How To Break Up Concrete With Chemicals

For over the years, humanity has been in search of durable materials in making a structure. The ability of a building to withstand time measures its durability. Concrete structures have proven their use for hundreds of years.

The need for renovations makes concrete difficult to change. Hence, the use of chemicals to break it comes in handy.

What is Concrete?

A block of concrete is a mixture of cement, fine sand, and gravel used in construction. When mixed with water, it hardens and forms the shape of its structure.

A concrete’s durability makes it a good choice for weight-bearing areas of a structure. It can be used as a foundation, wall, or column. Studying the properties of concrete improves its durability. (Learn How To Remove Spray Paint From Concrete)

broken concrete

Leading cement companies now engage in making breakthroughs in terms of production. Manufacturing cement that mixes well in making concrete adds to its advantages.

Concrete technology seeks ways to create and formulating ideas for its application. The strength of concrete contributes to its edge as a primary choice in making a structure. Houses and office buildings are mostly built from concrete.

A concrete follows the desired shape of a structure. Once it dries up, it takes the appearance of its mold. No matter how tall a building is, a strong foundation is key to its durability.


Making refurbishments in an establishment is important. Changing certain areas allows more space and easy mobility.

The importance of renovation paves the way for a new look and ambiance of an establishment. Making renovations not only improves your personal space but also adds value to the structure itself.

A renovation helps in increasing the value of a building. The improved design and ergonomics make it much better than before.

However, making renovations is not that simple. Breaking a structure without damaging the other things near it isn’t easy. Destroying concrete is hard because its solid structure makes it difficult to break.

Concrete Demolition

It would help if you had the right tools when planning on making a concrete demolition.

Basic tools include:

  • Pry Bar
  • Bolt Cutters
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Polyethylene Plastic
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Rotary Hammer
  • Chipping Hammer
  • Sledgehammer
  • Jackhammer
  • Safety Gear

Using these tools allows you to proceed with the demolition process. Concrete removal methods vary with the type of concrete you are planning to destroy. (Learn How To Polish Concrete)

Demolition does not mean the complete disposal of a concrete structure. Some undergo maintenance to flatten concrete surfaces and patching up walls.

Depending upon the type of concrete structure, the right demolition method is useful.


Demolition Methods

Concrete demolition uses specific methods. Each method is dependent on the type of concrete structure you want to destroy.

Large-scale demolition requires large equipment. Demolition tools help in making the demolition process easier and more convenient.

Common methods include using

  • Explosives
  • Ball and Crane
  • Dismantling
  • Hydraulics


Explosives are perfect for removing concrete structures on a large scale. An explosive is inserted after you drill holes in a concrete structure and then detonate them to commence demolition.

The blast of an explosive destroys an entire concrete structure in a short time.

However, the energy from the blast gives potential damage to other surrounding structures. This results in cracks and damage from the debris after an explosion.

As such, knowledge about the physics of a series of explosions is important to control the damage. Using explosives needs strict compliance to safety measures to avoid collateral damage.

Ball and Crane

The oldest means of breaking up concrete is using a Ball and Crane. Ball and Crane utilizes a wrecking ball to demolish thick concrete structures.

Despite its ability to break concrete easily, problems with cutting steel reinforcements apart is a problem. (Learn How Much Does A Yard Of Concrete Weigh)


The process of dismantling a concrete structure uses cutting tools that break them apart. This works by using a saw or water jets and thermal lance in dissecting the concrete elements. This will break it apart into smaller pieces.

A crane will remove the dissected chunks and transfer them bit by bit using a crane. Removing the slabs and floors of a building help facilitate an efficient and organized way of concrete breaking.


Hydraulic breakers use machine-mounted breakers that utilize pounds of force to destroy sections of a concrete structure. It acts like a mounted jackhammer that breaks the concrete with concentrated energy.

The hydraulic tool can be controlled remotely by an operator. However, the rent for a hydraulic machine can be expensive. On the other hand, hydraulic breakers are useful when breaking up concrete on a precise area of a large structure.

