GreenWorks 25022 Review

The GreenWorks 25022 is a very simple and reliable lawnmower with a 20-inch steel deck for users to feel at ease. It has a 7-position adjustment for height that gives the best option for cutting grass that varies in the range of 1 and a half inches and 4 inches as an estimate.

Its level adjuster lowers and raises all four wheels of the mower by the owner’s comfort. This lawnmower has a manual guide allowing owners to adjust and assemble this machine appropriately.
The GreenWorks 25022 12 amp mower in more detail:

The Pros

The lawnmower is brilliant in cutting tall grass and reaching places hard for other electric lawnmowers. It’s mostly metal, so the blades and the entire front of the lawnmower are merely thin and straightforward. It can almost be considered fun for homeowners with average-sized lawns; this lawnmower is perfect because it is quick and easy to handle.

It has one of the most prominent rear wheels that some homeowners would have seen, making the electric lawn mower extremely easy to handle. The lawnmower has huge sustainability against atmospheric pressure and can easily handle severe climates without problems. Whether it’s cold winters or hot summers, it will still operate as normal once you plug it in.

With a pigtail cord that rolls back in, the cord management for this machine is simple. Those who complain about cord management in lawnmowers won’t be able to make an excuse ever again when they use this state-of-the-art mower. With an easily adjustable plastic bag for various functions, this is just another advantage that this lawnmower has.

greenworks 25022 manual

The Cons

It has a very terrible rectifier. It can cause problems of all sorts for any homeowner, as it can short circuit at any given time without any warning. The lawnmower’s manual has the bad rectifier mentioned as a component only but does not detail as to how the rectifier may be replaced or readjusted with a new one.

It is covered for a 4-year warranty, but if it dies sooner than the 4-year warranty, don’t expect GreenWorks customer support to come to your aid, as they do not respond at all. It is almost like customer service is not essential, and they rarely pay enough attention to your problems with their lawnmower.

Instead, the customer support dismisses you unfashionably, as if they aren’t responsible for the lawnmower at all.


Overall, this machine is an excellent piece of work by GreenWorks, and it is even better off than its previous model, which makes it the perfect example for GreenWorks’ loyal customers to hold on to GreenWorks’ products in the coming days.

However, it has one major problem: no solution for re-adjustment in its manual. This makes life miserable and frustrating for homeowners, as the customer support never answers or helps. For more lawn care tips, click here.

greenworks 25022 12 amp corded 20-inch lawn mower