How Much Does Spraying For Weeds Cost

A green lawn is the aim of most homeowners as it enhances a home’s curb appeal and value. Patchy grass with unattractive weeds is just two of several factors that lead to gardens being an eyesore.

It may be easy to deal with new weeds, yet if they are already established, you may not have the time to devote to getting rid of them. Luckily, many local professionals can offer free estimates and general information.

Before seeking these out, have an estimate of weeding prices. There’s no question that the best defense against lawn weeds is to maintain a lush turf grass lawn. So, what would a weed control service price be? (Learn How To Get Rid Of Dollar Weeds In Flower Beds)

In our weed spraying cost guide, you will find out more about how much does it cost to spray your yard for weeds and what other additional costs you could face.

Weed spraying cost guide

Why Is Weed Control Important?

Weed control is essential for a healthy, consistent lawn. Weeds thrive in most soil conditions and settings, and some are invasive and harmful. They outlive, adapt, reproduce, and spread faster than other plants, producing many seeds that travel far.

These seeds can stay dormant for years and as they sprout, these weeds can outgrow turf grass and crowd out desirable plants.

Some weeds damage homes, with roots and vines clogging pipes and cracking foundations.

Woody weeds can affect lawnmower operation or lead to damage.

Doing it yourself can be a labor-filled task, yet expert treatment helps ease safety concerns by having the experts conduct your weeding tasks.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Weeds?

There are distinct types of weeds, such as broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds, annuals that only live one season, and perennials that return year after year.

Different weeds need different chemical applications. Products usually target either broadleaf or grassy weeds, not both.

A professional lawn care service knows which chemicals to use on weeds and when.

Lawn care providers use two methods to kill weeds: pre-emergence and post-emergence.

Pre-emergence destroys seedlings before they emerge from the surface, while post-emergence kills existing weeds.

The first week of treatment kills weeds, but it may take several weeks to kill them entirely.

A severe rain, mowing, or extremely hot weather during the 24-hour treatment period reduces the effectiveness of the chemical chemicals.

Remember that some weeds are harder to kill, and no herbicide will ever completely eradicate weeds. The best defense is regular treatments. (Read our Killing Horsetail Guide)

Average Weed Control Prices

The price of professional weed control to keep a lawn healthy varies depending on the size of the lawn, the weed problem, and your location.

Prices range from $50-$100 per treatment, with six to nine visits advised per year.

Some companies need a one-year contract and many offer prices. Regular weed control and fertilization can be had for around $500 per year.

This can alter the treatment price, as some chemicals are more costly than others.

Besides this, there could be the need to fertilize your lawn to add vital nutrients or carry out some insect control besides any weed and feed applications.

How Much Does Spraying for Weeds Cost?

Aside from when to kill lawn weeds, we know that cost is a concern. How much does spraying cost? asks many homeowners.

First, you should know that weed spraying is only one component of an entire lawn care routine, and the total cost could be much more.

Weed control services aren’t enough, and other lawn care duties include fertilization, lawn aeration, mowing, and pest control where needed. All are geared to promote a lush, healthy lawn that can naturally choke out weeds.

What’s Included in Lawn Care

If you hire a lawn care company, you should know what to expect to pay and why.

Lawn care starts at $40-$60 per visit.

With so many weeds, it’s critical to deal with a professional lawn care company that can address your lawn’s specific issues with various weed control treatments that are generally applied to encourage a thick and beautiful lawn.

Weed Control Services Cost

Weed Control Services by Herbicide

Organic, chemical and both lawn care options are available to today’s consumers.

The organic alternative appears to be the more environmentally conscious, yet there are price differences between the two to get a healthy lawn.

Chemical Weed Killer

On average, chemical weed killers cost between $30 to $120 per 14 acres or square foot in smaller gardens.

Chemical weed killers kill existing weeds and prevent them from sprouting, resulting in faster results and more possibilities. Chemical herbicides are less expensive and more readily available than their organic counterparts.

Because some chemicals are toxic to humans, pets, and the environment, follow guidelines carefully or hire professionals to mix and carry out the solution application as is needed.

Chemical weed killers have a longer-lasting effect on plants than organic, contact-only herbicides.

DIY homeowners frequently misuse, overuse, and abuse them. Professional weed control service providers know how to combine these in the right amounts for your lawn and can save money.

Organic Weed Killer

Organic herbicides comprise naturally occurring or derived products and by-products that have been shown to control and kill weeds.

They are non-selective, contact-only post-emergence weed killers that only kill the parts of the weed that they come into touch with, not the roots underground. Organic herbicides are more expensive than chemical herbicides, with cost treatments ranging from $40 to $165 every 14 acres on average.

Vinegar, aromatic oils, and herbicidal soap are the key ingredients. Another popular organic herbicide that is also an excellent source of nitrogen for fertilizer is corn gluten meal, which is an organic version of the “weed and feed” product. (Find the Best Weed Killer For Flower Beds)

Corn gluten meal is usually the most expensive alternative for organic weed killer.