Chemicals as Agent for Concrete Demolition

Jackhammers, rotary hammers, and other tools that use force to break the concrete apart are common means in demolition. Technological advancements devised the best way to break up concrete using chemical agents at a much lesser cost.

Chemical concrete breaking utilizes chemicals to dissolve concrete materials, making them soft and easier for removal. A Dexpan Demolition Grout is used to dissolve concrete mix to make it soft and easier to break. (Learn How To Put Screws In Concrete)

Dexpan Demolition Grout

Dexpan demolition grout is a chemical compound that expands when mixed with water. It is a non-explosive material that breaks up concrete by increasing its size, creating an energy of about 18,0000 pounds per square inch.

The slow expansion process of Dexpan creates cracks on a concrete structure, making it easier for a slab to be taken out. The grout breaks up concrete without using jackhammers and explosive materials.

Using chemicals to break concrete is the best way to keep you away from dust and noise complaints.


How to Break Up Concrete with Chemicals

Breaking up concrete using chemicals is quite easy. Watching a DIY video using chemicals for your concrete removal project is a good alternative to save costs for the job.

Drilling holes on the walls and floor of a concrete structure will give room for the grout. A rotary hammer can be useful in doing the job. Using a 1.5-inch drill bit, begin drilling holes in your concrete. Each hole must be 1-1.5 inches in diameter and at least 1 foot apart.

The holes must be 80% deep into the concrete cavity. Thick concrete needs bigger and deeper holes. Be careful to give space for the grout to expand. After drilling, proceed with mixing your solution. An 11-pound bag of Dexpan needs to be dissolved on about one and a half liters of water.

Continuously drill the mixture using a bucket. Make sure that there are no lumps inside the solution. Once done, pour the mix inside the holes. Be careful not to contaminate your hands and other areas when you pour the mixture. Make sure the drill holes are away from water or sunlight.

Wait for the Dexpan mix to expand fully. Make sure to dispose of the remaining mix inside the bucket properly. In about 2-8 hours, cracks start to appear, and the concrete element breaks. The hardened mixture will fully expand in about 24 hours and continuously breaks the concrete into chunks.

Once the agent has fully expanded, you can now see that the hardened solution successfully broke the concrete. You can now call other personnel to help remove concrete from your concrete-breaking project. Removal of concrete materials should be easy by now.

Advantages of Using Chemical to Break up Concrete

Using a compound to demolish and break up concrete is very effective. It’s toxic-free and helps you get the job done by simply watching a video on removing concrete without much equipment.

Just search for the right tools in completing your demolition job using chemical compounds. Although a jackhammer, chipping hammer, or sledgehammer is a perfect tool to destroy hardened concrete, chemicals are much more convenient to use.

You won’t have to rent heavy equipment to perform a demolition job. Looking after the menu on how to use a tool in demolishing a structure is hard. By simply using chemicals to remove a slab of concrete material, one can easily get the job done. A pry bar or rotary hammer can be used to remove the remaining slabs of concrete.

Chipping the pieces down from large chunks of concrete using chemicals is a perfect tool to break up concrete structures.

Safety and Security

For every plan of demolishing concrete structures, standard safety and security procedures must be followed. The Dexpan grout is perfect for completing this job. Its slow expansion rate gives the Dexpan the ability to create cracks slowly without much sound, unlike a jackhammer.

The deep holes created using a rotary hammer are perfect for making a series of grids for the Dexpan grout. A sledgehammer can effectively demolish a concrete slab, but this will put you at risk of injuring yourself. (Read About Concrete Block Gardening)

Nevertheless, choosing Dexpan grout to commence with demolishing a concrete structure is helpful and convenient. It saves you from the hassle of renting heavy equipment to destroy a concrete element.

By simply mixing its compound, one can easily and safely break up concrete. Regardless of what circumstance you are in, choosing the safest and most effective tool in demolishing a concrete structure is important.

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