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Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere

Tucked away in the idyllic countryside of Scotland or the remote Isle of Skye. A lonely wooden house dating from a retro era is not far from popular national park attractions. This abandoned small house in the UK overlooks craggy cliffs or deep in the heart of Serbia at Bajina Basta, adjacent to the swirling Drina River down below.

Though once equipped with electricity, this haunting illustration of an antique home sits dark and empty. While suburbia continues expanding, you can find many an off-grid house that appears frozen in time and deliver a moody relic from a bygone quarantine era.

Fans of such homes enjoy the spooky and intriguing adventure in equal measure. Nowadays, tourism affiliates and reporters have featured such a whimsical attraction, and these abandoned houses are increasing in popularity everywhere around the globe.

house in nowhere

In our guide, you can learn about the nearest abandoned cottage or how they have become one of the most popular vacation destinations or properties in the real estate market. By the end, you’ll understand the attraction of being in the middle of nowhere. So, if you like to float your boat, hike, or just need an outlet for peace and quiet, you know where to look. (Read Cascading Flowers For Window Boxes)

The Appeal of Wide Open Spaces 

Secluded homes offer the appeal of open spaces and proximity to unspoiled nature. Instead of a cramped urban apartment, you have:

  • Vast mountain landscapes right outside your door
  • Lakes and rivers provide recreation and serenity 
  • Forests and meadows to get lost in
  • Clear night skies unimpeded by light pollution
  • A front-row seat for wildlife, weather, and seasonal changes

remote land

Buying Cheap Land in Remote Locations 

One factor that enables off-grid living is that land in remote areas is often cheaper. This allows buying large parcels of acreage that would be prohibitively expensive closer to cities. Cheap rural land can be found in:

  • Desert areas like the American Southwest 
  • Forested hill regions of the Pacific Northwest and Canada
  • Near mountains and lakes across the continental US.
  • In other countries like Australia and South America

If dreaming big, you can look for a secluded plot of land with majestic mountain views or a glistening lake. Just be ready to invest sweat equity in building the property over time.

Solar-Powered Sanctuary in Pioneertown, California 

This contemporary industrial off-the-grid home, which received the Western Home Award from Sunset Magazine, uses the breathtaking natural beauty of Southern California as a living wallpaper for its glass walls. The high desert of California and Pioneertown’s panoramic views make the ideal setting for a steel-floating fireplace. The household receives energy and hot water from solar panels, lowering the carbon footprint of the building. (Learn How To Attract Bats To New Bat House)

Converted Lookout Tower in Tiller, Oregon 

A spectacular bird’s-eye view of the 160 acres of private land on which this mansion is situated is seen by ascending the 40 feet to the wraparound observation tower deck. The interior of the home, which has wood-clad walls and big, bright windows that make it feel warm but never confining, is filled with the splendor of the Pacific Northwest.

Shipping Container Home in Livingston, Montana 

 Nature is your constant companion in this Montana residence just outside Livingston. Whether you’re taking pictures of frolicking deer or antelope or gazing at the Absaroka Mountains off in the distance. The 700-square-foot house, nicknamed “The Little Box on the Prairie,” is made of two shipping containers. It comes with plywood walls, redwood floors, and other salvaged elements that reduce environmental impact and add artistic flair to the surroundings. 

Canyon Retreat in Malibu, California 

 This isolated refuge is tucked away in the serene Decker Canyon, away from the flash of Malibu, and features remarkable architecture to match the lush surroundings.

The main house has an octagonal shape and coordinating deck, providing the perfect vantage point for the stars, mountains, and local flora and fauna. You can sneak in naps and peaceful moments in what feels like a private treehouse, thanks to a hidden loft nestled away on the second floor.  

Southwest-Inspired Log Cabin in Jackson, Wyoming 

This mixed-material residence that suggests a traditional lodge can be found close to Montana’s western border. The high-altitude residence has a homey feel thanks to its wood exterior cladding, many logs throughout, vaulted ceilings, carved wood furnishings, and charming stone fireplace.

Yet, as you step outside onto the deck, your perspective changes to take in a breathtaking mountain sight. 

Island Cabin in Seeley Lake, Montana 

Its English-style manor, known as “Teal Hollow,” looks out over a little pond that tempts you to pause life and indulge in simpler pleasures. Passing the time in the middle of nowhere has never been so exciting. Whether you’re sharing beverages with company under the vine-covered pergola, warming your hands by the stove in the rustic interior, or snatching glimpses of the neighboring Snake River. (Read Unknown Car Parked In Front Of My House)

Rocky Residence in Yucca Valley, California 

The Rock Reach House, a lightweight lodge amidst the boulders and Juniper trees of the California desert. The home would be a welcome substitute for the amenities of a stick-built home for adventure-seeking hikers and architecture enthusiasts. The heat-resistant dwelling, mainly constructed from galvanized steel, took just eight weeks to assemble using bolts. 

Treehouse in Asheville

Transparent Treehouse in Asheville, North Carolina 

Nothing to disturb you at this high-quality tiny treehouse just outside of West Asheville other than the chirping of songbirds and the rustling of leaves. The residence offers a whimsical view of the woods from the ground-floor studio or the sunny upper-level living quarters.

Three-Story Lookout Tower in Terrebonne, Oregon 

You can only see mountains for miles from the wraparound deck or anywhere inside the 20 by 20-foot interior of this three-story lookout tower turned residential residence. But despite the house’s far-flung location, over 150 miles from Portland. The residents never feel isolated because of its proximity to Smith Rock State Park’s scenic grandeur and the fishing-friendly Deschutes River.


What are houses in the middle of nowhere?

Houses in the middle of nowhere are isolated residential homes far from cities or towns.

What is the significance of the term “middle of nowhere”?

The term “middle of nowhere” describes a location that is extremely remote and isolated, often with no nearby amenities or services.

What types of houses can be found in the middle of nowhere?

Houses in the middle of nowhere can vary in style and size, ranging from cozy cottages to large mansions or log cabins in the Canadian wilderness or the middle of Portugal.

Where can I find royalty-free images of houses in the middle of nowhere?

You can find royalty-free images of houses in the middle of nowhere on various stock photo websites (copy space) or by searching specific terms like “nowhere stock photos” or “house in middle of nowhere.” You can even find many a vector illustration artist creates rather than photo images.

Are there any specific locations known for houses in the middle of nowhere?

Yes, several well-known locations around the world are popular for their houses in the middle of nowhere, like Norway, Colorado, and Michigan.

What other terms describe houses in the middle of nowhere?

Some other terms used to describe houses in the middle of nowhere include secluded homes, farmhouse retreats, stone houses, and log cabins.

Are houses in the middle of nowhere popular for vacation retreats?

Houses in the middle of nowhere are often sought after as vacation retreats for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.

Are houses in the middle of nowhere primarily used as permanent residences?

While some houses in the middle of nowhere are used as permanent residences, many are used as seasonal or vacation homes. (Read Mosquitos Inside House)

Why are houses in the middle of nowhere attractive to some people?

Houses in the middle of nowhere are attractive to some people because they offer solitude, breathtaking scenery, and a chance to connect with nature.

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