How To Disconnect ADT Alarm System

When you use an ADT security alarm to protect your home, you must understand what could cause an alarm reaction. A security alarm comprises a network of sensors on your home’s doors and windows that are vulnerable to intruder break-ins.

Opening a window or door after the security system has been set will set off the alarm in seconds. The sound is unpleasant enough to deter trespassers and alert neighbors. In addition, when linked to security firms such as ADT, there is an instant response to law enforcement in the event of unauthorized entry.

A security system is a fantastic way to protect your home, but the emergency response can only be postponed using the security code. Issues come if you have forgotten your code or are doing work around the home, and it will interfere with your alarm.

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You can learn more about how your security alarm works in our guide. By the end, you’ll know enough about how to disconnect ADT alarm system without alerting the ADT office and police.

Use Alarm Code to Deactivate Security

This is the best and simplest remedy to a home security alarm malfunction. ADT allows you 30 seconds to three minutes to silence your alarm. So, if you can recall the code within 30 seconds of the alarm blaring, you’ve got it. Next, go to your alarm’s keypad and enter the code to turn it off. (Read Why Is My Smoke Detector Leaking Water)

ADT can detect if an alarm was accidentally set off or if an emergency scenario exists. ADT may contact the account holder first before contacting the authorities.

ADT will then call to confirm you have no emergency and ask for your password. This is the alarm’s verbal security password. Your alarm will be turned off if you provide ADT with the right password. However, if you’ve forgotten your code or password, you can only disable the alarm by hand. Your alarm system will need to be reactivated after this.

Deactivate Security Alarm Without Code

You may need to physically disable the power supply of your ADT security alarm if you don’t have the correct security code or password. To remove the AC power adapter from the outlet, you’ll likely need a screwdriver, as well as a key to access your circuit breaker.

Remove the battery and unplug the transformer box from the alarm. The transformer box is usually in the basement, or a closet plugged into an outlet close to your circuit breaker or fuse box.

Your alarm system’s primary power supply is the transformer box. A battery is included in the box and serves as a backup power source for your alarm. Therefore, it will not turn off if you merely detach the alarm but leave the battery in place.

Open the circuit breaker in your home. The circuit breaker is near the transformer box for the alarm system. It’s kept in a metal container. Locate the switch that powers the alarm by following the wires from the transformer to the circuit board.

Your alarm will turn off when you turn off the switch.

A regular ADT security alarm will be around 100 and 115 decibels, so you need to disarm it quickly before grabbing too much attention.  

Depending on the type of ADT alarm system, you must do one of three things to turn it off:

  1. Locate the transformer plug and remove it from the outlet.
  2. Take apart the security panel.
  3. Remove the backup battery from the system.

Turn Off ADT Alarm without a Code

ADT security systems come in various styles, but they all operate in the same way. For example, many older models have a separate panel box from the keypad.

The battery can be found in the panel box, and you’ll have to have access to the panel box after unplugging the transformer. (Learn How To Disconnect A Smoke Alarm)

If you live in a home with an existing system, you may not access the panel box using “conventional” methods, such as a key.

The battery is usually connected to a plastic or rubber flap with both a positive and negative terminal, like how you find 9-volt batteries connected with their positive and negative terminal.

Disconnect it, and the alarm should stop as long as the transformer is unplugged. If you can’t find the transformer or it’s screwed in, the easiest solution is to turn off the power, remove the battery, and then look for or remove the transformer.

Some batteries are in the security panel itself, next to or behind the keypad. Honeywell mostly makes ADT Residio home security systems, and most have a battery backup and run from an AC outlet.

removed battery

How to Remove an ADT Battery

The ADT Command and Control panel’s battery is behind the touchscreen. On the touchscreen, select “tools,” then enter your user code and exit.

Because the user code won’t work here, you’ll need to proceed without shutting down the system.

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove a single screw from the panel’s bottom.

Once you remove the screw, the touchscreen will pop up from the wall panel. Here, you have access to the rear. Again, spot the battery held by a plastic clasp and a screw behind the touchscreen.

Loosen this screw and ease the clasp from the battery. You can find a quick connection that holds the battery on the panel. To remove the battery, unplug the quick-connect.


Disable ADT Alarm Using Key Fob

The key fob is unlikely to be left behind, yet if you possess an ADT system and your user code is broken or lost, you can disarm the system using the key fob.

If you have your key fob, hit disarm, which shows a small shield icon with a diagonal slash. Some systems may need you to hold the button for two seconds.

How to Avoid ADT False Alarms

Because the fundamental problem is a lack of a user code, eliminating potential alarm triggers should be done first.

Here are some options:

Call ADT

As soon as you know you’ll be removing the hardware, call ADT and let them know. For the duration of the three-year contract, the owner of the property leases the ADT equipment.

If you are not the original contract or lease owner, contact ADT to see if they will send a technician to recover the equipment.

Remove Your ADT Hardware

If you plan on removing all the hardware, you must notify the monitoring service. It’s possible that removing the old equipment will set off an alarm, in which case the police will be informed.

Even if the system is no longer officially monitored, this is possible.

If you’re allowed to disassemble the hardware yourself, remove sure to disconnect the transformer and battery before removing the control panel, sensors, or cameras. If you come across a wire, make careful to turn off the breaker. (Learn How To Not Set Off Smoke Alarm With Fog Machine)

Silicone sealant is commonly used to install door and window sensors. You’ll need WD-40 to spray the silicone, soften it, and remove or cut it away with a scraper or putty knife.

After removing the contact and magnet, you’ll notice the wires protruding out of the door or window frame if the sensor is connected. You should be able to pull the wires out through the opening after disconnecting them from the source.

Reset Your ADT System User Code

Despite no longer being monitored by ADT, a security system could still serve as a great alarm.

For example, if you have an existing ADT alarm system in your home that belonged to a previous owner or are out of contract, you can reset the system and enter a new user code to replace the old one.

For Honeywell Alarm panels, this method usually works. In addition, because Honeywell manufactures most ADT panels, this may work on most security systems.

Because an ADT Command panel lacks installer codes, they can’t be changed and need disconnecting.

Honeywell Alarm Panels

  1. Once the battery and transformer have been removed, wait a full 60 seconds before turning the system on again.
  2. Hold down the * and # keys until you are requested to enter the installer code once the machine has rebooted.
  3. Enter the four-digit combination you choose, then press *99.
  4. A new master code is now ready for creation.
  5. Enter 802 after you’ve typed in your installer code. Enter a four-digit number as your new master password.

ADT alarm systems can be turned off without a code if you know where the battery is, where the transformer is, and how to remove them. Use of the correct breakers is also critical.

You may take advantage of the security system as well, using Honeywell alarms.

The most important thing is to remain calm. An ADT alarm is deafening, which will annoy your neighbors and dogs.

If this happens, you need to know how to stop the noise and understand you will save time and money in the future by preventing false alarms.

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