How To Get Creases Out Of A Poster

You’ve finally gotten your hands on the vintage poster you’ve been looking for, or you’ve discovered one sitting around for a while. Fold marks and wrinkles are the worst enemies of a beautiful poster or print.

While professional poster restorers have ways to deal with a wrinkled poster, creases and fold marks, there are certain techniques you may do at home to help flatten that crease that’s been holding you from hanging up your treasure.

In our guide, you can learn ways how to flatten a poster. But, you may wonder, can you iron posters, and you can when you do it right. By the end, you’ll see how to straighten a poster, so you can frame it and hang it proudly in a new frame. (Learn How To Paint Foam Board Without It Warping)

Ways how to flatten a poster

How Do You Remove Creases From A Poster?

Here are the first methods how to flatten a poster and smooth wrinkles.

1. Heat and Steam

  1. Place a sheet of corrugated cardboard on your bathroom floor.
  2. Place your poster face down on top of the cardboard.
  3. Close your bathroom door.
  4. Turn your shower onto hot and let the water run for several minutes. Then, you can close the drain and run hot water into your tub.
  5. Turn off the hot water, and let the water sit in the tub.
  6. Leave the bathroom and let your poster sit in the steamy room for 30 minutes.
  7. Carry your cardboard and poster out of the bathroom, and place them on a smooth surface for a few days.
  8. Place a second cardboard sheet on your poster to sandwich it in the middle.
  9. Place a pane of glass or wood sheet on top of your cardboard sandwich. Let it sit for 24-hours, and remove the weight and your upper sheet of cardboard.
  10. Replace the cardboard and weight for another day or two if you can still see the crease.

Other heavy things, such as ceramic tiles, can flatten the poster instead of glass or wood, as long as the weights are equally distributed across the entire cardboard surface.

Flatten the poster by Iron method

2. Iron Method

  1. Place the poster face down onto clean cardboard on a clean work surface. You could also drape it over an ironing board if the poster fits.
  2. Turn your iron to the low setting and without steam.
  3. Smooth a white sheet or ironable cloth over your poster.
  4. Iron the creased area of your poster, moving the iron back and forth, and keep the iron moving to avoid heat damage.
  5. Raise your sheet from time to time to check if the crease has disappeared.

3. Use Professional Restorers:

You may not need their help, yet you can avoid damage if you have a rare poster.

Some restorers may add linen backing to help remove wrinkles or creases and help to prevent posters from receiving further damage.

How Do You Get Creases Out Of Art Prints?

As a substitute for the towel and iron, soak a piece of plain copy paper in water and use it like a sponge.

Use a flat, heavy item to weigh down the wet paper against the back of the print. Allowing the paper on the back of the print to dry completely may cause ripping. (Read Cartoon Painting Ideas)

Note: using any weight on a poster can cause the ink to stick to the cardboard underneath.

How do you flatten a rolled poster?

  1. Roll your poster on a flat surface like a table.
  2. Place a bed sheet or delicate towel on your poster.
  3. Make sure your sheet or towel is slightly damp with water from a spray bottle.
  4. With the lowest heat setting, iron the poster through the sheet.

How do you straighten wrinkled paper?

  1. Place the paper you wish to flatten under a towel.
  2. Turn your iron onto low heat.
  3. Press your iron onto the towel using circular motions.
  4. After a few rotations, check your paper.
  5. If you have a few wrinkles, get heavy objects, and lay them on top of the paper.

Alternative methods of smoothing prints and posters:

Method 1: Weigh them Down

Lay It Out: Place the poster on a hard, level surface. Determine that the complete poster will fit on the surface and that the area will be available for at least 24 hours. This is where tables work in handy.

Add Weight: Cover the entire poster with a smooth, flat item such as a piece of glass or sheet of cardboard.

Next, place heavy books or other weighted objects on the flat item that will cover the poster. Other objects can also be used, but be careful not to create additional wrinkles.

Wait 24 Hours: Allow at least 24 hours for the weighted objects to settle on the poster. Then, remove the objects and hang your poster once your poster is clear of creases and you’re satisfied.

Method 2: Steam and Wait

Prepare your poster: Place a piece of cardboard or another flat substance, such as wood, on the bathroom floor. Place the poster facedown on the flat surface, arranging it to fit the entire poster.

Create Steam: Run the room to fill with steam by running a hot shower for five minutes with the bathroom door shut. Turn off the water and leave the poster for 30 minutes in the hot room.

Use Weights:

Move the poster from the bathroom and place it in a flat area. As indicated in the last part, lay it flat and fill it with weighted objects like big books. (Read Star Wars Painting Ideas)


Check the progress after a day or two to see if the creases have disappeared. Put the weights back on top and give it some more time if they aren’t.

Many minor creasing difficulties should be resolved with steam and weight.

Method 3: Iron Creases

Ready Work Area: Get a larger piece of cardboard than your poster. Place your poster face down on the cardboard. You can also lay your poster face down on an ironing board if it’s small enough.

Iron: Turn off the steam and heat your iron to low. Start ironing by placing a clean, thin sheet or other ironable material over the back of the poster. To avoid burn marks on the poster, press the crumpled regions while keeping the iron moving.

Check Progress: Check your work as you go, and always replace the cloth or fabric before continuing to iron any creased areas. (Read Cactus Painting Ideas)

Allow the poster to cool before and think about hanging it in a large frame to protect it.

How To Get Creases Out Of A Poster

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