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Got A Refund From Amazon But Package Came

Have you ever experienced an Amazon order gone wrong? Maybe the package was delivered late or got lost in transit. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t have to pay for an item you didn’t receive or arrived way past its guaranteed delivery date. The good news is, with Amazon’s generous refund policies, getting your money back is usually pretty easy. 

In our guide, you can learn how to get a refund and stick to Amazon’s policy on returns, etc. By the end, you’ll better understand, you don’t need an Amazon Prime Membership to receive and process refunds for failed deliveries. (Learn How Much Weight Can A Leach Field Hold)

Amazon refund policy

Why You May Be Eligible for a Refund from Amazon

As an Amazon customer (new users may still get a free month), you expect packages to arrive on time and intact. But sometimes, inevitable mishaps happen along the way – weather delays, logistics problems, shipping issues. You shouldn’t be penalized for a problem out of your control when this occurs.

Amazon understands this and provides refunds in many situations where a delivery goes wrong. Here are some common reasons you may be eligible for a full or partial refund:

  • Your package is lost or damaged in transit.
  • The delivery is late for no good reason.
  • You received the wrong item.
  • The product arrived defective or didn’t match the listing description.
  • The estimated delivery date has passed with no package in sight.

The key is that the issue stems from a problem on Amazon’s end as the retailer, not the buyer. As long as you did everything right, you deserve your money back when Amazon drops the ball.

How Will I Get My Refund From Customer Service?

Getting an Amazon Prime Shipping refund is quick and hassle-free. Here is an overview of what you can expect:

  • Contact Amazon customer service to report the problem with your order. This can be done via phone, chat, or email.
  • Provide details on what happened – delivery date, missing package, wrong item, etc. Amazon may ask you to answer a few questions.
  • Amazon will investigate and verify the issue based on tracking records, shipping details, and other information. This may take a few days.
  • Once approved, the refund will be issued back to your original form of payment.
  • The timeline varies, but many refunds are processed within 3-5 business days. Some may take up to a week or two to fully investigate.

What If Amazon Order Is A Late Delivery? 

A late package is among the most common reasons for Amazon refund requests. And rightfully so – you expect packages to arrive on the confirmed delivery date as promised at checkout.

But what constitutes a “the package is late?” Amazon defines it based on the selected shipping option:

  • Prime 2-day shipping – You should receive your order within 2 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after it ships.
  • Non-Prime shipping estimates – The delivery window is listed at checkout, like “Get it July 24-26 with FREE Shipping”.

If the estimated delivery date has passed and the package hasn’t arrived, maybe you’re eligible for a refund. Contact Amazon customer service.

One exception: If the lateness of the Amazon product was because bad weather delayed the shipping service. Or, other circumstances out of Amazon’s control, you may not qualify for a refund. 

Depending on the item, if the refund was already processed, Amazon may tell you to keep the item without guilt. This can often work out cheaper than returning it and making many changes to your Amazon account. (Read Does Fedex Deliver To Your Door Or Mailbox)

Missing Amazon Package Refund From Amazon Customer Service

A missing package can be incredibly frustrating. You wait for delivery, but your Amazon order is nowhere to be found.

If tracking shows your package is lost or you cannot locate it after delivery, here are some tips for getting your money back:

  • Confirm the tracking number is correct and matches your Amazon order ID. Sometimes numbers get transposed.
  • Wait 2 days after expected delivery before reporting it lost. Some packages take longer than expected.
  • Check with neighbors or doormen if it was delivered to the wrong address nearby.
  • Look for a notice of attempted delivery or further instructions from the carrier.
  • Contact Amazon ASAP if the package remains lost after following these steps. Provide the order and tracking details. Amazon will open an investigation.
  • Request a refund if Amazon confirms the package is lost for good. You’ll get your money back quickly; no return is required.
  • Allow Amazon time to investigate if needed before re-ordering the same item. Some lost packages do eventually show up.

Refund for Wrong Amazon Product

Getting a Refund When You Receive the Wrong Amazon Product

Occasionally, logistics mishaps can lead to receiving the wrong product from Amazon. If you open your package and the contents don’t match your order, here’s what to do:

Don’t use or dispose of the item; you must return it.

  • Check your order confirmation to verify you got the wrong item, not just a surprise from someone else.
  • Contact Amazon immediately to explain the mistake – you received an Xbox when you ordered a backpack.
  • Amazon will issue a prepaid return label so you can mail back the incorrect item at no cost.
  • Once the return is processed, you’ll receive a full refund. This is fairly quick, usually within a week once Amazon returns the wrong product.
  • You can also re-order the correct item right away since the refund is already approved and in process. No need to wait!

Tips for Getting Your Amazon Refund Faster

While Amazon refunds are designed for speed, here are some tips to expedite the process even more:

  • Provide as much detail as possible – photos, delivery confirmation, etc. The more info Amazon has, the faster they can validate and approve your refund.
  • Be polite but persistent with customer service. Calmly explain the issue and why you deserve your money back.
  • Choose refund over replacement if you want your money and not more products. Replacements take longer as you wait for new items to ship.
  • Follow up if your refund takes longer than expected. Amazon wants you to have a positive experience as a loyal customer.
  • Accept an Amazon gift card or account credit if offered. This may be issued much quicker than a charge back to your payment method. (Learn How Much Does A Queen Bee Cost)

What If a Third-Party Seller Is Involved?

One important caveat is that the refund process works differently if your order was fulfilled by a third-party seller, not Amazon directly.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Verify if the item was “Fulfilled by Amazon” or directly from a third-party merchant. This is noted on your order details.
  • You must contact the seller directly to request a refund for third-party orders, not Amazon.
  • Check the seller’s return policies first. They get to set their own rules, not Amazon.
  • You may need to mail the item back to the seller at your own cost. Amazon labels don’t apply.
  • If the seller refuses or ignores your request, you can report them to Amazon customer support.
  • Amazon provides A-to-z Guarantee protection for issues with third-party orders, so ultimately, you can get your money back if needed. It just may take longer and involve more steps than Amazon direct orders.

How To Get An Amazon Shipping Refund

Visit the Amazon Customer Service page.

Select your order at the top of the page under the heading “Do you need help with a recent item?”

If it isn’t listed, click “Help with a different item.”

  • Refund 1# Select “Arrived too late.” You’ll find different options here.
  • Refund 2# Pick the “Late Order” and go to the next step if you need more help.
  • Refund 3# Contact Amazon customer service at the returns center for more help.

Contact Amazon for Late Package

FAQs: Contact Amazon for Late Package

Will I be charged for returning the item if I’ve already received a refund? 

Most times, Amazon will cover the return shipping costs. They may provide a prepaid shipping label or instructions on proceeding without additional charges.

What if I am an Amazon Prime member and experience a late delivery after receiving a refund? 

As a Prime member, you have certain benefits, including a delivery guarantee. Contact Amazon’s customer service and explain the situation, emphasizing your Prime membership. Amazon often resolves the issue and will refund your account.

What should I do if the item I received after a refund differs from what I originally ordered? 

Contact Amazon’s customer service immediately and provide them with the necessary details. They will guide you on how to proceed and help resolve the issue. (Read Capacitor Sizing Chart)

How fast do I get my refund? 

The refund process typically takes 7-14 business days, depending on various factors, like the payment method and the seller’s response time.

Got A Refund From Amazon But Package Came