How To Get Rid Of Coyotes?

Unfortunately, the coyote population is on the increase around urban areas, and because of this, you could face the intrusion of these animals onto your property as they now get accustomed to humans.

Before you try to find the best way to get rid of coyotes, it’s good to understand what attracts them in the first place.

The primary attractions for this nuisance animal are your garbage cans and pet food you may leave outside overnight. Coyotes are intelligent, and as soon as there is an association of food and your home, they will keep coming back.

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Luckily, there are many deterrents you can use to keep coyotes away. So, in our guide, you can learn how to keep these predators away without resorting to calling rangers to start hunting them. (Learn About Natural Deer Repellent Essential Oils)

Can You Kill Coyotes on Your Property?

If you have any small animals that live in your yard, then these are at risk from these predators. One of the best ways to keep coyotes away is through responsible pet ownership.

The control of coyotes preying on pets can be carried out by landowners or city and county agencies. In some states, landowners may be allowed to kill coyotes, which cause property damage or threaten animals on their property.

How Do I Keep Coyotes Away from My Property?

When you have an issue with coyotes, you can help get rid of them using these tips.

  • Eliminate what attracts them to your property, like garbage or easy to access chicken coop.
  • Use a large live cage trap, although this may only be suitable for inexperienced people. This is not easy. Experienced trappers only.
  • You can use a paw-hold trap to catch a coyote and then shoot it. This will depend on state regulations and is not a humane way to deal with these animals.
  • Trapping coyotes is an option, though it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Besides this, some states don’t allow the trapping of such animals.
  • You can find many coyote repellents that use predator urines, artificial sprays, wolf urine, or ammonia-based scents. While these are accessible, they are not very effective to keep coyotes away from your backyard.

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What Keeps Away Coyotes?

There’s plenty you can do to keep coyotes away, and all you need to do is be proactive in your efforts. However, if you want to keep coyotes away for good, you’ll need to spend some money.

Get a Solid Fence

One of the first things is to have a large fence around your property to get rid of pesky coyotes. A fence needs to be at least 7-feet high as coyotes can easily clear fencing by jumping. Fences need to be solid as chain-link fence can help them enter rather than being a deterrent.

Besides the height, you need to be sure the fence reaches at least 1-foot below ground as coyotes are great diggers and good at climbing and jumping.

Clean Your Yard

The best thing to keep a coyote away without spending is cleaning your yard. Garbage cans, outdoor grills, and your pet’s food are all areas of attraction. Keep all food sources secure, and you can soon stop unwanted wildlife in your yard.

Trim shrubs and plants because coyotes are always on the lookout for hiding places. Tend to your shrubbery, trees, and plants around your property, and it presents fewer places to hide.

Mow any tall grass as coyotes naturally hide in tall grass.

Lock Up Animals

Coyotes are natural predators, so small animals such as chickens or even sheep will be under threat from these opportunistic pests. Strong wire fencing that covers up and over is best suited for your chicken coup. Make sure smaller pets don’t wander, as these can be easy prey.

Keep livestock fenced in, as livestock will be a ready meal for a coyote. Any pens need to be secure and can stop a coyote from getting over or beneath any fencing. Chickens are one of the most vulnerable, as they can’t defend themselves. At night, keep chickens in a shed rather than an area they can ruin around. (Learn How To Keep Deer Away From Hostas)

Get a Guard Dog

Small animals can be at risk from a coyote; however, a large guard dog can have the opposite effect. You will need a large dog often used for the task and can make the coyotes feel threatened.

What is a Natural Way to Get Rid of Coyotes?

Before you learn how to get rid of coyotes, it is best to understand their ecosystem position. Coyotes do a good job of keeping the rodent population down. In one way, they are a help, yet as they venture on your property, they can quickly become a pest.

Keeping coyotes away naturally can be much easier than you imagine.

Use Water

Wild coyotes hate water, so one way to deal with them is to use a water sprinkler activated by a motion sensor.

Use Light

You can install a motion sensor when you look at how to get rid of coyotes on your property that will activate lights and a sprinkler. Coyotes quickly shy away from bright light, especially when it comes on suddenly. (Find the Best Solar Powered Lights for Outdoors)

Make Loud Sounds

Facing a coyote could be scary, and be careful as there is the potential for rabies. However, you can take part in hazing as this has been proven effective.

You can bang pots and pans or use an air horn or whistle to scare off the animals with sudden sounds.

You can also achieve this without needing to physically do it yourself to move back to your motion sensor and have it installed as part of an alarm system.

Getting rid of coyotes with noise and light can be a great way to deter these wild dogs. Rather than use electricity, you can have a simple solar system set up around the perimeter of your yard.

You can see many methods here that are an effective repellent for these wild dogs. However, to control coyotes to the fullest extent, you may need to use a mix of these methods unless you have large fences.

Coyotes are intelligent wildlife, and if they become accustomed to one method, you use how to get rid of coyotes on your property; they will call your bluff and venture onto your land.

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