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How Many Junk Cars Can You Have On Your Property

Vehicle customization or restoration can be a popular hobby. Unfortunately, many donor vehicles are frequently used as replacement components and can quickly mean you have an accumulation of junk cars sitting in the same place around your yard.

The question arises, how many cars are permitted per household and whether junk cars make up most of them? While you may think this differs according to where you live, there are rules, and when neighbors protest, your yard is an eyesore when full of scrap cars; they are not in the wrong.

It appears harmless to have apparently inoperable cars with missing wheels in the same place. However, there are many vehicle storage laws, and what you see as valuable spare parts, local government will consider these as junk vehicles dangerous.

junk cars

At the very least, you can have one junk vehicle on your property; this needs to be inside an enclosed structure. In most cases, this is to stop it from being an eyesore and ensure the safety of everyone in the area. In our guide, you can learn there is more to junk vehicles, even if you are the owner, as they can be classed as an abandoned vehicle.

By the end, you’ll see why you can’t just leave an old car on your driveway and why it could end up with a junk vehicle removal company taking away your car, no matter how valuable it could be. (Learn How Long Does It Take For Car Paint To Dry)

What Is A Junk Car?

The following criteria can define junk vehicles: they must be older than five years, extensively damaged, immovable, or only sellable as scrap. Junkers are severely damaged vehicles that are no longer worth the money spent on repairs or maintenance.

Here’s the rundown of a junk car:

  • Long-term parking of cars on the street or private land.
  • The vehicles are no longer worthy for the road.
  • Repair vehicles exceed the cost of the vehicle.
  • Moving vehicles from one location to another is not possible.
  • When it is in its current state, nobody wants to buy it.
  • Insurance won’t repair the car to be fixed.
  • The car lacks all its essential components, including the engine, transmission, and others.

junk cars in your property

How Many Junk Cars Are Allowed On Your Property?

  • Keeping a junk car on your property is dangerous because rusting car edges lead to chances of tetanus.
  • Youngsters who don’t know what to play with can be seriously injured by dangerous vehicles.
  • You may keep one junk car on your land, but it must be hidden inside an enclosed structure.
  • For everyone’s safety, junk car parking, storage, and disposal must be legal.

Why Some People Keep Old Cars In The Same Place

People keep junk cars because they have sentimental value. First, the car could have been passed down or their first car. Before evaluating someone, learn their motivations. For example, people maintain junk cars for selling spare parts and scrap metal for money. People buy and sell junk cars for a living.

Most folks maintain their junk cars because they can’t afford a towing firm.

Can A Home Have Too Many Cars?

You can have as many cars as you desire if you have enough land and money. No city imposes rules on the number of cars per property. Your neighbors may object if your car occupies their property. Don’t buy too many cars to keep around your house or property.

Neighbors may object if it causes a safety problem and if these cars are dangerous and appear junk. People have reasons for possessing many cars, and no rules prohibit them.

Can Junk Cars Be Parked On My Driveway?

Parked junk cars in the same place aren’t always abandoned. Although, with no regular maintenance, a car can rust beyond repair.

Whatever its sale, a junk car can produce money by selling usable parts, refurbishment, and auto repair companies.

The owner must notify the city police department of their intent to repair the car, and all repairs must be completed within 30 days. After that, you can repair a junk car in your driveway. (Learn How To Dispose Of Old Gas Oil Mix)

junk car in front of house

Why Parking a Junk Car in Infront of Your House is Bad?

Do you have an old cars sitting on your property? Many car owners struggle to get rid of their old car as they have sentimental value.

However, there are several reasons not to have a junk car on your property.

Lower Property Value

Home owners junk vehicles might depreciate their property, and a junk car can lower neighbors’ home values.

Old Vehicles Are An Eyesore

An old car covered in weeds looks unsightly and is perceived as neglect. Unless you need the junk car, sell it before the city shows up.

Unwanted Visitors

Insects, rats, feral cats, and stray canines can live in junk cars. A junk car on your property may  attract unwanted vagrants and potential burglars.

Lack of Safety

Rotting car sharp edges are dangerous to playing children and, they will need a tetanus shot. Also, peeling paint and leaking fluids harm persons and the environment. Finally, abandoned cars with combustible oils might be dangerous or pose hazards to your house or your neighbors’ house.

How Government Looks At Junk Vehicles

State law on abandoned vehicles is available. Here are example outtakes from local codes.

What Is An Abandoned vehicle:

  • An illegally parked vehicle on public property
  • A vehicle left sitting for over 3 days on public property
  • A vehicle sitting on public right-of-way and posing an obstruction for traffic (pedestrians and vehicle traffic).
  • Any vehicle sits on private property for more than forty-eight hours without the owner consent (car parked on your neighbor’s driveway).
  • A vehicle with its engine, transmission or diff is dismantled or removed.
  • A vehicle was removed by towing service and impounded, not collected within fifteen (15) days.
  • A vehicle six or more model years old, inoperable, on private property, and visible from public property for more than a month (30 days).

What Is a Junk Car?

Unlicensed vehicles not inside an enclosed structure or building.

Junk cars and abandoned vehicles are a public nuisance and may be removed as provided below or by law.

Vehicles left in junk yards, auto sales lots, or where vehicles are awaiting junking permission from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. (Read Average Size Of 3 Car Garage)

Abandoned Vehicle Removal

  • Within 72 hours of placing a notice on it, any police officer may tow away an abandoned car.
  • The car has been abandoned;
  • The following fees can be avoided if the abandoned car is picked up within 72 hours:
  • All fees associated with the removal, storage, and disposal of the abandoned car will be the responsibility of the car.
  • Any officer may issue a civil citation against the owner of a junk car or an abandoned car and the occupant or owner of the property where the junk car or abandoned car is located.
  • Civil penalties and other remedies allowed by this clause or any applicable law may be undertaken in collaboration with the Town Attorney.

Penalties For Junk Cars

The owner of the abandoned car, the occupant, and the owner of the real estate on which it is located will be subject to a civil penalty if any such notice is not heeded within the time.

  • It is a separate violation for the abandoned car to remain on the property after the notice’s expiration date each day.
  • A civil penalty and $50 to $100 in costs are imposed on the owner or person in control of a junk car and the occupant and owners of the property where it is located.
  • The report states that there are fines for every day the junk car is left on public or private property.


Suppose you are not selling and need to have over one vehicle on your property. It is advisable to keep it securely hidden inside an enclosed structure and out of sight of your neighbors. (Learn How To Extend Life Of An Engine With Rod Knock)

Besides this, it is much better for the safety of children, and it won’t become an eyesore and be towed away.

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