How To Get Rid Of Dollar Weeds In Flower Beds

Sometimes known as Dollar Weed, Pennywort is a broad-leaved weed that thrives in moist places. The coin-shaped, dark-green, glossy silver dollar-shaped leaves resemble miniature umbrellas and can grow up to an inch in diameter.

Dollar weed thrives in wet parts of garden beds, where it quickly establishes itself with its creeping stems and takes over, making beds and lawns unattractive. Dollar Weed grows quickly and may quickly take over a whole property.

If you fear Dollar Weed is damaging your lawn or garden, here’s how to keep it under control or completely remove it. You’ll know enough about how to kill dollarweed in St. Augustine grass and flower beds by the end. (Learn How To Kill Horsetail Weeds)

Get Rid Of Dollar Weeds In Flower Beds

What Is Dollar Weed

Dollar weed is native to North America and parts of South America, growing in warm temperate climates. Dollar weed (Hydrocotyle spp.) is a perennial weed that looks like lily pads but has white flowers.

It grows around the edges of ponds, lakes, canals, and riverbanks and is found to be invasive and noxious in moist areas of lawns and gardens with poor drainage.

It spreads quickly through seeds and underground roots. It can extend up to 20 feet on moist lawns because of its creeping growth behavior.

However, because the plant is tough to eliminate and control, you need to employ various techniques. Therefore, to deal with this invasive weed, prevention is crucial.

How To Get Rid of Dollar Weed Naturally

Because this weed thrives in moist locations, mowing and irrigation are the best ways to control it.

You should also fix any drainage issues. Also, dollar weed can be readily plucked up by hand, albeit it is tiresome and may not be practicable in bigger regions.

Organic control involves strategies that may or may not work for everyone, but it’s worth trying before resorting to chemicals. (Learn How Long After Spraying Weeds Can I Water)

These methods include the following:

Boiling Water

Boiling water will immediately kill dollar weed plants.

Boiling water can kill whatever it comes into contact with, so be careful not to get any on any nearby plants or grass.

Baking Soda

Some people have found success in killing dollar weeds with baking soda.

Simply soak the dollar weed foliage in water and sprinkle baking soda over it overnight. This is supposed to kill weeds while leaving the grass unharmed.

Get Rid of Dollar Weed Naturally


Dollar weed DIY herbicides have been effective when spot-treated with white vinegar.

Weed control has been proven by using White Vinegar or adding a higher amount of acetic acid.

The leaves of the dollar weed are destroyed, rendering them unable to produce nourishment for the root system.

The most significant disadvantage is dollar weeds grow in moist environments, so spray vinegar on hot or dry days.

This keeps vinegar from being washed away by the wet areas around the dollar weed.

To make the vinegar more effective, squeeze in some lemon juice. However, use caution while applying this homemade herbicide because the acid might cause skin or eye irritation. (Read Grass Killer For Flower Beds)

How to Kill Dollar Weed with Chemicals

Chemical control is sometimes required for dollar weeds. Dollar weed herbicides are typically used in the spring when the plants are young.

Monument, Manor, Blade, and Atrazine have all been found to eradicate this weed. This includes Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Centipede grass.

In some circumstances, dollar weeds may require a chemical method from a weed killer.

But the recommendation is to save the chemical techniques for last.

Organic methods are healthier and safer, and in some instances, they can be more effective.

The weed killer is frequently administered in the spring. You use them early on weeds. For best results, repeat the herbicide treatment technique.

Organic Methods To Quickly Kill Dollar Weed

  • One natural solution is to prevent getting your garden wet as these weeds grow in boggy areas.
  • Another environmentally friendly option is Dollar; grass weeds can be pulled from the ground by hand.
  • Although, a large area can be stressful.
  • Fix drainage concerns: Fix drainage issues in your garden.
  • Reduce irrigation supply: don’t over-water your plants.
  • The idea is to keep your garden dry.
  • Pouring boiling water over the plant is a great way to get rid of dollar weed.
  • Proper mowing can help reduce moisture in lawns and thus help to get rid of dollar weed.


What is best for killing Dollar weeds?

We advise using either MSM turf herbicide or Fahrenheit herbicide to get rid of dollarweed.

MSM turf herbicide is a non-harmful herbicide. It can cover up to one acre of turf.

A hand pump, hose-end, or backpack sprayer can be used to apply these weed killers.

What causes Dollarweed?

Excess moisture causes dollarweed, to thrive in regions with inadequate drainage, excessive irrigation, poor soil, and thin turf.

What kills Dollarweed in flower beds?

Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide that should be handled carefully. To control dollarweed, use a pump-up spray with a 3 percent Glyphosate solution dollar weed killer.

Is Dollarweed the same as pennywort?

Pennywort (Hydrocotyle spp.) is a perennial weed found in Florida that is also known as dollarweed.

Pennywort reproduces by seeds, rhizomes, and tubers on rare occasions. It has scalloped borders and produces upright, bright green, glossy leaves.

Is Creeping Charlie the same as Dollarweed?

What makes creeping Charlie, pennywort, and dichondra different?

The edges of Creeping Charlie leaves are jagged. Dichondra leaves have an indentation where they join the petiole (leaf stem).

Pennywort leaves join the leaf stem in the middle rather than near the margin. As a result, there are significant differences between Dollar Weed and Creeping Charlie.

Chemical Methods to kill Dollar Weeds

What is glyphosate weed killer?

What is glyphosate, exactly? Glyphosate is the active ingredient in a wide range of herbicides (weed killers) and is widely used all over the world.

In numerous environments, including amenity, forestry, aquatic, and industrial, glyphosate effectively reduces most weed species, including perennials and grasses.

Chemical Methods to Remove Dollar Weed

A chemical technique to control and eliminate Dollar Weed may be necessary when everything else fails.

While Dollar Weed is still actively growing, a herbicide like Quali-Pro MSM Turf Herbicide should be used.

Because young plants are more sensitive in the spring, it is effective.

Herbicides are excellent weapons for controlling undesired weeds because they interrupt chemical processes such as photosynthesis, protein formation, and root growth, all of which are essential for plant development.

Choose an herbicide that is safe for your lawn grass. Dollar Weed is stated to be efficiently removed with the following herbicides:

Consult your local nursery if you’re unsure what herbicide to use to kill Dollar Weed without injuring your grass, lawn, or another garden plant.

Is Dollar Weed Edible?

Despite its widespread dislike, Dollar weed is one of the few edible plants in modern urban environments. While many gardeners and homeowners make to get rid of it, some people enjoy it.

It can be consumed raw or cooked, but it is most commonly served as a salad. According to those who have tasted it, dollar weed has a celery-like flavor.

If you wish to try a bite of this weed, make sure you identify it correctly before eating it.

It’s frequently confused with Dichondra, although the critical distinction is in the stem.

The stem of Dichondra is attached at the leaf’s border, but the stem of Dollar Weed grows directly from the leaf’s center.

How To Get Rid Of Dollar Weeds In Flower Beds

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