How To Get Bleach Stains Out Of Clothes

How To Get Bleach Stains Out Of Clothes

As good as using bleach is for removing stains on whites, it can lead to all manner of issues when misusing it, or you manage to splash some on your dark-colored clothes.

If you don’t tend to bleach stains quickly, it can ruin your clothes, furniture, or carpets. In our guide, you can learn all there is about bleach stains.

One of the old methods used to be the application of sodium thiosulfate with a clean white cloth. You could dab the area and let the photographic fixer neutralize the stain and hopefully remove it from your clothes.

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However, there isn’t much call for this compound any longer, so our guide uses things you’ll have around the home.

By the end, you’ll find you can’t remove a bleach stain, yet you can reduce its appearance and prevent it from causing any damage. (Read Does Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach Clothes)

How Do You Get Bleach Stains Out of Colored Clothes?

Here are the simple steps you can take to minimize or how to get bleach out of clothing before it causes any damage.

Remove the stain as quickly as possible if your stain is very fresh. Blot the spot using a white cleaning cloth dipped in photographic fixer or lemon juice until the fabric is saturated.

The photographic fix or lemon neutralizes bleaching agents and may prevent discoloration of the fabric.

Rinse the fabric in cold water. If you applied any of the above, you might be lucky, and the stain might be gone.

Dab the stain using a white cleaning cloth dipped in white vinegar if you can still see the stain.

Wash your garment fabric well in cold water. Continue dabbing white vinegar and check if the stain starts to fade. If you can’t see the stain, rinse the fabric with cold water.

Let the fabric dry in direct sunlight. This can lightly bleach the entire garment and reduce the effect of stains.

Should this not work, depending on the clothing item, you can bleach the whole item and remove all the color. (Read Using Baking Soda for Washing Clothes)

How Do You Get Bleach Stains Out of Black Clothes?

Bleach is a common ingredient to keep whites bright and homes free from germs and bacteria. However, it can quickly leave stains on clothing. Here you can find how to remove bleach stains from clothes and help prevent them from ending up in the trash or charity.

It is unfortunate, but any bleach stain is permanent. As soon as bleach makes contact with fabric, the stain will set and strips color or dye from the fabric.

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When you want to remove bleach stains, the approach you should need is to restore the color that is lost rather than trying to learn how to remove bleach stains. Make sure you first neutralize the bleach as it can lead to a hole in your fabric.

  1. Rinse the area with cold water to remove excess bleach
  2. Create a thick paste. Mixing baking soda and water
  3. Spread evenly over the stain
  4. Leave it to dry and then brush off gently using a soft brush or old toothbrush

After the stain is neutralized, try restoring the color using the following techniques.

Rubbing Alcohol

You will find this best on dark clothes, such as how to remove bleach on black shirt.

  1. Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton wool ball
  2. Rub the area around the bleach stain gently with the cotton wool ball
  3. Begin rubbing the cotton wool ball from the outside of the stain inward toward the center. The color of the fabric should begin to spread across the stained area where the alcohol loosens excess dye in the fabric

Fabric Dye

You can use such a technique for small and large stains. You do need to make sure you match colors carefully.

  1. Purchase a dye, which matches the color of your garment as closely as possible
  2. Before you re-dying your garment, you need a color remover to remove all the original dye. Follow instructions to get the best results possible.
  3. Re-dye your garment with the new color and get rid of bleach stains forever.

Fabric Marker

You can use a fabric marker or permanent marker to cover up small spots. You can match the fabric marker to your clothing and color the stain.

Can Vinegar Remove Bleach Stains?

If you find you have a bleach stain on your carpet, there is no need to panic. If you want to know if vinegar can remove bleach from the carpet, it can help.

Bleach stains on carpet rapidly-produce white spots or areas that are lightened compared to the rest. Neutralizing bleach helps remove bleach stains on the carpet and allows for carpet repair without the residual bleach damaging any repairs.

Vinegar is one of the best neutralizers for bleach stains, making it an excellent product to have on hand whenever you work with bleach near a carpet.

Here’s the step-by-step guide how to use vinegar.

  1. Mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar in a bowl, and add a cup of water.
  2. Sprinkle the vinegar solution on the bleach-stained area of the carpet.
  3. Ensure all the fibers are wet but make sure not to soak your carpet.
  4. Use a dry white cloth to blot your carpet.
  5. Rinse the bowl and add 2 cups of water with one tablespoon of the liquid dish soap.
  6. Add to the stain without soaking the carpet.
  7. Wait for five minutes as the soapy water soaks into the carpet fibers. Use a clean white towel to dry the area.
  8. Rinse the spot with clean water and dry again using a towel or cloth.
  9. Rinse again while blotting until no suds remain and there is no vinegar smell.

When learning how to remove bleach stains, you’ll find there is no way you can scrub or wash away the stains. You need to use a method from above to disguise the stain or the related splashes of bleach you may have.

No matter which method you use to get bleach stains from clothes, you should wear rubber gloves. If you use the dye method, the last thing you want is colored hands. Rubber gloves can stop this and prevent any reaction to your skin.

One of the easiest ways to hide stains is to bleach the entire garment or bleaching jeans into a pattern or tattered jeans. Doing this is easy and cheaper than trying to learn how to remove bleach stains using a fabric dye.

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How To Get Bleach Stains Out Of Clothes

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