How To Clean A Hot Tub That Has Been Sitting

Once you stop using your hot tub, it doesn’t take too long for the water in it to turn nasty. In many instances, a few days is all that’s needed.

Yet if you’ve decommissioned your hot tub for an extended period, then you may have a more challenging task. You can discover slime and bacteria that can be nestled deep inside the system.

While it isn’t too hard to get your hot tub back in working order, you need to do it methodically. Here you can learn all the steps you need to get your spas back into condition.

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By the end, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to clean hot tubs, no matter how long they’ve been standing. (Find the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner)

How long can you safely sit in a hot tub?

When using a hot tub, you need to follow the guidelines for safety reasons. Hot tub water is higher than the body’s internal temperature, and sitting for a long time in the tub causes you to overheat and can lead to lightheadedness, dizziness, or nausea.

Ideally, your hot tub sessions can last about 15-30 minutes. Depending on the water temperature, you could stretch your soak to 45 minutes.

How do you deep clean a hot tub?

Here’s how to clean a used hot tub thoroughly. The steps are easy to follow, and it won’t be long before you can enjoy your hot spas and the power of water on your back.

While there are large sections of the tub you can see, the draining and deep cleaning ensures all the jets function and keeps your hot tub working as it should.

Once grime gets in your hot tub, it can stop filters working, and not only does water quality and performance suffer, but it is also an ideal place for bacteria to grow.

Test and Change Filters

Before cleaning the tub, make sure the spa pump and filter are working. If required, add water to the mid-skimmer level to cover the filter. It is recommended to replace after cleaning.

Turn on the power and check all valves are open before and after your pump. Make sure there are no leaks. Run the spa pump on low and then high speed to help dislodge gunk in the pipes.

You can find many spa owners using vinegar to clean hot tub pipes. Add some vinegar as you run the pump and let it sit for 15 minutes to get rid of the gunk.

Drain and Clean

Draining water completely is the best way of cleaning your hot tub after it’s been sitting. If the water doesn’t have visible algae or bio-film, you can save time and move on to start purging the plumbing.

To drain, look for the drainage port. Some spas have access ports. If not, you’ll find a short hose or a hose connection at the lowest point. Let the water drain the tub by gravity.

If the water condition is bad, use your garden hose to spray off spa surfaces. Spray water in the skimmer or into the spa jets to loosen the gunk.

Refill and Purge the System

Once you empty all the dirty water, you need to purge the spa. In this step, you’ll need to add cleaning chemicals to remove any bio-film which may line the inside of the pipes.

These help remove bio-film, mineral buildup, oils and other contaminants from the spa plumbing. Again, you may be able to do this with vinegar. Add either with the pump system running.

Drain and Fill

Start draining the hot tub water again and using a hose or old rag, clean the hot tub to remove any scum from the top of the spa, clean as the water level falls. Once the tub is empty, use sponges or wet & dry vac to suck up the last drops of dirty water.

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Refill your spa with clean water and then carry out your water test to balance the pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness. You can then shock the hot tub with 1-3 tablespoons of spa shock chemicals following instructions.

You can use a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar as a hot tub filter cleaner, but it is better to change your hot tub filter. A new filter will make sure all dirt and debris are caught, and the filter won’t block as fast.

Before you replace your hot tub cover, make sure to clean the hot tub cover with a bleach and water solution to remove any bacteria, or all your hard work cleaning hot tub might be for nothing. (Read Our Solar Pool Cover Reviews)

How Do You Get Dirt Out of a Hot Tub?

You can go through the hot tubs cleaning steps, and every time, you are bound to have some dirt remaining in the bottom. Besides, when in use, there can be dirt entering without much effort.

Here are a few ways you can get rid of this related dirt.

  • Use a vacuum – spa wands are mini vacuums for use in water
  • Pool toys – water squirters might well work. Keep one handy and stick the nozzle underwater and pull to suck up dirt.
  • Siphon water – you can place the end of your hose by the dirt, and once you siphon, light grit can be sucked up.
  • Silly putty – it is waterproof and sticky. Push into any dirt, and it will stick where you can remove it.

It doesn’t take too much to keep your spa or hot tub in good working order. It can help if you drain the water when not in use to stop bacteria and algae. (Find the Best Above Ground Pool Liner)

A little effort is all it takes to keep your hot tub ready for the next time you want to soak and relax.

How To Clean A Hot Tub That Has Been Sitting

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