Best Free Landscape Design Software

It is vital to get the outside design of your yard and garden right before you begin digging. Doing this without any form of plan can lead you to make mistakes or finding your design won’t fit.

Pencils and paper are one way to make a garden planner, although making changes in your garden landscaping can be time-consuming.

Landscape design software makes it more comfortable with your design ideas, for your gardens and outdoor spaces than merely struggling with your pencil.

Whether you are new to landscaping and garden design or you are a veteran. You can find that using these landscape and garden design software apps more rewarding than calling a professional landscaper. Now, you have the chance to design your garden on your own.

Using 3D visualizations and augmented reality, free garden design software makes things easier for the planning and design of your homes garden.

Here you can find which is the best free landscape design software to help you out.

Best Landscape Design Software for Free

SketchUp Free

SketchUp Free

SketchUp Free is ideal for personal use. You can use this free online 3D modeling tool right from your browser. You can find the app on the Trimble website, and it doesn’t take long to begin drawing to bring your ideas to life.

You do need to create an account, and this gives you access to a personal repository on Trimble Connect. The good thing here is your work is backed up, which is handy as a significant design may take a few design sessions to complete your design.

One notable feature is having access to Trimble’s 3D Warehouse, where you find a vast library of shareable 3D models from users and vendors. Aside from this, SketchUp comes with basic support and can import PNG, JPG, SKP and STL images as well as exporting SKP, PNG and STL files once you have finished your landscaping design.

Marshalls Garden Visualiser

Marshalls Garden Visualiser

Marshalls Garden Visualiser makes sophisticated tasks very simple. Here, you have free landscape design software that delivers visualization, and allowing you to create 3D garden designs and then walk around them.

Your virtual tour can be during the building process, so it is possible to see any issues of spacing of shrubs, perennials, or structures that are more physical.

With the Garden Visualiser, it allows you to input the size of your garden, and change the shape of the ground. These small things help you achieve a realistic design and layout.

With this free landscape design software, upload photo helps you see how good the final design will look with your home.

While you can use many of the included items, you can create your custom features. It is straightforward to design garden paths, walls, swimming pools and others.

However, you will find many items you can add like walls, paving, summerhouses, and pathways to block paving, and plants, trees and others. You can save your design to your online account so you won’t lose your progress.

PRO Landscape Home

PRO Landscape Home

PRO Landscape Home is the free and lite version of PRO Landscape. You can use it on phones and tablets where you take pictures of your house or real estate.

From there, you can drag and drop objects like plants, grass, furniture, paths, and lots more to plan a garden.

You do have a before and after view to check your progress, and you can save the design for later use.

The landscape design software free app delivers a vast library of images you can use for your landscape designs. It also provides details on the plants you select such as description, and the mature height & width, so you can allow for this in your designs.

One notable feature is the capability to locate nearby professionals that can take your design and make it into reality. However, there is plenty of information should you decide to tackle the job yourself.

Realtime Landscaping

Realtime Landscaping

Some landscaping software you find is strictly for home use, and some deliver limited functionality; however, Realtime Landscaping thankfully isn’t one of these products.

In the offerings are a variety of varying professional solutions. Designers and homeowners can create accurate depictions of homes, gardens, and more besides. Once here, it is straightforward to take your landscape designs and make changes.

It is so good; a landscape gardener can use the garden design tool to present ideas to homeowners for approval and costings. The images the design tool creates are pro-looking, and it is easy to see what is being represented.

The developers of the landscaping design software free have four versions of the Realtime Landscape app. The big difference between Plus and Pro is Pro offers water features like ponds, waterfalls fountains and streams.



If you are the type who can use complex software, then with this, you can design landscape that isn’t possible with other offerings.

You can also manipulate the landscape one you have your design, so it matches your garden exactly. You can take the floor plan and add lighting options, so it is possible to see what things look like at different times of the day.

One unique feature is you can add motion to your designs, so it is super easy to add life to your garden design.

Any image you take can be imported, and you have multiple manipulation opportunities to deliver the best-looking landscape you can think of.

You will find, there is a free version available for non-commercial use, or there is an evaluation for commercial use that comes with a 30-day trial.

No matter what level of technical expertise you have, one of these free landscaping tools can help you see how your garden can look without you spending anything.
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Best Free Landscape Design Software

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