How Many Amps Does A Garbage Disposal Use

How Many Amps Does A Garbage Disposal Use

The type of home appliances in most houses, known as garbage disposals, are in charge of a crucial task in your kitchen sink grinding and getting rid of food waste. One of the many elements that affect a garbage disposal’s value is how much electricity it uses.

Do you want to install a garbage disposal in your kitchen? If so, you probably want to know how many watts does a garbage disposal use? While the electricity consumption may not be significant, it could spike when the system is heavily loaded for a short period.

In our guide, you can learn more about the garbage disposal wattage and if you need a larger breaker or if you are best leaving it on a dedicated circuit. By the end, you’ll see all your garbage disposal requires and how much electricity your garbage disposal draws. (Read Can An Air Fryer Replace A Microwave)

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What Is The Garbage Disposals Horsepower?

The HP garbage disposal devices that need to function correctly under full load will depend on the type you choose to buy. A garbage disposal with a 1/2 horsepower can shred whole vegetables and seeds. 9.8 the garbage disposal will use amps with a 1/2 horsepower. This is disposal with twice the horsepower.

The least power-hungry garbage disposal draw is 1/4 horsepower, which uses 1.5 amps, and can be plugged into a standard outlet as it uses the least amount of electricity.

A garbage disposal powered by a 3/4 horsepower draws about 13.8 amps and can easily shred meat, fruit, vegetables, pits, and seeds. 1 horsepower rating disposals use 16 amps and must be on a sizable breaker.

Amp Breaker Sizes

Before installing a garbage disposal, you should know the breaker size and whether it can cope with the garbage disposal amps requirements. A 20-amp breaker is typically used for a garbage disposal amperage of 15 amps of electricity.

In some circumstances, a 30-amp breaker may be needed for the garbage disposal.

Check the manufacturer’s recommended garbage disposal draw-in amps for the breaker size and other electrical requirements before you buy and carry out your garbage disposal installation.

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Wire Gauge For Garbage Disposal

The amount of amps an electrical wire can handle depends on the size required for garbage disposals.

You will require at least a 14/2 wire if the disposal draws 15 amps.

A 12/2 wire is also required if the breaker is a 20-amp breaker. The garbage disposal won’t work if the proper wiring isn’t present, and it could cause overheating if the wire is too small and tries to pass a higher current than it can carry.

Circuit For Garbage Disposal

Most garbage disposals have a dedicated circuit connected to them. If sharing a circuit with your garbage disposal will cause the circuit breaker to trip, avoid doing so.

To determine whether the garbage disposal you bought can be installed on a shared circuit or requires its own circuit, read the user manual or manufacturer’s instructions.

Contact a locally-located, professional, licensed electrician if you’re unsure. A professional electrician can add a circuit to a dedicated breaker. One reason is that the startup draw for motors can be up to six times more than the full load running current. (Learn How Many Amps Does A Ceiling Fan Use)

Don’t Want To Install A Garbage Disposal?

You can still eliminate your extra waste even if you don’t want to install a garbage disposal. Using a compost bin or compost pile in your yard is a brilliant idea and gives you organic matter for your veggies.

Do Garbage Disposals Consume Much Electricity?

Generally, garbage disposals do not require much energy to work. For instance, more electricity is needed to require garbage disposals with higher horsepower and how often you use the device.

While chopping veggies, some users leave the garbage disposal running for quite a while, and others turn them on as required. Even though garbage disposal draws little electricity, many factors, such as leaving the device running or using a higher HP garbage disposal, will raise your utility bill.

As an example, a full load of a 3/4 horsepower garbage disposal motor is 13.8 amps


What Amp Breaker Should I Install: 15- Or 20?

Consult the user manual to determine the amp switch needed for your large horsepower garbage disposal. For example, garbage disposals need a 20-amp switch, but a 15-amp can work.

  • However, 15-amp switches are only for 1/2 or 1/3 HP garbage disposals.
  • Choose a 20-amp switch so you can upgrade your unit in the future.
  • In the unlikely event that your low HP disposal needs more power to start up, the 15-amp switch may trip.
  • A garbage disposal machine is safest with 20-amp switches.

Does My High Horsepower Garbage Disposal Need A Separate Circuit Breaker?

For safety, garbage disposals should have a separate circuit breaker. Although they can be connected to a shared circuit, load division may not always go smoothly.

Garbage disposals require a lot of power when turned on, and if the load is shared with another appliance, the circuit breaker may trip. Therefore, it’s recommended to give a larger horsepower garbage disposal its own circuit breaker or consult an electrician before connecting them to a shared circuit.

What Causes Garbage Disposals To Draw More Amps?

  • Garbage disposals don’t always follow their amp rating, and how much power they can use at start-up can be 6x their normal amp load.
  • Turning on the machine repeatedly can increase its average amp consumption
  • Not doing any proper maintenance can increase power draw.
  • Overworking the garbage disposal causes it to use more amps.

How many amps does a 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal use?

A 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal uses between 4 and 6 amps. If you have a large family and create a lot of food waste, you’ll need a powerful disposal that handles more amps.

How many amps breaker do I need for garbage disposal?

Installing new garbage disposal requires the correct size breaker. The average garbage disposal uses 15 amps, so a 20-amp breaker is recommended. The less power and smaller the HP garbage disposal, the smaller breaker you need.

Can I put the dishwasher and garbage disposal on the same circuit?

If the dishwasher and garbage disposal run at full speed, they will exceed the 20-amp switch maximum amperage. You can put them on separate circuits or install a dedicated circuit for the dishwasher and use a GFCI outlet to protect the circuit from overload. Better to use a licensed electrician who will fit the proper breakers and the right size wire to avoid overloading your electrical system for most larger disposals.

Should garbage disposal be on a GFCI?

When brand-new, a garbage disposal consumes a lot of amps. Therefore, ensure your garbage disposal is GFCI-protected. This reduces shocks. An older garbage disposal may not need a GFCI. Check the manual.

Can you change a 15 amp breaker with a 20 amp one?

Yes, a 15-amp breaker can be upgraded if you need a 20-amp. This will let you plug more appliances and electronics into that circuit. Others may only handle 15 amps. Check your outlets and breaker box before switching. (Learn How Many Amps Does A Refrigerator Use)

How to reduce power usage on a garbage disposal

  • When using the waste disposal, use a power strip to turn off all other appliances.
  • Only use cold water in your sink to run the disposal.
  • Never put fibrous materials down the disposal, such as celery or onion skins.
  • Run some lemon or orange rind through the garbage disposal if the odor gets bad.
  • Regularly use vinegar and water to clean the garbage disposal.

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How long should you leave the garbage disposal on?

Most waste disposals use.75 to 1 horsepower. On a 120-volt circuit, this equates to 0.60 amps and 720 watts. If you operate your disposal for longer than 15 minutes at a time, your circuit breaker might trip.

It’s best to run the dishwasher or washing machine first, followed by the garbage disposal, if you have several appliances on the same circuit. To avoid odors, it’s also a good idea to regularly clean your garbage disposal with soap and water. In addition, use ice cubes and lemon peels to help remove food particles that have become stuck.

Is it wrong to run the garbage disposal for a long time?

No, running your garbage disposal for a long time is not harmful. But if you run it too long, the motor might overheat, and the unit might shut off. Wait for the unit to cool off before restarting it if this happens. How many amps the garbage disposals uses varies, but typically falls in use compared to starting.

You should be safe if your circuit breaker is rated at 20 amps or more because the majority of garbage disposal units are made to handle up to 15 amps of current. Check your disposal’s owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer if you’re unsure how many amps it consumes.

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