How To Get Rid Of A Tree Stump With Charcoal?

Tree stumps can make your backyard appear a mess. The process of getting rid of them can be expensive and can make a mess in your garden.

Luckily, there are a few options available, rather than you renting a stump grinder or calling in the local professional removal service to remove a stump.

In our guide, you can find the easiest ways of stump removal by using fire and charcoal. By the end of the guide, you will find how easy burning the stump can be and how few things you need to do this.

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By the end, you’ll find how to burn a stump with charcoal and get rid of pesky stumps from trees without needing to deal with digging roots up and ruining your garden. (Read Tree Stump Ideas)

Can You Burn a Stump Out?

To begin burning stumps with charcoal, all you need is a good drill, some vegetable oil, and a bag of charcoal. As soon as you gather your supplies, you’ll want to select a drill bit that gives you a hole the size of a quarter.

  1. Drill a series of holes across the entire area of the tree stump and drill them as deep as your drill bit allows you. The deeper they are and the more effective method this will be to remove a stump out of your yard.
  2. Take your vegetable oil and begin pouring it across the surface of the stump. Make certain to cover all the surfaces. Pour oil in the holes so it can soak in overnight. Repeat this step for three days so the tree is thoroughly soaked.
  3. Once the wood is fully saturated, pour over one more lot of oil, and get your charcoal. Place the sack on top of the tree stump and light it.
  4. Once your stump is on fire, let it burn until the fire and charcoal die out by themselves.
  5. Repeat the process once per day for the next few days, and you will see the stump shriveling.

What is The Fastest Way to Kill a Tree Stump and Roots?

The fastest way to remove a tree stump without using a grinder is the chemical method.

By applying chemicals in holes drilled in your stump, you speed up the decay process, and the remaining tree parts break down quicker. It is one of the best ways to remove a tree stump from your yard, though you need to make sure you won’t harm the environment. (Learn How to Kill a Tree Stump)

  1. Start on a dry day so the tree stump will search for water and nutrients; thus, it will soak chemicals up faster.
  2. Use a chainsaw to cut the remaining part of your tree as near to the ground as possible.
  3. Once your tree stump is as low as possible, start to drill holes into the top of the stump and down the sides in a sloping direction. The bigger the drill bit, the better, and make sure your holes are a few inches deep.
  4. After drilling holes, you need to apply chemicals into the remaining wood. Certain states will have restrictions on the kinds of chemicals you can use.
  5. Ideally, it is best to use a commercial fertilizer high in nitrogen as these deliver the quickest results. Once you have your fertilizer, pack the holes with as much as you can.
  6. Soak the ground around the stump and wet the top and sides of your stump.
  7. Once the stump is wet, cover it with a plastic tarp to trap the moisture around the stump. It is this moisture that helps chemicals break down wood particles faster.
  8. Cover the top of the tarp with organic mulch or tree bark as these can help keep more moisture and help keep the tarp in place.

How Long Does It Take to Kill a Stump with Epsom salt?

Epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate, is a natural compound of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen, which are necessary plant food elements. However, in high concentrations, they draw moisture out of the stump and kill it in around a month. (Learn How To Keep A Dog From Digging Under A Chain Link Fence)

  1. Drill 1/4-inch holes at about 3-inches from the outside of your stump. Drill in the stump as deep as possible, and space the holes around an inch apart.
  2. When you have drilled all your holes, fill them with Epsom salt and then add water to saturate the minerals.
  3. Sprinkle Epsom salt around the entire base around the stump, then cover the stump with a tarp to stop rain washing the Epsom salts from the area.

It can take a month or more, yet the solution eventually cuts off the moisture supply to the roots, where you can pry up the tree stump and dispose of it. (Read How Long Does It Take a Tree to Grow)

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What is the Fastest Way to Burn a Stump Out?

Here is the fastest way how to burn out a stump using fire.

  1. Dig around the stump using a shovel and expose as much of the stump as you can.
  2. Drill holes across the top of the stump and around the base as well as into any thick roots.
  3. Check the weather to make sure it’s suitable weather for fires. Ideally, you need a weather forecast that predicts dry days followed by rain, which can help with fire safety once you have finished.
  4. Soak the stump with kerosene over two days, allowing it to soak into the holes. Keep topping them up, so the fuel penetrates as deep as possible.
  5. On a burning day, surrounded your stump with charcoal, and then place firewood on top.
  6. Set it all on fire and make sure the charcoal can reach under the stump where you have dug.
  7. Control your fire as it is burning. You may need to dampen the surrounding grass and soil with a hose to avoid any underground fire. Keep checking the flame, and don’t leave the fire unattended as charcoal burns without flame.
  8. By the end of the first day’s fire, you could see a stump size reduction of around 30%. By the end of the second day’s burning, it could be about 70%.
  9. Add more fuel as require, as it can last around four days to get rid of the stump. You may need to add more charcoal and drill more holes, and relighting the fuel again.

Once your stump has gone, let the fire burn out as it can take a couple of days for the exposed charcoal ash to finish burning. (Read Can You Eat Potato Sprouts)

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