Weed and Feed Lawn Care Services

Professional applications of weed-and-feed weed control cost between $30 and $60. Weed and Feed is a generic weed control product that experts used to kill weeds while feeding your lawn.

Existing weeds are killed, but the mix can incorporate a pre-emergence herbicide. This treatment may not kill crabgrass.

Post-emergent Weed Control

The average cost of a professional application of post-emergence weed control is $65 to $85.

Weeds that have sprouted are treated with post-emergence herbicides. Based on the weeds on your lawn, your professional will determine which treatment to use.

Post-emergence herbicides are most effective when weeds are less than 4 inches tall, and temperatures are between 60- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of the potential for harm, lawn care services do not apply the post-emergence herbicide when warm-season turf grasses are transitioning from winter dormancy to active growth.

Instead, they use it to deliver a healthy green lawn during the winter dormancy period or active growth in the summer.

Pre-emergent Weed Control

Professional pre-emergent weed control costs between $70 and $90 for each application. Herbicides used before weeds germinate and sprout are known as pre-emergence herbicides.

To activate the chemicals, around 12 inches of water is required after application and before the seeds germinate.

Pre-emergent herbicide is used at specific times of the year. Your professional will apply it early in the spring to control warm-season annual weeds and then again in June or July to prevent weeds from sprouting during the summer.

Your professional will treat your lawn early in the fall to prevent cool-season annual weeds. A “weed and feed” herbicide and fertilizer are frequently used in pre-emergence treatments. (Find the Best Pre-Emergent Weed Killer)

Professional weed pulling cost

Weed Pulling Cost

For more weeds to be removed, expect to pay $30 to $60 per hour. Professional weed removal services or hand weeding are excellent at eradicating weeds with deep taproots and extensive rhizomes that would otherwise remove more labor.

Hand-weeding tools, mechanical weed pullers, machetes, grubbers, root busters, a blazing torch, trimmer, tiller, backhoe, and a power mower are some of the manual tools and power equipment that your professional may use to remove more weeds manually.

Grassy Weed Control

Expect to pay $30 to $115 per 14 acres for chemical weed control and $40 to $165 per 14 acre for organic weed control.

Grassy weeds flourish in the same conditions as turf grass, which is why they grow on your lawn.

Bluegrass, Dallisgrass, Rescuegrass, Ryegrass, and Sandbur are among examples.

Grassy weeds are controlled by your professional using pre-emergence herbicides in the early spring, except for Dallisgrass.

Dallisgrass is controlled by professionals using a post-emergence herbicide to spot-treat it.

Pre-emergence herbicides are required for cool-season grassy weeds like annual bluegrass, which your professional will use in the early fall or when your lawn is dormant.

Nutsedge is a very difficult-to-control weed that resembles grass but is a member of the sedge family, needing the use of a specific herbicide.

Perennial Weed Control

Chemical weed control treatment costs $60 to $120 for every 14 acres, while organic treatment costs $40 to $165 per 14 acres.

Perennial weeds are invasive and come back year after year. Early on, get a professional to keep them under control. Bindweed, nutsedge, and quackgrass are examples.

Glyphosate, quinclorac, thifensulfuron, tribenuron, aminopyralid, bromoxynil, and clopyralid are some of the chemical treatments used.

Mulching, vinegar, and corn gluten are examples of organic therapies. Seedling plants are treated in the spring, while established plants are treated in the fall.

Annual Chemical weed control costs

Annual Weeds Control

Chemical weed control costs $60 to $120 for every 14 acres, while organic weed control costs $40 to $165 per 14 acre.

Annual weeds come and go every year. To prevent germination and growth, spray them with a pre-emergence herbicide in late July.

Annual bluegrass, crabgrass, and foxtail are other examples.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Chemical treatment has average costs of around $60 to $120 per 14 acres, whereas organic broadleaf weed control will cost $40 to $165 per 14 acres. Broadleaf weeds, which blossom and have broad leaves, are best treated with selective post-emergence herbicides.

Chickweed, clover, dandelion, dock, henbit, mustard, spurge, and aster are among examples.

Organic, chemical, and even hand-pulling methods are quite easy to control these weeds and the average price per square footage tends not to vary depending on size too much.

Cost per Acre to Spray Weeds

Weed management is a year-long process that uses a combination of herbicides to control various weed species.

An initial non-selective herbicide, if needed, is included in the overall cost, followed by pre-emergence, post-emergence, and selective herbicides.

Sprayers and other tools are also included in the price. Many pros will give you an estimate depending on the size of your lawn and the price per square foot.

The cost of weed control per acre varies between $75 and $200.

How Much Does Lawn Treatment Service Cost?

The cost of lawn care treatment is determined by several factors:

  • Larger landscapes will cause more chemicals and fertilizers, which will raise the cost. The price per square foot drops as the property grows larger.
  • If your lawn is in poor condition, it will require more time and chemicals to get it back to a manageable state.
  • Weed types: Some weeds require repeated treatment of specialty chemicals, while others may require less regular treatment.

How Much Does Spraying For Weeds Cost

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