7 Fun Outdoor Games For Large Groups

7 Fun Outdoor Games For Large Groups

Is there anything more enjoyable on a lovely day than playing fun games with your friends and family? Getting hot and sweaty from some good clean fun, then cooling off with some refreshing popsicles or a refreshing dip in a cool pool?

When camping or spending time in the garden, the best memories are made while playing games outside with family and friends.

In our guide, you can learn about some of the most popular outdoor party games, outdoor games for kids and adults alike, and everyone in between. They’re a mix of outdoor yard games and much more.

By the end, you’ll know enough about how to play picnic games for large groups quickly, and when camping and the kids are away, you’ll have ideas for fun outdoor games for large groups of adults. (Learn How To Scare Hawks Away From Your Yard)

Classic Outdoor Games

What Is A Good Game To Play With a Large Group?

These huge group games can be played outside, but they aren’t always party games or giant versions of games that may be played indoors.

Instead, they’re just fun outdoor group games you can play with your family for family night or invite a bunch of kids or teens to come over and play to burn off some of that crazy energy.

Here are several games you can play in a large space against other teams. With many, you need to set down ground rules before you begin. Then, have the camping or family reunion group stand around to explain these favorite games.


Most of you must have played the classic game of tag, the fun outdoor game as a youngster. The game’s simplicity is one reason for its popularity.

Over two players are necessary to play tag; one person is designated as “it” by the other children and chases them down to tag them. The player tagged now becomes “it” and tags others, and so on.

Kick the Can

You don’t find games like this much these days. This is a thrilling game to keep guests entertained and enjoyed by both adults and children. The “it” is the person who places a can in the center of the field and waits for a predetermined amount of time. The rest of the players are hiding till then. The “it” then attempts to locate the hiding players while monitoring the can. If an untagged player kicks the can, the game is restarted from the beginning.

Dodge Ball

This game requires a massive group of players. The participants in this game hold hands and
form a circle. Three people in the circle’s center are attempting to avoid a ball thrown at them by a group of people surrounding them. If the ball contacts one player in the circle, they switch places with the player who threw the ball.

Freeze Tag

Here is one of the best outdoor games, which came along well before Squid Game. A fun game and version of tag where when tagged, you freeze. While only one person is tagging, it is a competitive game where non-tagged players can unfreeze you. The game carries on until everybody has been frozen in the outdoor space. (Read BBQ Party Games Ideas For Adults)

Treasure Hunt

In this game, all the players are split into two teams, each of which hides a collection of items, which the other team and other players must locate items using clues—the team that completes the task the fastest wins.

Red light- Green Light

This is another one of the classic games. Here, one team member from the group becomes a traffic light, while the rest begin by standing in a straight line at a distance.

When the traffic light gets green, the other players in this group game move towards it (Squid Game). When the traffic light turns red, everyone must stop, and if anyone is discovered moving, they must restart—otherwise, the first person to tag the traffic light in the game wins and becomes the traffic light.

Musical Chairs for Children

What Are The Top 10 Outdoor Games?

Musical Chairs

Most children have played musical chairs before, and if they haven’t, it’s a simple game to pick up. An adult will turn on a music player, and the youngsters will run around a set of chairs. The number of chairs in the set should be less than the total number of players. Each youngster must sit in a chair when the music stops. Those who are left without a chair are eliminated.

Remove one chair when players bow out until there is only one chair and two players. The player who is the last one standing wins!

Crab Soccer

The players will begin in a “crab position,” with their feet and hands on the ground, attempting to kick the ball into a goal. They won’t be able to use their hands, so they’ll have to walk in the crab position.

You can either divide the participants into teams or play as a free-for-all with one goal for everyone to aim at.; this game will almost certainly result in laughter, multiple falls, and a wonderful time for all who take part.

Bocce Ball

If you’ve never played bocce ball before, this is your chance to learn about one of the world’s oldest and most enjoyable sports.

The players will be divided into two teams, each of which can have up to four players. The players will set up the foul line, and a coin flip will determine the starting team. After you’ve made your decision, go over the rules and start playing. (Learn How To Level A Trampoline)

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a fantastic option for so many different events. It’s simple to turn these courses into a game by timing each player’s run and seeing who can finish the course the fastest. You can also divide groups into teams to see who comes in first for a relay race.

