How Much Does A Stuffed Peacock Cost

How Much Does A Stuffed Peacock Cost

The first image that pops into your head when you hear the word “peacock” is of them strutting through an English garden and found with colorful feathers fanned wide. Peafowls are primarily recognized for their colorful wings, and it is this that makes them popular and also expensive.

Peacocks were the inspiration behind movies such as Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” Also, many jewelry, accessories, and art are made using the same design and coloring. You can search for a beautiful peacock, yet owning one may be challenging, according to the site where you live.

Many individuals don’t want to be without, so they settle for a taxidermy peacock. With a taxidermy peacock, you can grace your home with all the colors you enjoy. However, this brings up more questions. For example, what is the taxidermy peacock cost, as it isn’t something you’ll find while browsing the Amazon site?

In our guide, you can find examples of mounted peacocks under various categories. By the end, you’ll see that even mounted versions of these birds can be expensive, yet you’ll know how much a stuffed peacock is worth that is in good condition. (Learn How Fast Can Cows Run)

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Taxidermy Peacock Mounts For Sale

You can check many a site for new listings of a taxidermy peacock. Yet, you may often find they only have art, accessories, and other items using a peacock as inspiration or using part of a feather.

Etsy, Amazon, and eBay are prime examples. However, Etsy does offer a small range of true taxidermy peacocks compared to Amazon.

You can check some of the high range of peacocks on offer from a reputable Taxidermy Store.

They have a wide selection of Taxidermy mounts from Africa, North America, and around the world in stock and ready to ship.

You can view the selection on the site and see what they are advertising new with each site update.

The Taxidermy Store is advertising a large variety of Indian Peacock Taxidermy Mounts.

Here, you can view some of their selection from many categories and colors, including Green, Blue, White & Pied Peacock Taxidermy.

1. Green Indian Peacock Taxidermy Mount For Sale

The stunning life-size Green Indian Peacock mount is displayed with the bird perched on a piece of driftwood attached to a wooden plaque.

This Indian peacock has outstanding feather condition and lovely blue and green plumage. This Indian Peacock receives our esteemed World Class quality rating thanks to this and the exceptional artisan quality and overall condition.

  • This piece has a hanger fastened to the back.
  • This object will hang from a drywall screw that is securely fastened.

Because of the condition, the rough guide price is a little under $4,000

2. Green Indian Peacock Fan Display Mount For Sale

The stunning Green Indian Peacock fan display mount is available for purchase. This mount’s superb feather quality and gorgeous, iridescent blue and green plumage, along with the expert taxidermy work, earn this peacock our sign of Premier overall quality grade.

All relevant advertising dimensions are included to help certain that this item will fit into your desired display place, as the mounted tail fan can be larger than other stuffed items.


  • Depth: 8″
  • Height: 52″
  • Width: 56″
  • Weight: 10 lbs

This object of art can hang from a secure drywall screw. This piece includes accessories to do this as a hanger on the back. The item is still for sale with a guide price of just over $2,000.

3. Beautiful White White Peacock Taxidermy Bird Mount For Sale

On offer is a magnificent White Peacock life-size taxidermy bird mount for sale.

It is quite rare compared to others found on Etsy or possibly eBay, so you would have a unique wooden plaque showcased by the magnificent white plumage.

This mounted item receives an excellent rating thanks to the stunning white plumage, feather quality, and professional-level craftsmanship.

To help ensure that this item will fit within your planned display location, all relevant dimensions are supplied.


  • Depth: 31″
  • Height: 60″ (5 feet for the tail feathers and the body, according to the ads)
  • Width: 18″
  • Weight: 35 lbs

It can be quickly mounted as there is the included rear hanger and has a rough guide price of a little over $2,600. (Read Can Goats Eat Romaine Lettuce)

4. Green Indian Peacock Taxidermy For Sale

Here is an incredible and lovely life-size taxidermy mount of a Green Indian Peacock.

The Indian peacock is situated in a specially designed environment accentuated piece of driftwood attached to a wood plaque to capture the full beauty and best view of its feathers.

This Indian peacock has outstanding feather quality and details along with lovely, iridescent blue and green plumage. This peacock comes with an esteemed World Class overall quality rating thanks to perfect feathers, the skill of the peacock taxidermy, and how the bird is mounted to appear natural.

All this and the high level of craftsmanship from the peacock taxidermy business show the devil is in the details. To help ensure that this item will fit within your planned display location, all relevant dimensions are supplied.


  • Depth: 32″
  • Height: 67″ (5 feet 7 inches for the body and all the tail feathers)
  • Width: 20″
  • Weight: 20 lbs

The final details are the guide price to obtain ownership and the rights to a magnificent view of a beautiful bird in all its majesty.

