 2 Litter Boxes: Before you spray vinegar where the cat has been pooping, prepare a couple of litter boxes.
  3. Empty, clean litterbox: Position away from the area with the vinegar.
  4. Spray The Vinegar: Now, use the vinegar spray in the area you want to deter the cats.
  5. Reapply Spray Regularly: To be effective and stop cats pooping around the home, The cat repellent vinegar spray needs to be used over a couple of days.


Can You Spray A Cat With Vinegar Water?

No, vinegar water should never be used for deterring cats by spraying them with cat repellent, although it can be sprayed in areas you want to deter a cat from.

Does Vinegar Deter Cats From Peeing?

Vinegar is used to repel cats from peeing indoors or in certain areas of the garden, thanks to the strong smell. Applying vinegar to the essential areas will take a few days. Still, once the cats locate another location to relieve themselves, they shouldn’t keep returning, allowing you to quit using the vinegar.

Due to its ability to neutralize the alkaline ions present in dried urine, vinegar is a fantastic solution for pee-related issues. Cats won’t keep returning to the same location to urinate if you neutralize this, which helps eliminate the residual urine smell. (Read Peace Lily Toxic To Cats)

Other Scents to Deter Cats From Pooping

Although vinegar works well, it can damage plants when used too much. However, there are other scents that cats find horrible:

Take care since certain essential oils are poisonous to cats. Essential oils might be helpful to deter cats from urinating.

In addition, some commercial products you can find may have a smell cats don’t like, yet these can be harmful to your garden and cause health issues in pets and children.

Does Vinegar Stop Cats From Pooping

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