Make your own obstacle course from traffic cones and wooden boards or purchase a giant inflatable version. Both options are sure to please your visitors, and you’ll have a good time along with them!

Three Legged Races for Outdoor Games

Three-Legged Races

Like an obstacle course, a three-legged race includes dividing participants into teams and seeing who can finish the race first. The twist is that each team must tie their legs together and run to the finish together.

You may make this game much more difficult by forming three teams instead of two. This technically implies you’ll have a four-legged race rather than a three-legged race, but we’re confident your visitors will enjoy either. In addition, the four-legged version accommodates more players at once, which is extremely beneficial for organizing a large gathering.

Blanket Race

You’ll need many blankets and some strong players, and some smaller players for a race. The weaker players will grip an end of the blanket while the smaller players will sit on it.

The bigger players will drag the smaller ones across the yard, attempting to reach the finish line to score points. Because the pullers must use their power and the sitters must hold on, the game is enjoyable but challenging for all players.

Flag Football

Another enjoyable outdoor game for large groups is flag football. It’s a safer alternative to regular football, yet it may be played with the same number of people. There’s bound to be one version that’s right for you and your guests, with several ways to play for different ages and skill levels.


If you have a basketball, you have a variety of exciting outdoor group activities to choose from. For example, you can play a knockout game or even a scrimmage on your driveway.

You may even pass the ball around and make a game out of not dropping it, much like volleyball.

Prepare for an exciting, competitive game, which may lead to several more games, whichever option you choose.

Cornhole or Bean Bag Toss

Cornhole is a traditional game that can keep you and your guests thrilled for hours.

Cornhole is just a game of tossing little bags into wooden platforms. You can compete with another team or toss the bags around without keeping score.

If you have a large group, set a time limit and see how many individuals can land their bags before the time runs out. (Find the Best Outdoor Mosquito Repellent System)

Water Balloon Games

Most balloon games work exceptionally well as outdoor games for large groups. You can include dodgeball to balloon pick-up or even the capture the flag games.

What Games Can You Play Outside For Adults?

Marshmallow Toss Outdoor games for Adults

Marshmallow Toss

Marshmallow toss is a competitive activity in which competitors form two-person teams and attempt to capture as many marshmallows as they can. One person will be the quarterback, while the other will be the receiver. However, the marshmallows are not caught by hands but in the mouth.

When all the marshmallows have been thrown, the round will come to a close, and you can count how many are remaining to see who wins. It’s only fair that the thrower and receiver trade places for the next round. As a way, the game can double as a food break for your guests.

Tug of War

We all enjoyed playing this game in school, and it’s only logical that you’d want to play it
with your pals in your backyard. You’ll need a rope, which will have to sustain a lot of weight depending on how many people are playing.

Place the rope in the middle of your yard and have one team hold one end while the others hold the other. Then give the signal to the players and instruct each side to pull.

If teams aren’t evenly matched in terms of age and strength, choose teams randomly or switch them up each round. If you’re going to play many times, you might wish to provide players with chalk for their hands.

Giant Jenga

One outstanding category of outdoor games that is more fun is giant games. Many of your favorite board games are available in plus-size versions that can be played outside.

In case you’ve never played this reverse-building-block game, here’s how it works. First, you stack the wooden pieces together in rows of three. Then, one by one, each player tries to remove one piece at a time. Whoever is the first to knock down the tower loses the round.

Capture The Flag

Capture the flag is among the most classic games. It’s probably been played but forgotten.

Divide groups into two teams and assign each team a flag. Then, each team hides its flag from the opposing team. The only restriction is you can’t entirely hide the flag.

When you shout, go, teams, sprint, search for the opposing teams flag, and return it to their side without being captured.

Rather than tagging, you can use water balloons or flashlights at night. Winners are the team who gets the opposing team’s flag back to where their flag sits.

Ball Toss

Indoor or outdoor use is possible with this DIY ball throw game. If you’re going outside, add a fun twist with water balloons, ping pong balls, or wet sponges to make it season-specific games that can cool you down.

It can be one of the most fun large group outdoor games as frustration sets in when the other team has the most points, and you only have a few balls left.

Buckets or tubs don’t have to be the same size, and you can give higher ball scores to smaller containers. Excitement can remain until the last person throws.

7 Fun Outdoor Games For Large Groups

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