How To Get A Bird Out Of Your House

You can open your windows and bring fresh air into your home during the warmer months of the year. However, that pleasant air is also a straightforward way for undesirable creatures to access your home.

Expect a few flies and insects to share your living space if you don’t have screens on your windows and doors. A bird flying into your kitchen, or another area is something you would not expect.

It’s not unusual for a bird to find its way into a home or even a workplace. As a result, we frequently come up with novel ways to get it out. None of them seem to work as well as we had hoped.

dove in a window

The issue is that birds are extremely fragile creatures. Shooing them away with a broom or attempting to catch them with an old fishing net might swiftly endanger our feathered companions. Rather than producing tension, there are easier and more effective ways to accomplish this. (Learn How To Keep Birds Out Of Garden)

In our guide, you can learn the best ways how to get a bird out of the house without harm. By the end, you’ll be able to do this with no need to call wildlife control or the need to call a professional.

Once you know how to catch a bird in your house, you’ll never panic at the common sight, and you can set it free with no harm or stress to you or the bird.

What Do You Do When a Bird Gets in Your House?

If you have a bird in the house and want the bird to fly to freedom, there are several things to do to make this easier. Here’s an overview of the steps to take.

  • Close any doors leading out of the room and into the house. When the bird notices you enter the space, it will be tempted to flee as soon as possible, even if it means flying deeper into your home.
  • Close all the room’s doors to prevent the bird from flying into every area of your house. When the bird understands it can’t leave that room, it will be easier to find an exit.
  • If the bird is in a room with no visible exit, such as an open window, raise a large sheet with both arms and try to herd the bird toward a better room of the house.
  • Do not use a broom or any other long-handled instrument to touch the bird. Even if you toss a large towel at a bird, it’s enough to harm some sensitive types.
  • Remove any household pets from the room because they will cause the bird to become more panicked. Even if they look harmless, you never know if the bird is carrying a sickness that could pass your pets.
  • Create a single source of light near the exit. Close all window curtains and turn off all lights, save one open door or window where you want the bird to leave. A bird will instinctively avoid darkened spaces and rely on the light near the exit to lead it out.
  • Even if the bird appears to be threatening, remain calm. When a bird is in panic, it will flap its wings and fly erratically. Keep in mind that you are in your normal home, whereas the bird is terrified and confused. Maintain your composure as you shut off other lights and doors to the room.
  • Call your local wildlife animal control center if the bird does not go.
  • Make sure the bird has a clear exit out. Select the easiest, largest exit accessible for the bird to fly, depending on the room the bird is trapped. This might be the largest window or, better yet, a door to the outdoors.

trapped bird

How Long Does It Take For a Trapped Bird to Die?

If a bird becomes stuck in your home, it’s possible it’s looking for food and comes down your chimney. This frequently occurs as they seek a hot area inside during cold weather. It could leave you wondering, “How long does it take for a bird that’s stuck to die?” (Read Bird Hit Window – What to Do)

Birds need food and water, and if a bird is stuck in your chimney or even in your home for an extended period and doesn’t receive food or water, it can die from anywhere between two to seven days. As birds get stressed and try to escape, this could shorten the animals’ life.

How To Deal with a Trapped Bird

Here’s a bit more information on how to get bird out of house quickly.

You Have Birds in Your Living Space

  • To keep the bird in one room, remove all pets from the rooms and close all doors. All except one window should have its curtains or blinds drawn.
  • This is the window via which you want the bird to attempt to exit to the outside.
  • Remove the screen from the window and open it wide.
  • Give the birds plenty of time to fly out the window, hold up a large sheet, and gently help the bird toward the window if the bird remains in the house.
  • Touching the bird could touch or frighten it further.
  • Shut the window or door once the bird has flown out of the house.

You Have a Bird in the Basement

Birds don’t like the dark and are thus attracted to light, so install one outdoor light source for them to fly toward.

Except for one, cover all the basement windows with a black cloth, dark towel or cardboard. Cover all the windows if you have an outside basement door.

Wait for the bird to leave your basement via the door or an unscreened window.

If the bird refuses to leave the inside, try building a moving wall to usher it out the door or window. A friend or family member can hold one end of a sheet fastened to a pole or broom handle while you hold the other end.

Slowly approach the bird to chase it toward the light outside carefully. Make no unexpected moves, such as trying to throw a towel over it to catch it. (Read our Guide to Attracting Birds to Your Yard)

What to Do After

  • If the bird still refuses to go, use birdseed or bread and water to entice it out of your house. Place these between the bird and the outside exit. Turn out the lights, cover the windows, and use a flashlight to light the dishes you’ve set aside for the bird.
  • Drift the bird closer to the outer exit till it flies out as it searches for food and water.
  • Close the door or window as soon as possible once the bird is outside.

When Do I Call a Professional?

  • It’s time to call a professional if any attempt you make, you can’t get the bird out of your house.
  • Find a licensed local wildlife rehabilitator or a wildlife removal company. To locate a rehabilitator, you can contact your nearest animal control office.

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