How to Clean Water Stain from Leather Bag

Leather bags are a woman’s top fashion accessory; they come in many forms, such as clutch bags, purses, and handbags.

As good as bags may look when new, there can be occasions, you either get caught out in the rain, something falls, or you have a bottle of water that springs a leak inside your bag.

You may not think much of this; however, anything leather has a tendency to leave a mark on the part of your bag that was wet. After cleaning and dry, you have a ring on your beloved fashion accessory.

Clean Water Stain from Leather Bag

While you may want to head off for the latest stain remover for leather, you can perform just a good a job to remove stains with things you have around the home. (Read How To Clean Mold On Wood)

Using this quality guide to determine how you can carry out stain removal on water-stained handbags or wallets without purchasing a leather cleaner for bags or too much cleaning effort.

If you have questions about cleaning or to remove stains on leather purse, or want to share your success. You can contact us without worrying about breaking our privacy policy.

Can Water Stains Be Removed from Leather?

Watermarks and old stains can ruin shoes, purses, and leather handbags along with any other favorite leather accessories.

No matter if your leather is tan, brown, or another color, you can carefully remove water stains from leather and return it to its previous condition.

Wipe Away Water As Soon As Possible

The issue with water is that the longer it sits on your leather, the more damage it can cause. If possible, cleaning away as much of the spillage as you can help a great deal. (Read How to Clean a Wood Deck with a Pressure Washer)

Let the Leather Dry Slowly

The issue with leather isn’t so much as how wet it is; it is how fast it dries. Using a clean cloth for cleaning up the excess, but not to let the cloth soak up too much of the moisture. Never cause your leather to dry too fast using hot air or to place it in direct sunlight.

Apply Leather Creams

Once your leather is drying, you need to apply some kind of leather conditioner to restore it to its original suppleness and help waterproof the leather. When you add creams, always do so in a light circular motion.

How Do You Get Water Stains Out of Louis Vuitton Leather?

If you like Louis Vuitton and are using any designer products, you will know how important it is to keep them in top condition.

It doesn’t matter if it is a leather purse, a hand bag, one of their designer handbags, a travel case, or any other quality items they produce.

You will understand the value, so your heart can sink when you have stains on your leather purse. (Read Baking Soda In Washing Machine)

Luckily, if you follow these simple steps, you can remove these stains and keep your LV products in perfect condition. The good thing is that using these techniques, cleaning a leather purse is the same as how to clean the leather bag.

  1. Soak a clean sponge with cool water.
  2. Squeeze out any excess (To obtain the best results, use a new sponge right from the wrapper).
  3. Run the edge of the sponge with the side seam, then gently wipe across the panel.
  4. Re-moisten your sponge, and repeat the steps if required.
  5. Let your leather air drying slowly (Once your leather is wet at a uniform level and drying correctly, the water spots will vanish).
  6. Once dry, apply a coating of leather conditioner as indicated on the care tag. Such a compound protects against staining and moisture stains.
  7. Rub in a circular motion and allow it to penetrate the leather before use.

Remove Stains from Leather

How Do You Remove Stains from Leather?

If you have a leather purse or leather handbags that need cleaning, you can follow these techniques alongside the ones above if you need a bit more oomph to your stain removal.

The good thing with these is, you can use things around the home instead of travel to your local store for some specific leather cleaner. (Learn How To Remove Stickers From Wood)

Rubbing Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover

Ideal for ink stains and scuffs. Using a cotton swab, dip in your solution, and blot the stain. Be sure never to rub, or ink will spread. Wipe with a clean cloth when done.

Home Made Stain Remover and Rejuvenator

You can mix a 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 cup of olive oil. You can either use in a spray bottle or dab a clean cloth and gently rub on the leather purse stains.

You will find the olive oil does a great job of keeping your leather soft and supple after application and prevents it from drying.

All the above are perfect to clean and remove stains on your purse or any of your bags. You can find cleaning stains using any of these makes cleaning far more manageable than other methods. (Read How To Remove Glue From Fabric With Iron)

The only cost you may find when cleaning is time rather than spending on cleaning costs.

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How to Clean Water Stain from Leather Bag

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  1. Thanks so much for all the information. I’m going to buy a 180.00 leather handbag for 40.00 because it has a water stain that I now know I can fix, especially cheap, easy and I have the ingredients at home.

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