How To Get Rid Of Crows

How To Get Rid Of Crows

Crows are very bright and attentive birds that can learn from their mistakes. These characteristics make them highly resilient birds, making them extremely difficult to eliminate. Crows are social birds that feed and move around in groups, so there are likely to be many around if you see one.

They appear to be everywhere, especially in the spring and summer. Crows can form flocks numbering tens of thousands and easily intimidate small birds. They may ruin lawns as they eat insects, scatter waste, startle pets, and leave messy droppings that can spread disease.

In our guide, you can learn more about how to keep crows away from your home if possible. By the end, you’ll find that it can take more than hanging owl decoys to discourage crows.  At least you can learn more about the unwanted birds and how to keep crows out of garden. (Learn How To Get Rid Of A Cricket You Can’t Find)


What Will Keep Crows Away?

Garden damage caused by other animals is sometimes blamed on these winged creatures. Crows on the lookout for insects and grubs may or may not take advantage and have a little feast on fruits and vegetables.

Ultimately, the advantages of crows eating insects, grubs, and waste grain may outweigh the minor damage. However, they can cause issues in other ways, so here you can find some of the crow deterrents that hopefully discourage birds from staying in your garden too long.

Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

You can use an ultrasonic pest repellent to eliminate the crows and repel birds you don’t want in your garden. This device detects unwanted birds, including crows up to 100ft away, and can cover areas of around 6000 square feet (about the area of a basketball court) to convince crows not to get any closer.

Decoys and Predators

It’s easy to scare birds with decoys. How to get rid of crows is to deploy a decoy predator to scare them away. A fake owl might scare birds in your yard. But try to move your decoy because crows are savvy and will locate the fake animal in the yard. So, leave actual animals like cats or dogs in your backyard. You can start hanging effigies around tree branches or close to your veggie patch so long as it can blow in the wind.

The real crows land and see the crow hung upside with wings spread; they are disturbed by the bird repellent and never return. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Inside The House)

Keeping crows from the garden may work with replicas of dead crows, yet fake owls are not as effective. Crows are smart, and they soon tell fake from real.

Bird Spikes for Fences and Roof Lines

You’ve opted not to remove those nesting areas for fear of harming other birds? To get rid of crows, you can fit bird spikes, as these are proven effective and will stop all the birds from landing where you don’t want them to. Bird spikes eliminate crow landing areas as they can’t find anywhere to stand because of the plastic spikes.

Bird spikes can be mounted on walls and other surfaces; ensure they are visible to the crows. Bird gel repellent is another way to keep crows at bay. It is a sticky substance you put on horizontal surfaces. Crows hate the feeling and flutter wildly, so you could find tail feathers scattered around where you place the bird gel.

noisy megaphone

Loud Sounds and Noises

Crows fear viewing fake dead crows and recorded crow distress calls from other crows. So, you can play such sounds to keep crows away from your yard. However, you need to be aware of your neighbors playing loud fireworks sounds to keep the large crow roosts to a minimum.

Motion-Sensor Sprinklers

Using motion-activated sprinklers is one of the greatest ways to keep crows away. These sprinklers will away keep pests, insects, animals, and birds out of your yard. A water sprinkler works by sprinkling water directly towards any moving motion it detects. This sprinkler has two modes for detecting the time. (Read Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees)

Small Bird Feeders

A conventional bird feeder can make a perfect meal for crows. However, you can get bird feeders designed to feed smaller birds. Crows often wait for little birds to finish before targeting a feeder. Invest in a bird feeder that closes automatically to exclude large birds when they try to land.

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Is it OK to Kill crows?

Crows may be killed under US law. The season is limited to 124 days (about 4 months) per year, and only rifles, shotguns, handguns, archery, and falcons may kill crows. However, you will need to check in your area if there are limitations for small gardens in built-up areas.

Are crows Bad to Have Around?

Crows are also excellent at lowering the number of insects and other creepy crawlies in your yard. Within a single breeding season, a single family of crows can easily consume tens of thousands of caterpillars, grubs, insects, and other creepy crawlies from your garden.

Can You Kill Nuisance Crows?

Crows are migratory birds, and State regulations governing crow hunting, killing, and trapping vary. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects crows, which is enforced by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Crows that threaten or harm trees, crops, animals, or wildlife can be killed without a hunting license or permit.

When crow populations or other birds form enormous in tall trees or other areas, the roosts are a nuisance or lead to potential health issues. Lethal control of killing crows is allowed. However, shooting the larger birds is not typically regarded as an effective crow management method.

Scaring crows is usually the best answer, with no adverse environmental effects, dead birds to pick up, or public relations issues. Crows are bright and industrious birds; however, many consider them pests. Crows are social birds that migrate and forage in groups, so chances are, if you see one or two, others will follow. Here are a few more ways to prevent Bird X from venturing too far into your yard.

Unfavorable Space

Place trash in a secure location where crows cannot get it. Crows can easily pull a plastic trash bag open and start rummaging through your trash. If a small portion of the bag is visible, crows can get into the trash, so make sure your container isn’t overfilled.

Look for trash cans with a locking lid because once a crow discovers a food source, they will return daily to forage. Thus, it is critical to keep trash entirely secure to prevent crows feeding as they tend to toss trash on the floor.

Bins will not be toppled over if the handles are stuck to stakes in the ground.

Cover Compost

All compost should be covered and contained. Crows are omnivores, which means they will eat any food scraps they come upon. It will make all food scraps safely contained. Composting is a terrific, environmentally friendly way to eliminate excess food, but exposed compost appeals to crows. Cover your compost or keep it contained in a bin to avoid attracting crows while composting food. Without attracting crows, you may compost yard waste.

Bird Netting

Although crows can benefit gardens by eating insects and grubs, they will occasionally help themselves to newly planted seed or your crops. Cover your crops with flexible bird nets from your local garden or hardware shop. Crows will be kept out of your garden by a four-inch net, but smaller birds will still be able to keep on the insects.

Drape the net over the crops before they ripen or suspend it above the crops with a frame erected around the garden. To keep the crows out, make sure the net is secured. This netting can cover fruit trees and plants.

Remove Nesting Areas

Trim dead branches from trees. Crows tend to gather in groups and look for open spaces to roost. Removing dead branches or full tree removal prevents large numbers of crows from converging on the leafless branch. If you want to keep a tree, you can add bird wire to branches and cut down on roosting areas.

Use Noises to Deter Birds

To deter crows, make loud noises. Anything such as sounds of explosions, banging, and sirens frighten crows and can keep them away.

Scaring Crows with Decoys and Shiny Objects

Fake animals discourage birds, such as crows. String fake crows with their wings out upside down from a Halloween store. The crows will avoid the fake dead crows. You can use fake owls or snakes to deter the crows away, but this will only work for a brief time. Crows will eventually learn to distinguish the patterns of mechanical creatures and realize that they aren’t real.

Use reflective objects to scare crows away from your property. Moving shiny things can terrify, and hanging aluminum pie tins or putting anything shiny on a string or fishing line around your yard can keep them away. Crows are deterred with bird tape, which also offers shiny objects and an effective visual deterrent. Hang gleaming streamers from the yard’s poles, or create a fence around your property by twisting tape together and hanging it between poles throughout the perimeter.

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