How To Determine The Age Of A Howard Miller Clock

The exquisite quality of Howard Miller grandfather clocks is appreciated by collectors who shop in off-market stores, auctions, estate sales, garage sales, and even online sites.

Since 1929, these clocks have been made by the clock company in Zeeland, Michigan.

The Howard Miller line extension made authentication of Howard Miller clocks more challenging.

The age of a Howard Miller Clock can help determine value. Remember that Howard Miller clocks can be quite valuable.

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A trained appraiser can tell you the age and value of your clock based on a few significant parameters. Yet if you could find the Howard Miller Clock Company registered serial number, then things could be far easier.

Here, before you head off to get your Howard Miller clock valued, you can learn more about how to identify the Howard Miller serial number lookup procedure. You can also learn where to look to give yourself an appraisal if you wonder how much your clock is worth.

By the end, you’ll be able to come up with a tough value for most grandfather clocks once you know what and where to check. (Learn How Many Yards Of Concrete On A Truck)

Do Howard Miller Clocks Increase in Value?

All the Howard Miller Clocks and timepieces are likely to appreciate, regardless of who buys them. A Howard Miller Grandfather Clock like a Beacon Hill can double in value in 20 years.

This is Howard Miller country, the world’s largest clock and grandfather clock production company. Annually, the factory in Zeeland, Mic, produces over 220,000 clocks.

All the production timepieces head to over 5,000 furniture and clock dealers across the country and overseas buyers.

Some are on display in the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, and the National Watch and Clock Collectors Museum.

In the very beginning, the focus was on the smaller chiming wall and mantle clocks. However, as he became more interested in other models, he focused on the floor clock, which we now see as the Howard Miller grandfather clock of today.

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How Do I Find My Howard Miller Serial Number?

To figure out how old your clock is, be sure it’s a grandfather clock rather than a wall clock. Clocks that stand alone on the ground and are tall enough not to be put on a table or other furniture are known as grandfather clocks or long case clocks.

They are often assigned a category according to how often they need to be wound.

The best Grandfather Clocks from the 18th century are often eight-day clocks or 30-hour clocks, which means you need to wind them inside this time frame for them to show the correct time.

Instead of the customary Roman numeral “IV,” the oldest clocks, which date from 1720 to 1830, often use the numbers of “1111” for the number “4” on the clock face.

This was to balance the opposing “VIII” for “8” on the other side of the center face.

Howard Miller clocks in America are often marked with model and serial numbers, which can be found engraved near the center face of the dial on a label stuck to the rear of the clock, on a label affixed to the inside of the front door, or on a foil label attached to the back of the clock. (Read our Guide to Removing Stains From Leather)

Here is more about the following places to find the engraved number plate or the model number.

  • On a label on the back of the longcase clock.
  • On a foil label that you’ll find inside the front door, however, if the clock doesn’t have a front opening door, foil labels and serial numbers are on one of the inside rails.
  • The movement on the inside of the back panel is what’s behind it.
  • As you face the front of the clock, look for the left access panel.
  • Remove the left-hand access panel.
  • Look behind the movement for the information on the back panel.
  • A flashlight may be required to illuminate the area.

Besides, from a value perspective, you may need to know this for a replacement part.

Before contacting Howard Miller, determine whether your Miller clock longcase is chain or cable-driven, as well as the length of the pendulum. The pendulum would be longer in a Howard Miller grandfather clock compared to a Howard Miller Grandmother Clock.


What is a Howard Miller clock Worth?

An unmatched level of quality, along with an unwavering commitment to perfection, was the aim for Howard Miller’s timepieces.

Howard C. Miller founded Howard Miller Clocks at 21 in 1926 and was adamant about a Howard Miller clock being the ultimate quality.

The Howard Miller Clock company recognized the necessity of manufacturing high-quality products even back then. He wasn’t expecting anything less. In exchange, he agreed to have his name engraved on every clock made at the huge plant in Zeeland, Michigan.

In the Black Forest of Germany, Herman taught him the wonderful art of clockmaking. Howard developed into a visionary with a three-generation legacy of brilliance because of his innovative attitude.

The Kieninger Company employs Old World craftsman to manufacture superb movements for our clocks. The company’s expanded product variety, on the other hand, is enticing more and more buyers who want high-quality clocks and furnishings for their homes and businesses, regardless of the occasion.

From portable alarm clocks to desk sets, wall and mantel clocks, collectors’ cabinets, and limited edition grandfather clocks, Howard Miller Clocks has hundreds of products to suit any style. They’re also reasonably priced, ranging from $15 to $15,000!

The earliest clocks, which date to around 1720, are largely British and have maple or oak casings. Because mahogany was not imported into the United Kingdom until the mid-eighteenth century, a clock with a mahogany case can usually be dated to that time.

National Origin and Unrecognized Makers

Note how the clock center face is framed to determine the country whence your clock came unlike how you determine the date of Howard Miller Clocks.

Production of Grandfather clocks was made in various places, including England, Germany, Scotland, and the United States.

  • The ornate fluted top, which has two different columns, like horns, distinguishes English and Scottish grandfather clocks.
  • German grandfather clocks feature a rounded top and are less ornate.
  • Most clocks made in the United States are from the twentieth century and include Arabic numerals on the dial.

The country of origin also determines the most popular grandfather clocks’ time period.

Germany, for example, only started their mass production of grandfather clocks in the 1880s, when Gustav Becker switched from making wall clocks to the production of floor standing clocks.

Each of Becker’s clocks bears his seal and serial number, and you can locate the serial numbers on the rear side of the dial.

Should your grandfather clock be from the twentieth century, it comes with a stamp and serial number from the German manufacturer Embee. You can date this back to within a five-year period.

All you need to do is check for the foil label or plate containing the serial number and then check in catalogs or with most antique clock merchants as they can help you determine the year of the Embee or the other clock maker Gustav Becker.

If a well-known manufacturer did not make your clock, it is time to visit an antique dealer. From here, they can determine the type of wood, the style of the clock, and any other historical elements, which can help them determine the decade in history your clock was made.

Because the make and features of unidentified grandfather clocks can be highly unique, determining their age typically needs the use of experts.

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  2. About eight months ago, we sent our Howard Miller clock works out to be cleaned because it had stopped running. Long story short, the repair man has since misplaced the box containing all the parts, and we are left with an empty case. We have asked him to get replacement works but are unable to give complete information re: model number, etc. because half the label is missing from the inside of the cabinet. I will try to attach a photo I took of the partial label we have. The case is 82 inches tall, cable driven, and has three chimes. We bought the clock new in 1988. The registered serial number on the inside of the door is 560226, and the serial number on our partial label (probably complete) is 70800512. I think we need to know the model number before we can go about finding replacement works. Thank you for any insight you can give us.

  3. We own 2 of your grandfather clocks. We love both. The first we bought new in 1988. The 2nd we bought at a 2nd hand place in 2018. The model number is 610-406704 and serial number 20990505. Can you tell us its age? It has stopped working and we cannot find a repairman here in northern Colorado. Any suggestions?

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