How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take

Have you ever hand-washed a suit? Chances are it will come out horrible. When you try and wash a suit, it comes out wrinkled and out of shape. Thus, this is why most suits are dry-cleaned. Usually, once you drop something off at your local professional dry cleaners, the average cleaning process takes a few days.

However, how much of this time is the item sitting there, and how much time is used to clean the item inside the dry cleaning facility? Now, you may ask, how long do dry cleaners take rather than the dry cleaners’ turnaround time?

In our guide, you can learn how long to dry clean, dry clean only items. By the end, you’ll know much more about professional dry cleaning. You’ll also see how to do it yourself rather than heading to get the help of your dry cleaning services. (Learn How To Clean Concrete Without Pressure Washer)

Dry cleaning

What is Dry Cleaning?

The cleaning of dry cleaning is used to clean textiles and clothes that can withstand the rigors of a standard washer and dryer. This process employs a gentle chemical solvent that includes little or no water to remove impurities from the fabric. The outcome is that the clothing is not exposed to water and thus won’t be distorted like a typical washer.

Dry cleaning is more suited to stain removal, although it uses harsh chemicals and these harsh chemicals damage fabrics over time as they remove the natural oils in fabrics. Dry cleaners use sophisticated machinery to wash clothes with a solvent while filtering out impurities. Once the solvent passes through the filters, it is prepared for reuse, where distillation cleans it.

How Dry Cleaning Works?

You must first understand how dry-cleaning operates to understand the timelines your dry-cleaning service provides. There are multiple steps. However, they can all be easily reduced.

1. Clothes Examination

The clothing must be examined before deciding on the type of cleaning needed. “Dry clean only” may be written on the label. Before choosing the optimal cleaning method, experts will evaluate wear and damage.

2. Pre-Treatment

If stains are found when cleaning clothes, they clean using specialized products. Professional dry cleaners only perform specific dry cleaning work with top-notch, secure materials.

3. Dry Cleaning

After manually removing the stain, the product is placed in unique drums. Steam is used to finish the cleaning process. Some suitable solvents are also added.

Attendants wash and remove stains from clothing by soaking it in machines that contain chemical solvents. It doesn’t take long to complete this process.

4. Drying

After being chemically treated, the clothes are dried. The material of the clothing affects the drying temperature, ranging from +25 to 50 °C.
This dry cleaning method is both environmentally responsible and offers a high level of safety.

5. Clothes Finishing

After the process, the goods are processed, pressed, steam-ironed, and so forth. Clothing repairs can be necessary and made depending on the dry cleaner.

Your clothing will be pressed, folded, and packaged by the cleaners if there are no stains. The time has come for you to pick up your clothes.

How Long Is The Dry Cleaning Process?

The answer here is it all depends on the particular fabric in question. Given the process and steps involved, it stands to sense that dry cleaning various articles of clothing would take some time.

While certain items, such as a suit or dress, shirts take little time. Only a few hours should take during the dry-cleaning process (3-4 hours). However, the process it takes for your clothes to be delivered can vary widely depending on a work of circumstances.

For a precise time estimate on how long it will take to dry clean a jacket, take it to a dry cleaning specialist. (Learn How To Clean Whirlpool Dishwasher)

Dry Clean My Suit

How Often to Dry Clean My Suit?

“How often dry clean suit jacket and pants?” How often you wear them matters. Check your wardrobe and habits.

Every two months is fine if you wear them regularly, although less if you wear them occasionally where you clean them annually. When brushing, airing out, and stain treatment, don’t remove odor, grime, and stains; its’ time to dry clean.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean a Suit?

You may think, “how long does it take to dry clean a suit?” The answer for the process is around 3-4 hours. Dry cleaning can take days owing to many factors. The quantity of dirt on the clothes, the type of garment, and comparable factors.

A full suit may require more cleaning time than dress pants or a dress shirt. In 2 days on average, and sometimes sooner.

How to Dry Clean a Suit at Home?

Home suit-cleaning machines are available. These expensive machines are appropriate for folks who visit the dry cleaners weekly with fresh clothes.

You can buy dry cleaning kits to wash your outfit. These aren’t fantastic for stains and grime, but they work on lightly worn suits. How long does it take to dry clean a suit? Instead, here are some simple tips for washing a dry-clean-only suit at home.

1. Check the Label before You Machine-Wash Suit Jackets

Check the label before washing a suit at home. Sometimes “dry clean only” is a precaution.

If your wool, silk, cotton, or linen suit is dry clean only, you can probably hand wash it at home. However, suit jackets can sometimes be machine-washed. (Learn How To Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry)

2. Test-Clean

Before washing, test a small area. Apply mild detergent and fabric conditioner on a small area of your suit. Cotton swab the washed area.

If the cotton swab shows dye, the suit must be dry cleaned. If not, continue as they are often visible while worn, and suit jacket linings should also be inspected.

3. Wash Suit

Dip your suit in and out of a bowl. Only use cold water with the addition of Laundress Delicate Wash and repeat until clean. If there are marks, gently rub these away.

Rinse with cold water and let it dry naturally.

If you can machine wash your suit, use a mesh bag and turn the suit inside out. Wash gently and use a cold water option.

When the wash is finished, remove your suit, turn back the right way, and lay flat to dry.

While air drying is slower than a dryer, it is environmentally friendly and stops all the wrinkles appearing and the potential for your suit to shrink.

Tips in Storing Dry Cleaned Clothes

Storing Dry-Cleaned Clothes?

When you come home, remove your freshly dry-cleaned clothing from the protective bags to air. Items hanging in the closet should have enough space to hang flat without rubbing. Some dry cleaners recommend letting clothes air after you remove them from the dry cleaning bags before putting them in the closet. This also lets the smell of dry cleaning solvent evaporate.

Don’t continually wear the same suit as they will get dirty. One of the main things of cleaning isn’t just to make them look nice, but also to prevent skin disease from wearing dirty clothes. A steam roller works fantastically to remove any wrinkles and also kill germs. So your suits look freshly pressed, use your steamer on a low setting before wearing your suit.

Brush off clinging dust particles before you hang your worn suits. If you brush, use quick and short strokes against the grain as it prevents your suit from looking shiny. After wearing, hang your suit to air for more than least 24 hours using a good wooden hanger. Wrap your suits in a cloth cover for ventilation and to stop trapped humidity from spoiling your suits. (Learn How To Clean Headlights With WD40)

How Long Does It Take For Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaners have a turnaround time of several days, but they can do it the same day sometimes. When you ask how long does it take to dry clean, here is how long dry cleaning takes for a few everyday items. Item to dry clean

  • Beddings & linen 3 – 4 days
  • Wedding dresses & gowns 1 – 2 weeks
  • Same-day business wear or 1- 2 days
  • Coats and jackets 2 – 3 days
  • Fur, leather, and suede 1-2 weeks


You can proceed to your local professional dry cleaner now you know the answer to how long does it take to have clothes dry cleaned. The process is satisfying and will help maintain the shape of your clothes.

Keep in mind that the natural properties of the fabric, combined with the friction caused by the dry cleaning process, can cause your suit to become glossy or lose its color. The process exerts a great deal of strain on the delicate fabrics, which is why you’ll find dry cleaning damage suits when done too often. So, only dry clean your suits with your dry cleaner if necessary.

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take

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