Ads show a guide price of around a little under $3,900, although these premium peacock taxidermy examples never last long and are sold quickly.

5. Pied Opal Peacock Taxidermy Bird Mount For Sale

A gorgeous Pied Opal Peacock is displayed for sale while perched and gazing to the viewer’s right. It is a treat to obtain one of these exceedingly rare peacocks.

The peacock has stunning colors, gorgeous feathers, and exceptional taxidermy work. We have given it the Star distinction because it is so uncommon.

The specially crafted wall hanging base has a wood plaque and imitation rock. This is the piece to use if you want to wow your visitors!

All pertinent measurements and dimensions are given to help you ensure this item will fit your planned place and live up to expectations regarding the item’s stated attribute sizes, scores, etc.


  • Depth: 32″
  • Height: 67″
  • Width: 20″
  • Weight: 20 lbs

The peacock earns the Star rating as of how rare this example is.

The taxidermy peacock can be hung with an anchored drywall screw using the hanger attached to the back of the item.

The peacock taxidermy pose is perfect for seeing all the fantastic blue colors the Indian Peacock train offers. (Read Cost To Level Yard)

6. Opal Ultra Rare Peacock Taxidermy For Sale

A magnificent Pied Indian Peacock life-size peacock taxidermy bird mount example is available for purchase.

The bird is positioned to be flying directly out into the room toward the onlookers. The Indian peacock has stunning feather quality and gorgeous iridescent plumage.

The peacock’s flying stance is ideal for showcasing all of its stunning hues. Furthermore, this peacock has also been given our Premier Star rating due to its distinctive pied color.

This item is ideal for establishing a collection or adding to an existing one. All pertinent measurements and dimensions are given to help you ensure this item will fit your planned place and live up to expectations regarding the item’s stated attribute sizes, scores, etc.

The example has to be one of the world’s best examples of peacock taxidermy. The India peacock taxidermy example commands a price to reflect this at just under $5,000.

It may not be a pet bird, yet it offers a unique and beautiful view you won’t find anywhere else.

How Much Does Peacock Cost?

If you want a beautiful view and have the right sort of site for live birds, here’s a little more information about the peacock world instead of having peacock taxidermy to meet your needs

Peacocks are less expensive as pets than others and a peacock taxidermy option.

With a few hundred dollars, you can get a healthy one. For example, a mature peacock can cost under $300 where the birds have straight toes and no faults. But, of course, you can pay less should the bird have a few flaws.

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Peacock Price

Many people have been impressed by the beautiful peacock breed’s appearance, color, and motion. Those knowledgeable about the bird and its breeds might desire to choose the most attractive one.

The Black Shoulder Peacock has beautiful black wings with an iridescent greenish-blue sheen. A Black Shoulder Peacock typically costs up to $100.

The Cameo Peacock lacks the deep color of other breeds. Deeper chocolate brown ones follow creamy brown neck feathers. Due to its distinctive coloration, Cameo has an advantage, which raises its price. Cameo Peacock often sells for up to $250.

India Blue is also called Common Peafowl, Indian Peafowl, and Blue Peafowl, among other peacock names. The Indian peacock has widespread availability; it may be purchased for up to $75.

One of the exquisite peacock types, the Pied, has white patches on its wings and may cost up to $250.

Spalding, which was created by crossing Blue India and Green Java, can reach $125.

Pure white is the only hue of the white peacock. A price increase is appropriate because this color breed is uncommon, so prices for such an example can range from $250 or more. (Read Cost Of Renting A Wood Chipper)

own a peacock

How Much Does a Peacock Cost To Own?

Most individuals are concerned with the upfront cost and base their purchasing decisions entirely on it. They should focus more on the rising costs, though. For example, the maintenance costs for a peacock are far lower than those of sure large pets.

Since these animals do not graze on pastures, you must get their everyday meal from the market. For food, they depend on wheat, corn, fruit, nuts, worms, reptiles, ants, and crickets.

A peacock pet owner would require up to a $20 monthly feeding budget. You must give them their preferred foods and snacks to keep them happy and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy A Peacock?

Buying a peacock from a local breeder is preferable. Most farms don’t ship out of state because of size and health concerns. You can also pay about $100 for boarding if your breeder consents to send the bird.

Can You Buy Peacocks As Pets?

People like to display peacocks since they are popular ornamental birds. Because of their appeal, the rare green and white species command greater prices. Although they can be purchased as pets, they are not effective guardians or companions.

Are Peacocks Easy to Keep?

Peacocks are challenging to keep due to their temperament and disposition. They were not designed to live in densely populated cities. They should be kept in a sizable pen or aviary and are best suited to country homes or rural settings.

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