Great States 705-16 Review

Looking for something old fashioned but still close to your roots? Your answer is the Great States 705-16 lawnmower – a push mower, something that is not often seen these days but something that might come in handy depending on your situation.

This lawnmower has a simple design and is geared towards the people who don’t want to fiddle with batteries that have to be replaced or long cords that tend to tangle; It is an excellent alternative to the eco-unfriendly gasoline ones and their emissions.

Why we think the Great States Reel Mower is, well, great!

The Pros

Great States 705-16If you have a small lawn, this will suit you the best because it doesn’t need much storage space. It is easy to take out and use and will do the job fast on a small lawn. It also requires close to zero maintenance due to its simple design and a small array of moving parts. Perfect for your tool-shed.

It does the work in perfect silence due to the absence of a motor and produces precisely zero emissions, keeping the environment and its users happy.

The design is thoughtful, providing the reel lawn mower with 10-inch wheels and 16 inches of blade. This will help you do the mowing in no time and with minimal effort.

Easy assembly will allow you to start working in no time. Also a lot cheaper than non-manual powered counterparts.

The Cons

It doesn’t have the most comprehensive range of adjustable height blades ranging from 1/2-inch to 2-1/4-inch, while other, more modern lawnmowers provide a more significant range.
It doesn’t work as well with tall grass, and the blades tend to jam when there is a lot of grass or harder/courser weeds.

You will need to make several passes if you want your lawn to be perfectly, even from beginning to end. Anything less than that will result in a somewhat rough cut. You might want to get a trimmer in some places on your lawn to ensure it is perfectly manicured.

The lawnmower requires a greater amount of work to manage than its electrical and petrol sidekicks due to all the cutting done through your effort.

The blades might require sharpening after some time, depending on the amount and the toughness of the work.


This product is one of the best reel mowers you can find nowadays. This product will suit you perfectly if you are the kind of person who likes to be more old-fashioned than the others and cares about the environment and tries to be green.

Also, if you opt for this reel lawnmower, you shouldn’t mind a little extra workout while cutting your lawn. Just make sure you regularly trim your grass, and then you will not have any problems.

If your lawn is relatively small and you like the idea of manually cutting the grass, then this product is for you.

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